Chapter 34: Rescue!

“Is it? Sometimes what you cannot achieve, others can!” When Cheng Yu finished speaking, a strain of Qi was projected out of his hand. It headed towards the hand of the person that was holding a gun pointed at Lin Yuhan’s head. The moment it touched the man’s hand, the Qi chopped it off. Cheng Yu simultaneously rushed forward to embrace Lin Yuhan before returning back to the original spot he stood at.

Everything occurred in a flash. No one managed to grasp a hold of the situation at all. They all witnessed a strain of white light flash. Following that, a miserable shriek was produced and fresh blood was spraying out. But the worst thing was that the hostage they had captured was already rescued through this process.

When they saw the situation, everyone’s complexion immediately changed. Qin Canghai panicked and retreated several steps before roaring out, ”Open fire! Kill them all!”

The situation was beyond their expectation. If they did not witness it with their own eyes, they would never believe what had happened. What was this? White light? Sorcery? It was so outrageous!

“B*NG! B*NG! B*NG!” The gunfire started again when they heard their orders from their boss. At this moment, Cheng Yu launched out his Qi to wrap a shield around Lin Yuhan and him. When bullets were flying and contacted the Qi shield, it produced a “Ping! Ping! Ping!” sound.

Cheng Yu waved his hand causing two strains of lights to fly out. Two heads were chopped off in the process with blood spewing out of their bodies.

When Lin Yuhan witnessed the scene, she was frightened as she tightly grasped Cheng Yu before burying herself into his bosom.

Everyone at the scene was stunned by Cheng Yu’s action. Only Qin Canghai managed to react to the situation. His complexion whitened, and he yelled, ”Quickly shoot! Quickly shoot and kill him!”

His subordinates responded by firing at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu no longer hesitated as he chopped another person in half. The moment the body was split, fresh blood sprayed out. The remaining people were intimidated to the extent of their bodies turning weak, their legs trembling, and they no longer moved as they did not dare to open fire anymore.

One of them even threw his gun to the ground to express that he was surrendering. When the others saw that, they started to do the same thing.

At this point, if they didn’t surrender, they would be total fools. From the start to end, they had no idea what was going on and why the other party singlehandedly rushed to their doorstep and started to kill them. The other party was so powerful, why would he bother risking his life?

Even the usually noisy Bao Lang had also been frightened. This was too scary. Able to evade and block bullets? Is this a movie?

This youngster was too mysterious! Not only was his shield impenetrable, with just a wave of hand, he would be able to sever someone’s head or even cleave a person in half. How could they even fight such a person?

As for Qin Canghai, he was covered in blood and was trembling severely. This time he had really provoked someone he shouldn’t have. He was preparing to escape from the scene.

However, how could Cheng Yu let him run away? He came here today to kill the upper management of the Blood Wolf Gang. With a move, he carried Lin Yuhan along and arrived in front of Qin Canghai.

“I said before, all of you guys are just ants to me. I also urged you before not to provoke me. However, you people did not know your limits. Since it’s like this, it’s useless to keep you alive,” Cheng Yu said while raising his palm.

“Please don’t! Young Master Yu, it’s just a misunderstanding! Please let me off! I have money. A lot of money! I can give it all to you,” Qin Canghai got scared to the point of pissing himself. He no longer had the dignified look he previously had after getting intercepted by Cheng Yu. This time, he could only plead to Cheng Yu to let him off.

“Yes! Young Master Yu, I also have money! Please let us off. I will give you all my money!” Bao Lang also acknowledged defeat. If he did not do so, he would really be stupid.

“Oh? How much money do you all have? Let me see if it’s worth exchanging for your lives,” Cheng Yu’s interest was piqued when he heard their words as he put down his hand. Currently, he was lacking money and since someone was willing to give him some, why not take it.

When they saw Cheng Yu putting his hand down, both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

“I have 80 million,” Qin Canghai said.

“I have 50 million,” Bao Lang said.

“Tsk. It seems to me that your life is only worth this much money. Forget it. I am not lacking of such little money. I think taking away your lives would be more satisfying,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

It wasn’t that Cheng Yu did not care about such an amount of money, he knew that these two people were not being honest. As a crime syndicate in charge of an area, how could they have such little money? Isn’t this a nightclub? Since they wish to exchange for their lives, if they don’t give him all their property, what’s the point of keeping them alive?

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“Ah! Please don’t! 130 million! This is all I have!” Qin Canghai quickly replied when he heard that Cheng Yu was going to kill him.

“Is this all you have?” Cheng Yu asked.

“YES! YES! This is all I have.”

“I don’t believe you,” Cheng Yu shook his head.

“Ugh…I still have a villa located in the city. I will also give you that,” Qin Canghai saw Cheng Yu’s killing intent, and he quickly told him about his villa.

