Chapter 36: The Might of the Foundation Establishment Realm

“I will not take over the crime syndicate. I am only taking over their properties,” Cheng Yu replied.

“Did you kill Qin Canghai and Bao Lang?” Zhao Minglong asked.

“Nope. I asked them to continue staying in the Blood Wolf Gang, and I counted it as helping me to do some work. I already asked them to repent for their crimes and mistakes. In the future, they will not do anything related to any of the crime syndicates. As to how it will be done, I still need to think about it.”

“Ok. That’s good. I don’t wish for you to get involved in any criminal activities, and your parents also don’t wish for that to happen.”

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“I know. You can relax. I will never do anything that opposes the government’s laws.” After finishing, Cheng Yu stood up and went back to his room.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Cheng Yu thought of what had happened today and realized that today was his first time killing people after coming over to this world. Furthermore, today he used methods that went beyond the category of what could be accepted by commoners. He had truly used the ability of an Immortal Cultivator.

When commoners practiced martial arts, they would train for dozens of years to strengthen their body. Their bodies would be strong and robust with a huge amount of strength. The moment they reached the stage of their body being as strong as steel, they would no longer be able to grow any stronger. As a result, a majority of them would spend time learning combat techniques. These kinds of people would face no issues fighting over a dozen average people. In the Immortal World, these types of people were viewed as pitiful because they had only reached the Body Strengthening Realm. There was also a huge amount of people in the Immortal World.

As for those who cultivated using cultivation techniques, during the body strengthening realm, they would use certain techniques to form Qi in their body. The moment that Qi had been formed in their body, it showed that they had successfully entered the Qi Training Realm. The Qi in their body could be changed and accumulated through their various cultivation techniques. By using Qi to pull off a palm strike, the potential for damage was extraordinary. Even if the body was as strong as a boulder in the Body Strengthening Realm, it could also not resist the power, let alone a normal commoner.

Since Cheng Yu was already at the Foundation Establishment Realm, his Qi had already merged with his body. His body was already full of Qi and every strike he pulled off would contain formidable power. As for the Foundation Establishment Realm, the key factor to successfully reaching this realm was being able to emit Qi out of the body, and using it to injure others. This was the reason why Cheng Yu was able to block bullets, and split his opponents’ heads and bodies. When Cheng Yu waved his hand, the thing he shot out was not light but Qi. When he was hugging Lin Yuhan while blocking the bullets, what he used to protect them was a Qi shield, wrapping them inside the shield.

In the views of a bystander, all these actions were seen as miracles. It was at a stage where Cheng Yu’s actions were no longer comprehendible by an average person. But if it was in the Immortal World, all these actions were considered basic skills. This was also the reason why an average person was so weak in front of a cultivator. It caused the cultivators to not even bother with them.

Regarding this point, Cheng Yu was also quite helpless about it. Facing so many guns, if he wished to save Lin Yuhan without any danger, it would have been very hard.

Thinking to this point, Cheng Yu no longer gave it anymore thought. At least the result achieved by doing so was very good. Those who had seen such formidable abilities would all be frightened. Not only was he rich, he even had some properties and also a villa. Previously, he was always worried about not having enough money to buy a house. Now, not only did he own a villa, but he can also finally move out to live by himself.

The next day, when Cheng Yu arrived at the classroom, Lin Yuhan was already seated at their desk. He could tell that she was not able to properly sleep the previous night.

“If you are feeling unwell, you should go and apply for leave. You have such good results, missing a day would not affect your results much. Furthermore, you can also study at home!” Cheng Yu sat on his seat and told Lin Yuhan.

“No need. It’s all right, I just didn’t have good sleep.”

For the whole morning, the teachers were only reviewing the questions on the exam papers. Cheng Yu was extremely bored after listening to it for a while, and since he had no choice, he took Lin Yuhan’s notebook and started reading it. He finished reading the History book yesterday, and adding to his ideology, the history knowledge he had in his brain right now could easily answer all these questions. It was like a playing to him.

What Cheng Yu was reading today was the Politics book. He used the whole morning to read all the Politics notes. In the afternoon, he would need to organize the “notes” in his brain before mastering Politics.

In the afternoon, Cheng Yu brought Lin Yuhan and Fatty to the cafeteria to eat together. When Lin Yuhan and Fatty went to get their food, Cheng Yu saw Jiang Ming and Xu Yuandong, and both of them looked delighted while talking and laughing.

“What are the two of you talking about? Both of you seem very happy while talking,” Cheng Yu arrived in front of them and laughed.

When they saw Cheng Yu, they carried their plates and moved to the side. Once bitten, twice shy. Jiang Ming who was still covered in bandages on his hand shouted loudly, ”What did you come over here for?” The cafeteria was filled with people currently, and Jiang Ming didn’t believe that Cheng Yu would dare to hit him here.

“Haha! Nothing much, just saw the both of you were chatting so happily together, and I want to be included as well.”

“We don’t welcome you here! We have nothing to talk about with you,” Xu Yuandong said.

“Haha! Since it’s like that, I shall not disturb your dining time then.” Finished speaking, Cheng Yu walked towards Lin Yuhan and Fatty. After walking two steps, he stopped and turned back, with a smiling expression, he asked, ”I have to remind you, think twice before doing something. If not, in the future, you may not be able to bear the consequences.” He ignored their responses and walked away.

