Chapter 35 – Returned Home Safely

Zhao Minglong followed Wei Cheng into the Xinguang Nightclub. The state of the scene was very messy. The police had exercised control over all the people on the scene. The broken wine and beer glasses were scattered all over the place. The tables and chair were also toppled over.

A few people were laying on the dance floor. The majority of them had either broken their hand or leg. The second floor was covered in blood. A few people were wailing while covering their severed arms. There was also a pile of severed arms that were still holding on to guns on the floor. This scene sent a chill down the police officers’ spines and also roused their suspicion. Those severed arms had been chopped clean off in such a clean way that it looked practically like it was cut off with a sword.

Another group of police officers went up to the third floor. The place was filled with the stench of blood. When some of them saw the situation, they started to vomit. Even Zhao Minglong and Wei Cheng felt nauseous when they witnessed the scene.

The scene was too bloody! There were heads and bodies everywhere. Some of them were even split in two halves causing the viscera and other organs to flow out.

The police officers looked at each other in dismay. They had no idea who the powerful culprit that destroyed the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters was. So domineering! Even the police had no way to deal with them.

Could it be the young man who was following the Blood Wolf Gang just now? But why did the Mayor and Bureau Chief not arrest them when they saw them? It didn’t make sense! As expected, the thoughts of a leader will never be understood by an average person.

Wei Cheng ordered the police officers to arrest the majority of the Blood Wolf Gang members. Following that, he walked towards Zhao Minglong and said happily, “Mayor, who was that? The entire Blood Wolf Gang was left with only Qin Canghai and Bao Lang. As for the third boss, Wu Chang, I heard that he was crippled by someone causing him to stay in bed at the hospital.”

“Old Wei, you should just handle this matter. That’s all. As for who did it, you do not have to bother. He does not wish for other people to know. Moreover, he has also somewhat helped us. He was also the one who called me to come here and clean up the mess. The operation this time was all due to your contribution, and it had nothing to do with anyone else,” Zhao Minglong told Wei Cheng directly. He did not wish for them to pay too much attention to Cheng Yu as it would be bad for his future plans.

“Yes! Thank you, Mayor!” When he heard that the merits for the operation this time would all be given to him, Wei Cheng was elated. Eradicating Yunhai’s underground gangs had always been one of the Bureau Chief’s worries. Even though two of their leaders were able to run away, this was still a very big merit.

“This time, the problems must be handled well. Do not let it leak out. Bear that in mind!” Zhao Minglong emphasized again.

As for Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan, both of them had followed Qin Canghai and the others to the Nightwolf Nightclub. After the transferring of ownership procedures was completed, Cheng Yu took both Qin Canghai and Bao Lang’s ATM cards and transferred their money into the account Yang Ruoxue had given him earlier.

When he saw that his own card had a total balance of over 200 million, Cheng Yu smiled. He looked at Qin Canghai and Bao Lang feeling closer to them all of a sudden. It turned out that this was the fastest way to earn money!

“To be honest, previously I was planning to kill you after getting what I get,” Cheng Yu said indifferently while looking at them. When they heard what he said, they shivered. ”I am considering right now whether to actually kill all of you.”

“Thank you Young Master Yu! Don’t worry Young Master Yu, I know quite a number of people in Yunhai. If Young Master Yu needs my help, I will definitely help you handle it well.” When they heard Cheng Yu was not planning to kill them, they heaved a sigh of relief. Qin Canghai immediately got himself a bargaining chip. There were advantages to keeping him alive. At least he could help settle a lot of problems.

“What about you guys?” Cheng Yu asked while looking at Bao Lang and Zhang Heping.

When Zhang Heping heard what he said, he almost fainted. He was just a person working for someone else, how was this matter related to him?! And since the other party is so powerful, he had no choice but to obey. “I am a lawyer, and I can help you solve a lot of unnecessary legal problems.”

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Cheng Yu looked at Bao Lang, which caused him to feel anxious. He only knew how to fight. Since Cheng Yu was already so powerful, would he even need his help during a fight? “I…I can be a hired thug. Furthermore, I still have some face in the underground society. Young Master Yu, please don’t kill me!”

Cheng Yu did not speak as he sat on the chair. He looked at the three of them silently. When the three of them could no longer withstand the pressure, he spoke. “Alright, I will not kill you all temporarily. As for what happens in the future, it will depend on your performance. If your performance satisfies me, you will be even more famous compared to the present. If I am not satisfied, hehe, you should know what will happen.”

“Yes, of course. We will definitely make Young Master Yu satisfied!” The three of them replied hurriedly.

“Enough. All of you will just continue staying at the Blood Wolf Gang. The Blood Wolf Gang will still be controlled by you, but I don’t wish for you all to be mixing with other crime syndicates. Even if I don’t kill you today, not too far in the future, we would still be destroyed by the government. I think the Xinguang Nightclub is already being investigated by the police,” Cheng Yu said.

“Yes. The moment I go back, I will rectify the situation and improve it. I will also no longer mix with any other syndicates,” Qin Canghai said.

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“I’m not banning it completely. It’s just using other methods to handle some issues would be better. I only want you to not do anything that violates the social morals, bullies the commoners, or conflicts with the government. We should not stand on the opposite side of the government as it is not a good problem to have.”


