Chapter 33: Killing Off the Blood Wolf Gang

In contrast, there were a few people who were exceptionally stupid. These people were usually the ones who came to seek out excitement and when they saw the violent scene, they felt their adrenaline start pumping. They quickly went to look for a safe place before continuing watch the second floor. What they saw was a group of people holding steel pipes surrounding a single young man.

It seemed like a group of people were bullying a single person. However, it could also be seen as the group of people getting bullied by a single person as all of them were unable to withstand a single blow! One by one, they started to fly down to the first floor.

The chaotic scene on the first floor also started to turn back to normal as everyone started to cheer for Cheng Yu. They were no longer frightened by what was happening, but were instead feeling mob mentality because of the atmosphere. The scene was filled with whistling, cheering and howling sounds in favor of Cheng Yu.

At this moment, the Blood Wolf Gang members who were stationed in the first floor started to rush up. When Cheng Yu saw that, he swayed his leg and kicked the person who was leading the advancement towards second floor causing everyone to tumble down the staircase.

Even though Cheng Yu planned to destroy the Blood Wolf Gang, he was not a bloodthirsty person. Facing these ordinary subordinates, he would only aim to severely injure them. The people who he wanted to kill were the ones in the upper management of the Blood Wolf Gang.

Even though he knew that these subordinates were not any better, no matter if it was in the Immortal World or Mortal World, there was never a lack of these kinds of people. He could not possibly kill every single one of them.

When those subordinates saw a group of people lying on the first floor wailing in anguish, they cowered and thought, “Isn’t this man a bit too strong? He could easily handle the ten people and not anyone of those lying on the ground were able to touch him!” They started to move towards him together slowly and no long dared to rush Cheng Yu alone anymore.

In the surveillance room at the third floor, Qin Canghai saw what happened on the second floor clearly. Looking at the huge pile of humans lying down there and also those who no longer dared to rush Cheng Yu, he felt anxious and angry. Previously when he had received news of Cheng Yu arriving, he had sent someone to bring Lin Yuhan up to the surveillance room to monitor the situation. What he did not expect was that this fellow would be so daring and would rush their headquarters alone.

Having fought for such a long period, the amount of people that fell from his side had already surmounted more than half of his force, but the other party was perfectly fine and no one was able to even touch his body during the fight. He felt extremely annoyed by this fact.

Although the Blood Wolf Gang was not the biggest gang in Yunhai, it was also not a small gang. It had a total of 500 – 600 people in it. The opposing party had actually openly caused havoc in his den. What’s worse was that he even came alone! If this news were to be spread, it would be impossible for Blood Wolf Gang to establish themselves in Yunhai anymore. How embarrassing was this for them!

“Call everyone back! All those stationed on the third floor, ask them to equip guns. I don’t believe that he is truly invincible. Since it’s come to this, this kid has to die!”

“Big brother, why not let me test him out a bit?” Bao Lang said excitedly. When he saw what happened through the surveillance monitor, his desire to fight Cheng Yu grew further and he wanted to find out whether he was really skilled or it was due to some underhanded tricks.

“No way. This matter, let them go and settle it. This fellow and his martial arts are obviously very formidable. We are not able to rival him. I don’t believe that he will be so powerful that he can dodge bullets. We should just stay here and monitor the situation. Moreover, we have this trump card,” Qin Canghai pointed toward the tied up Lin Yuhan and said.

Lin Yuhan also witnessed what had happened a moment ago. When she left school earlier, she had no idea for what reason she was kidnapped and brought to this place. After coming here, they had locked her in a room and no one had done anything to her or talked with her.

When she saw that some people had come to fetch her out of the room a moment ago, she was frightened as she thought that these people were going to do something to her. However, after arriving at the surveillance room, she saw a few of those big shot characters and did not know what they were going to do.

When Lin Yuhan saw them staring at the monitor, she was stirred up as she saw Cheng Yu fighting with a group of people. She felt extremely worried since there was such a huge amount of people, and she did not know how Cheng Yu would fair in the fight.

However, what happened after that caused her to be stunned. Although she had seen how Cheng Yu fought before, those people were just some hooligans. When she saw how many people fighting Cheng Yu were holding steel pipes, she still felt extremely worried.

The result was not what she expected. After a few rounds, Cheng Yu had easily caused almost everyone to be severely injured. Simultaneously, Lin Yuhan felt relieved when she saw that. However, she was curious as to why these people would kidnap her here and how Cheng Yu managed to find this place.

However, the question did not linger for too long before it was answered. What Qin Canghai said in his previous sentence allowed her to understand what was going on. It turned out that they were the Blood Wolf Gang. Previously, Jiang Ming had brought the Blood Wolf Gang to help him out. The moment she thought up to this part, she had understood fully what was going on.