“He…what does he mean? Did he manage to hear what we were talking about just now?” Jiang Ming said curiously.

“Impossible. We were speaking so softly, what’s more we didn’t even mention his name. How could he know we were talking about him?” Xu Yuandong replied.

“Than what did he mean just now? Was he trying to scare us?”


“We will go to Xinguang Nightclub tonight. I will introduce you to the Blood Wolf Gang. Since your father is the deputy mayor, they will definitely give you some face,” Jiang Ming said while looking at Xu Yuandong.

“The Blood Wolf Gang is no good. Previously, you requested them for help, but they all got beaten up. You have to introduce me someone more powerful!”

“Alright. I will introduce you to their boss, Qin Canghai. He worked together with my father before. I believe he will give me some face for this. When the time comes, add on that your father is the deputy mayor, and they will definitely help us on this matter.”

“Boss, what were you talking with them about? You looked so happy,” Fatty said while passing over a plate of food to Cheng Yu.

“Hehe! Nothing much. Just felt quite close to them so I was just sending our regards.”

“Hehe! Boss, you are so lovely. They will definitely be touched.”

“Eat your food! I only show my love to women, and I have no interest in men.”

When Lin Yuhan heard Cheng Yu’s words, she glared at Cheng Yu.

When the three of them finished eating, they returned to their classroom. For the afternoon lessons, Cheng Yu only wished to fuse the materials he had memorized in the morning with the way of answering the questions in the exams as well as the thinking process behind it.

Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu had finally started to study earnestly, and she could picture him gaining admission to Yunhai University with her. She felt extremely happy thinking of this.

When she saw his charming face with the earnest expression, Lin Yuhan started to blush. As to what she was thinking about, only she knew.

In the evening, after school, Fatty looked for Cheng Yu to follow him to go window shopping. Cheng Yu rejected him, resulting in him going home alone.

Of course, every day he had a beautiful teacher waiting for him. How could he even bare to follow Fatty around wasting his time? This was simply not respecting those beautiful women. How could Cheng Yu be this kind of person?

When he arrived at the teacher’s office building, he saw Hejian was talking to his beautiful teacher, Yao Na. With Cheng Yu’s hearing ability, he was able to hear what they were talking about.

“Teacher Yao, just accept it. The restaurant food is very delicious. I was only able to get a reservation after so much difficulty. Just tag along with me please!” He Jian begged.

“Teacher He, I really don’t have the time for this. I still need to tutor a student during the night,” Yao Na rejected him again. Hejian had been pestering her the whole day. She was sick of listening to his request and had already rejected him in such a clear-cut manner, but he still did not get the message and give up. Cheng Yu had to admire his dedication.

“Teacher Yao, I know that you are a responsible teacher, but you also need to have a life. What’s more, it’s just one night of not tutoring the student. How bad could it be?”

“Teacher He, there’s only two months left before the College Entrance Exam. With such little time, to the students, every minute is extremely precious to them,” Yao Na solemnly said to He Jian.

“Teacher Yao, let’s go,” Cheng Yu said while walking over to Yao Na.

“You are tutoring him?” When he saw Cheng Yu, Hejian was baffled.

“Yea. He is the student I am tutoring.”

“Teacher Yao, are you kidding me? Even though he is not my student, I know how he did in his exams. You tutoring him is just a waste of your precious time.”

“Teacher He, are you insulting my student? I believe in my student. Let’s go Cheng Yu,” Yao Na said angrily as she held onto Cheng Yu’s hand and walked away.

When he saw both of them holding hands, Hejian was extremely frustrated. With a gloomy face he muttered, “B*tch! Putting on an act in front of me. I shall let you experience the fate of offending me.”

While Cheng Yu was being pulled away by the beautiful teacher, Yao Na, he was feeling elated. This teacher was truly so adorable.

When she felt her hand being pinched by Cheng Yu, Yao Na turned red. She shook off Cheng Yu’s hand and said angrily, ”Who told you not to be diligent? Everyone is looking down on you. Is this what you want?!”

“Hehe! I don’t really care if I am being looked down upon by others. As long as you don’t look down on me, I will be fine.”

“If you don’t do well in the next mock exam, I will also look down on you. I will also stop tutoring you. Do what you like then!” When she saw Cheng Yu behaving this way, Yao Na got angrier.

“Hehe. Ok. Ok, I promise you that I will do my best for the next mock exam then.”

“Hmph! Though you have good memory and are also very smart, with such a short period of time, how high could you possibly score? As long as you end up in the top 30 in the class, I will continue to tutor you. With this assurance, at least I believe that you will be able to get into a good university.”

“Alright. What if I get into the top ten? Can you give me another benefit?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What benefit?”

“Maybe you could let me kiss you?”

“No way!” Cheng Yu had just finished his sentence, and Yao Na rejected it straight away.

“If there were no such benefits, I will not have the motivation to do well in the exam,” Cheng Yu explained.

“You are still a student now! How could you keep thinking about such immoral things?”

“There was this saying I heard. I think it goes, ‘with such sweet and gentle girls, the nobles always wish to collect them.’ Teacher Yao is so beautiful, and I am also so dashing plus powerful. We are practically made for each other!”

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“Nonsense! This is your imagination going wild. Who was being attracted by you? I don’t have any more ingredients at home for dinner. Wait here for me, I will do some grocery shopping before coming back.”

“I will tag along as well.”

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