Chapter 51: Into The Military Camp

Ye Jian was not foolish enough to ask him why he chose her. Since she was already chosen, then there would be a reason coming from the military.

After listening quietly, she nodded gently, “Understood, I’ll keep an eye on him.” With a gentle pause, she went on, “Then if there’s nothing else, I’ll go ahead first. Goodbye.”

She immediately turned after the farewell and walked away without any hesitation!

Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and adjusted the eaves of his peaked cap. The edge of his lips rose, but like the gentle wave from the breeze, the smirk disappeared after a brief moment.

This little lass… Does she see him as a scourge?

Jumping onto the car which drove up to him, he watched from the rear mirror as the old and the young figures gradually became farther and farther away until they disappeared.

The sound of the car finally vanished into the trees. Before Ye Jian entered the military camp, she had turned back to give a look at meander mountain road… but instead, what she saw was a beautiful view of lush green trees, blue sky with white clouds, the birds soaring by, and the graceful cut-like shadows.

Inside the camp, whenever they met soldiers who were passing by them, they would stop to salute at Old Man Gen, indicating their respect towards him.

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Ye Jian closely followed Grandpa Gen’s footsteps without looking anywhere around her and without a single word. Like a person who had visited the camp many times, she showed not the slightest bit of curiosity at all.

“Soldiers arranged for tomorrow evening’s tactical shotgun training, let the squad leader take your names for a test.” Standing in front of Old Man Gen, the soldier’s expression was extremely serious. Every word he said was an unquestionable order.

Suddenly, a series of continuous gunshots could be heard from the front.

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Ye Jian’s lowered head immediately sprung up. As an explosive number of bullets were shot one after another, her heart pounded following the sound of gunshots. A feeling suddenly entered her, making her feel like breaking through the restricted area.

“Those are gunshots. The soldiers are shooting the target.” Hinting at a soldier who was first to leave, Old Man Gen bent to look at Ye Jian before smiling, “I’ll bring you to see the shooting range later. Today, I’ll bring you to another place first.”

The destination was along the direction of the shooting range. They walked all the way until they reached a room which was guarded by soldiers before they finally stopped. This was a place only authorized people could enter, and ordinary soldiers could only access this firearm room two times per week.

“Familiarize,” “ Comprehend,” “Precision,” “Professional.”

Those four words were hung directly at the front of the room. For those soldiers who were entering and leaving, those four words would be within their sight from just raising their head.

The moment they entered the room, Ye Jian’s dark eyes instantly brightened as if a small flame had been lit within her eyes as excitement ignited within her!

When looking at rows of cold steel guns, normal people would sense fear rising from the bottom of their hearts.

But Ye Jian could only feel the blood within her boiling—a desire which was extremely strong! A desire pressing her to touch them!

Turning around, she looked at Old Man Gen. With a little shiver from excitement, she asked with a clear voice, “Grandpa, I… can I touch them?”

There was a cry from the depths of her heart constantly calling for her to go over and pick up a dark and cold steel firearm from among the rows!

She wanted to hold onto it; she wanted to hear the sound of gunshots from it; she wanted to feel the recoil from the firearm!

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