“It seems like you are not very honest. I think I should just kill you to avoid wasting my time.”

“NO! NO! I don’t have any more money! I am only left with this nightclub. Please let me off, I can also give you this nightclub!”

“Oh? But I heard some rumors stating that you have more than one nightclub?”

“This…the three of us all own one each. The other two nightclubs are not managed by me!” Qin Canghai begged.

“Oh? If it’s like this, how about you?” Cheng Yu looked at Bao Lang and questioned.

“I…I have a total of 80 million. This is all I have. I can also give you my Nightwolf Nightclub.” When he saw Cheng Yu questioning him, Bao Lang quickly replied.

“You don’t have any villas?”

“I don’t have any. I am stingy and also don’t have a wife or any children. I always stayed here or at Nightwolf,” Bao Lang emitted cold sweat and said.

“Alright. Since the two of you are paying such a huge price, I shall let you off. I will follow you to go withdraw the money and the deeds. I advise you all to be tactful and not do anything foolish. Otherwise, you will not be better off compared to them.” Cheng Yu pointed towards the headless corpse and the cleaved body while speaking. When they heard what he said, everyone shivered.

After that, Cheng Yu held onto Lin Yuhan as he followed behind them, heading to Qin Canghai’s office. As for the tape plastered on Lin Yuhan’s mouth and the rope tying her hand, he had already ripped and cut them off while talking to the both of them.

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As for the other people, when they saw Cheng Yu following their boss to the room, they hurried down to the exit. This place was too scary for them, it’s not for them to stay!

Arriving at Qin Canghai’s office, Qin Canghai opened up his safe. Inside was two cards and a bunch of documents. ”This contains all my money and the villa’s and nightclub’s deeds. As for the transfer of property, my lawyer needs to be around. He is currently resting on the second floor. Let me give him a call to ask him to come over.” When Qing Canghai finished speaking, he took out his phone and called his lawyer.

After a while, a 40-year-old man carrying a handbag came in. Zhang Heping was frightened. As he was always helping Qin Canghai handle his stuff, his stay at the nightclub was always free.

Therefore, he would always come here to play every day. However, he never expected such a situation would happen here tonight. Originally, once he saw the situation, he was prepared to escape, but those at the second floor had already started to fight causing him to no longer have an escape route.

When they went up to the third floor, he thought that his chance had arrived, but when he was on the way out, he realized that the nightclub had prevented anyone from leaving. While he was arguing with the person guarding the door, he received a call from Qin Canghai asking him to come up to the third floor. He got frightened so badly that he almost urinated right there.

“Attorney Zhang, I have some things here that I wish to transfer over to him. Help me process it.” Qin Canghai passed over all the documents to Zhang Heping.

When he saw Zhang Heping stamping every documents, Qin Canghai was extremely frustrated. He knew that this time he had been butchered. Within a night, he had lost everything. But what choice did he have? His life was more valuable compared to money.

Cheng Yu took a bag and put everything inside. After that, he looked towards Bao Lang and asked, ”What about yours?”

“Mine is inside the Nightwolf Nightclub. I will go and get it right away.”

“Wait. It is impossible to let you go alone. Let’s go together. Both of you have to follow us as well,” Cheng Yu said as he pointed towards Qin Canghai and Zhang Heping. When Qin Canghai heard what he said, he almost wanted to swear. I have already given everything to you, why would you want me to tag along? As for Zhang Heping, he had no choice as he was just a small little subordinate.

When the five of them went down, everyone present looked at them silently. They did not know what the situation was until they walked out of the nightclub.

As for Zhao Minglong, when he arrived, all the police officers had already surrounded the area while wearing civilian clothes. Because he was worried that Cheng Yu would have an accident inside, he sent a few of the officers inside to have a look.

A moment ago, an officer came out to report that a fight had broken out inside. However, everyone was overthrown by a youngster. As for the youngster, he was probably alright. When Zhao Minglong heard the report, he heaved a sigh of relief as he did not know about Cheng Yu’s strength.

However, not long after, he heard sounds of gunshots! Zhao Minglong started to panic. Such concentrated gunfire. How could he not worried! He ignored Cheng Yu’s words as he made Wei Cheng ask everyone to gather, and get ready to rush inside.

But when he was waiting for everyone to get prepared to rush in, he saw Cheng Yu walking out while carrying a girl. Behind him was Qin Canghai, Bao Lang and also a middle-aged man. All five of them got into a car and left the scene.

“What should we do now, Mayor? Do you want us to follow the car?” Wei Cheng asked.

“No need. You should bring some people in to tidy up the situation first. Bring all those who are carrying guns back to the station to interrogate.” Although he did not know why Cheng Yu was following them, but as he was able to come out safely, it showed that he had total control of the situation.

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