“In addition, since your Blood Wolf Gang is already under my control, I hope that you will be able to get me Wu Chang’s Nightrose as well. As for his current situation, if he wishes to continue practicing martial arts, it’s impossible. I could, however, allow him to be like a normal person, healthy and living standing in front of you. Pass this over to him.” Cheng Yu stretched his hand into his pocket and took out a pill bottle. He took out a Reversal Pill and passed it to Qin Canghai. “This pill can heal him up immediately. However, I must make my demand, I want his Nightrose, and if he is unappreciative, I don’t mind making him disappear from this world.”

Qin Canghai took the pill while full of doubt and said, ”Thank you Young Master Yu. I will definitely convey your word to him. I will also ask him to give his Nightrose over to you.”

“Good! This being the case, this can be counted as a happy ending. I will leave first. A few days later, I will go to Xinguang Nightclub to hand over some matters to you. This can be considered a test for you.” When Cheng Yu finished, he took Lin Yuhan and walked out.

The three of them sent Cheng Yu to the exit before ordering someone to drive them back. When they saw the car leave, the three of them immediately relaxed.

“Finally, they are gone. This time we have really been butchered. Everything has been given to someone else,” Bao Lang vexed.

“Hmph! It can be considered lucky to be able to preserve your lives. In the future, it would be better if we can handle his matters well. From what I see, the way he does things are also not that ruthless. Furthermore, he even gave third brother a pill. We have no idea whether this thing is as mystical as he said. But since he is so powerful, it may be possible.” Qin Canghai said as he held onto the pill. He looked forward to the result for Wu Cheng after consuming the pill.

Inside the vehicle, Cheng Yu did not speak a word. He saw Lin Yuhan’s complexion was still very pale. He grabbed her hand and passed some Qi to her. Lin Yuhan immediately felt a warm feeling flowing out from Cheng Yu’s hand. Only then did she started to relax and her complexion also slowly started to recover.

After getting down from the car, he asked the driver to wait while he followed Lin Yuhan back to her house. The both of them did not speak a single word. Cheng Yu knew that after what happened today, Lin Yuhan would be frightened. In addition, she also saw a side of him that wasn’t known to anyone, which caused him to not be able to bring up any subjects to talk about.

After going through what happened today, Lin Yuhan’s thoughts were very chaotic. She did not know how to face Cheng Yu. Although Cheng Yu was currently standing in front of her, she realized that he was leaving her further and further behind. She had a lot of questions to ask him, but she had no idea how to ask him. Therefore, she had not spoken a word.

Cheng Yu broke the silence by saying, ”Your mother was very worried today. She was searching for you everywhere. Once you reach home, just say that your colleague’s family had some urgent matters come up, which caused you to not have time to notify her.”

“Ok!” Lin Yuhan nodded. After that, both of them went back to the awkward situation in silence again.

Cheng Yu was not able to adapt to the situation and asked, “Do you think I am a very cruel person?” Thinking back to when he was beheading people and splitting bodies in half in front of her, she should be facing difficulties adapting to this side of him.

“No. I know that you are not such a person. Just that I…” After she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Lin Yuhan said hastily.

“I know that you will not be able to adapt to this side of me for a while, but I must tell you, this is who I am. This is indeed the real me, a side that is not known to anyone. However, I can guarantee no one will be able to hurt you again in the future.”

Lin Yuhan was touched. Although she did not understand what sort of person he was, she was able to feel that Cheng Yu’s feelings for her were sincere. Also, this new side of him was because of rescuing her. If he did not have such an ability, not only would she have been harmed, he may also have been killed.

“I know. Thank you!”

“Xiao Han!” At this moment, Mother Lin’s excited voice came over. She quickly ran to their front entrance before hugging Lin Yuhan in her bosom, and she started crying. “You scared me to death! Where have you been?”

“Haha, Auntie, you can be relieved. Hanhan is fine. She just went over to her friend’s place. She had a classmate whose family was in an accident, and thus she also tagged along.” When he saw Lin Yuhan looking at him embarrassingly, Cheng Yu knew that she was not willing to lie to her mother. Therefore, he stepped forward and lied for her.

“So it’s like this! You really scared your mother! If there are any problems next time, you have to tell me first. I only have you. If you had an accident, what should mother do!” Mother Lin said while sobbing.

“I know, mother. I’m sorry,” Lin Yuhan also started to tear up as she sobbed in her mother’s bosom.

“Xiao Yu, I am really thankful for your help today. If it were not for you, Auntie would really not know what to do,” Mother Lin said to Cheng Yu as she wiped off her tears.

“Haha! Don’t phrase it in such a way Auntie. I did not help that much. I just remembered the matter, and that’s why I went there to have a look. Since Hanhan is fine, the two of you should go back inside and rest. There’s still a car outside waiting for me.”

“Ok. Since it’s so late, Auntie will not keep you here any longer. Come over to Auntie’s house to eat next time. Auntie will cook some delicious food for you!”


When Cheng Yu reached his aunt’s house, it was already almost 12 am. At this time, Zhao Minglong was sitting in the living room smoking.

“Not sleeping?” Cheng Yu asked.

“Nope. I was waiting for you. Have you settled the problem?”

“Almost done. At the moment, I have taken over almost everything in the Blood Wolf Gang.”

“Do you intend to become one of the leaders of the underground syndicate?” Zhao Minglong asked as he frowned.

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