Chapter 50: Better to Keep a Distance From Dangerous Men

When Xia Jinyuan walked over, he had controlled his eyes to not let them wander before he stood at a side.

As he spoke with Old Man Gen, his eyes secretly shifted to glance at Ye Jian, and his brows pressed slightly together for a brief moment.

The little lass, why was it when she saw him… she would always withdraw a little? Did his appearance at the school that day scare her?

“Yes, of course!” The clear and handsome face showed a smile. He gave another glance at Ye Jian before asking politely, “Old Man, I wish to speak with Ye Jian alone. Will you allow it?”

Old Man Gen was not surprised why he knew Ye Jian. The three suspects that were caught last time were because of the efforts of Ye Jian.

With a gentle smile from the old man, Xia Jinyuan returned a smile before eyeing Ye Jian coldly. His lips were already slightly crooked at one end.

With his peaked cap off, he looked even more elegant under the rays of the sun. Chuckling a little, he spoke casually, “Student Ye Jian, I’ve got a few words I’d like to urge upon you regarding a matter relating to school. Please.”

“Go ahead, lass.”

The words Ye Jian wished to blurt out were immediately swallowed by the old man’s words. Turning, she lifted her feet and began heading to where Xia Jinyuan was now already at.

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She did not wish to have too many interactions with a man whom could be identified as a dangerous person with one look.

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He was someone whom she somewhat could not see through. She was used to keeping a certain distance away from this kind of people.

“I would like to apologize for probing during that time in school, but I hope you can understand from our standpoint,” he explained softly with his tone elegant and luxurious, like the strings of a zither as they vibrated. “There’s also no need for you to be afraid of me. I won’t do anything to you, like monitoring or any of that sort. Those will never happen.”

Afraid? It seems the Major had misunderstood.

Ye Jian looked at him in the eyes and spoke with a hook at the edge of her lips, “Captain Xia, there must be some kind of misunderstanding. I’m not afraid; I only wish to have less contact with you. If there’s nothing else, then I shall take my leave first.”

Not waiting for his answer, Ye Jian turned and left.

Xia Jinyuan was not bothered by it. His strong and slender hand grabbed Ye Jian by her shoulder and prevented her from leaving without him finishing, “Lass, your temper sure is big. Why is it completely different from how Old Man described you to me.”

With a helpless smirk, he added, “The old man is already looking at us. You sure you want to listen to me with your back facing me?”

At this point, Ye Jian had only one thing on her mind… that was to put him down!

Gathering her thoughts together, she concluded that as of now, that would be impossible.

But in the future, she would really want to try it!

“What is it. May Captain Xia finish as soon as possible, thank you.” She turned back and skilfully swiped the hand that was on her shoulder like a fish that was uncontrollable.

Having trained for nearly half a month, and together with her talent, her gain was definitely great.

Her agile reaction made Xia Jinyuan raise an eyebrow. After a light chuckle, his eyes darkened, and he spoke solemnly and coldly, “Listen carefully. We’ve already confirmed the issue with Liao Jian’s parents; the same goes for Student Liao Jian. I would like you to help us keep an eye on his every action in school.”

“I had actually wanted to find you first thing when I left, but to think that I’ll meet you at the military entrance.” Xia Jinyuan’s eyes turned cold the moment he started talking about his main purpose. “You just have to help us keep an eye on whether he is acting behind the dark. If you notice anything, you can go directly to Principal Chen!”

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