In the end, she was the cause of this. She had made Cheng Yu take a risk to come here in order to save her. After she heard Qin Canghai asking people to carry guns in order to deal with Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan turned pale and tears started to flow from her eyes while she shuddered in sadness.

Even though Cheng Yu was powerful, he was unable to fight against guns. If he was to die, how could she answer to his parents!

“Since this kid dared to come here and fight us alone, this shows that he cares a lot for this young lady here. When the time comes, if we are unable to kill him, we will use this young lady here to force him to obey!” Qin Canghai maliciously laughed while looking at the teary eyed Lin Yuhan.

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“Haha! Big Brother, compared to those working in our nightclub, this young lady here looks so pretty. Why not let her be my wife? I am always fond of such a pure schoolgirl,” Bao Lang smiled evilly, revealing his crooked teeth.

“Hehe! After disposing of this fellow, what you do to her is your choice,” Qin Canghai chuckled. It seemed as if Cheng Yu was already a dead man in their eyes.

When Lin Yuhan heard what they said, she grew more afraid. She did not expect them to not let her off after killing Cheng Yu. At that time, even if she had to die, she would not let them have their way with her.

When Cheng Yu realized that these people no longer rushed at him, he ignored them and started to walk toward the third floor. At this moment, there was a group of people coming down and they were all holding guns. From his memory, he knew that this was one of the most powerful weapon on Earth. Since they do not know any martial arts, with this weapon, they could easily win against someone who had cultivated for dozens of years.

He had not experienced the might of this weapon before. When they saw that Cheng Yu was prepared to head towards the third floor, they took up their pistols and started to shoot at Cheng Yu. “B*ng! B*ng! B*ng!” The sound of gunfire could be heard from the second floor.

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The people on the first floor started to get scared after hearing gunshots. This weapon was not a joke! Even though humans have eyes, bullets don’t. What if the bullet missed and hit them? Hence, everyone started to scream and rushed towards the nightclub exit. However, there were still a small group of fearless idiots who found a corner to hide in and spectate the rapidly deteriorating situation.

Although Cheng Yu had not experience the might of the bullet, he was not stupid enough to allow them to shoot him. He spread out his Spiritual Sense, and covered the whole nightclub. This way, Cheng Yu would be able to find out any situation happening around him clearly. In addition, his extremely quick movements would make evading bullets a piece of cake for him.

Even though he was facing a pistol, the distance between him and the pistol was huge. The pistol was only effective against ordinary people, but against Cheng Yu who had entered the Foundation Establishment Realm, bullets would be useless. If he actually got shot, he would be a joke of a martial arts expert.

Cheng Yu dodged the bullets by using a “Z” shaped movement. He moved all his Qi into his palm and started to thrust it toward those with guns. “AH! AH! AH!” Miserable shrieks sounded off one by one while those hands that were holding guns were being cut off. Everyone tried to stop the bleeding from their hands, but with so many people, the ground was continuously being filled with fresh blood, which caused the whole floor to be red in color.

After witnessing what had happened, those standing at the back started to retreat back to the third floor.

“Bam!” When Qin Canghai saw the situation, he slapped the table. He was angered to the point of trembling, but no one knew whether it was caused by his anger or fear. This kid was inhuman! With so many people shooting him, they were still unable to kill him?

“Let’s go! Bring her as well!” He roared as he walked out of the room.

“Stop!” Just as Cheng Yu wanted to take advantage of the situation to try to get rid of those who were armed, a voice transmitted from the third floor.

Cheng Yu looked over. He saw a middle-aged man and a husky fellow walking out from a room. Behind them were a group of people, and among them was a person pointing a gun at Lin Yuhan’s head.

When he saw Lin Yuhan’s lips were sealed and her eyes were brimming with tears, Cheng Yu was heartbroken. He gave her a reassured look before looking towards the middle-aged man and asked, ”You are the Blood Wolf Gang’s Boss?”

“Not bad! You should really die! You actually dared to injure so many of my people! Although I have to admit that you are indeed powerful, I also know that you care a lot about this young lady,” Qin Canghai said gloomily.

“Are you thinking that with her being your hostage, I have no other choice, but to let you butcher me?”

“So what? Even if it’s like this, you must die today! I will not let you walk out of this place alive.”

“Haha! You know what? Originally, I didn’t wish to kill you guys at all. I had already reminded you not to provoke me. However, you guys are so stupid, continuing to provoke me. You think that just because you have more people or guns, you will be invincible?”

“Hmph! Aren’t you also like that? Just because you know some martial arts, you think you are invincible. I know that you are able to dodge the bullets, but can you also allow her to dodge bullets as well?” Qin Canghai pointed at Lin Yuhan and said.

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