Chapter 37: This Young Man Has Such Good Fortune!

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Inside the supermarket, Cheng Yu was pushing a cart while Yao Na was selecting the ingredients. Looking at Yao Na’s serious appearance while selecting the ingredients, Cheng Yu felt comfort.

“Teacher Yao, do you think that right now we look like husband and wife?” Cheng Yu laughingly said while pushing the cart.

“Stop talking nonsense. Who looks like a couple with you?” Yao Na said as she glared at Cheng Yu in a ill-mannered way.

“It seems like you don’t believe me.” Cheng Yu saw a grandmother passing them by, and he held Yao Na and pointed at her asking, ”Grandma, what do you think about my wife?”

She looked at Yao Na before giving Cheng Yu a thumbs up, ”Young man, you have such good fortune. Being able to find such a beautiful wife. You must treat her well, and don’t let her suffer from any injustice.”

“Thank you Grandma. I will definitely dote on her,” Cheng Yu winked at Yao Na.

The moment the grandmother walked off, Yao Na was red from embarrassment, and angrily said, ”How could you be like this! In the future, if you continue being like this, I will really get angry.”

Cheng Yu laughed and no longer spoke. He continued to push his cart as he followed behind Yao Na.

When they finished purchasing the ingredients, they went back home. Yao Na turned on her computer and found her own notes before passing them over to Cheng Yu to let him listen to the notes as she went to prepare dinner.

During the dinner, Cheng Yu asked Yao Na, ”When you are alone next time, be careful. Especially when you are outside of school.”

“Huh?” Yao Na was puzzled.

“Do you think Hejian is a good person? Since you did not give him any face today, you think he will just let it slide like this?”

“You are trying to say that he will try to do something to me? I think it’s unlikely to happen. Although his character is not very good, he would not possibly do such a heinous thing.”

“I don’t care whether he will or not. In any case, you should just be extra careful. Give me your phone number. If there are any problems, give me a call straight away.”

Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu, hoping to determine whether he was really asking for her number for her safety or just because he hoped to score. When she saw that Cheng Yu did not find any other excuses, she recited her phone number to him. Cheng Yu gave it a call and asked her to save his number into her phone. After that, he secretly left a thread of Spiritual Sense on Yao Na.

After yesterday’s incident, Cheng Yu had left a thread of Spiritual Sense on Lin Yuhan. He did not wish for the people he cared about to experience what had happened yesterday. At least he hoped to be able to detect once someone had an accident, and he would be able to pinpoint where they were with the Spiritual Sense.

With this Spiritual Sense, it was like installing a GPS system on them. Anywhere, and anytime, he would be able to find them.

When he saw Yao Na was still saving his number, Cheng Yu said, ”If you ever face any problems in the future, you have to give me a call first or send me a message to inform me.”

“Che, you sound so serious! You are only a kid. If there was any accident, would telling you be useful at all?” Yao Na disapproved of Cheng Yu’s actions.

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“I don’t care whether you believe it or not. If you have an accident, you have to tell me first.”

Yao Na no longer said anything as they continued eating their dinner. When they finished eating, Yao Na started to tutor Cheng Yu on English. Because of Cheng Yu’s exceptional memorization ability, the moment Yao Na started teaching, the speed that she spoke at was extremely fast. Furthermore, Cheng Yu’s ability to learn was extremely good, and this allowed Yao Na to teach him without any difficulties. Even if those questions were more complex and harder to understand, she would just need to stop for no more than a minute before Cheng Yu could understand it completely. This kind of learning ability caused Yao Na to feel extremely shocked.

In universities, there were some students that had exceptional study abilities, but after experiencing Cheng Yu’s learning capability and adaptation skill, he could only be described as a true genius.

Despite all that, before Cheng Yu left, Yao Na still gave Cheng Yu assignments to complete. After all, even if he had an exceptional learning capability, it did not mean that he could answer the questions correctly as well. Only after a huge amount practice would he be getting used to the way of answering a question on the exams. This way, he would be relaxed when facing the exam’s questions.

Furthermore, only after numerous times of practice solving questions, would he be able to solve questions faster and have the ability to control the rhythm of taking an exam.

The intensity of the College Entrance Exam is very high. The College Entrance Exam also had a massive amount of questions. If he was not able to answer them fast, he would easily disrupt his rhythm of the exam. Even if he had all the correct answers in his brain, he may not have enough time to complete all the questions.

As Cheng Yu saw her giving him so much homework, he felt an even worse headache coming on. However, Cheng Yu did not voice his opinion. After all, she had spent so much time and energy into helping him so that he could do well in his exam. How could he reject her good intentions?

When Cheng Yu reached home, it was already 10pm. When he thought of having to take a taxi back home every day, he felt very depressed. The car he bought was wasted. Since tomorrow was a weekend, he decided to go to the Bureau Chief to get his car back. Conveniently, he could also take a look at the beautiful police officer, Hanxue. Thinking back to the day of him kissing her, Cheng Yu felt his body turning hot. “The feeling of embracing a beautiful woman was really good. Maybe he should have some real *** with her,” Cheng Yu thought, eventually shaking his head. He discarded all these distracting thoughts as he closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

The following day, while having breakfast, Cheng Yu suggested that he would like to move out.

“No way,” Cheng Meiyan rejected straightaway.

“Why? Didn’t we reach an agreement previously? As long as I am able to work together with the Wanmei Group, I will be able to move out.”

“In any case, no way! Previously, your mother requested me to make sure you stayed here until your College Entrance Exam is over. After the College Entrance Exam ends, she will bring you back to the capital.”

“I am not going back. I want to study here. Go back for what?”

“You wish to study here? Go to what university?”

“Yunhai University!”

“Although Yunhai University is not bad, your mother would definitely not help you get in. She only wishes that you stay by their side. Since you are the only son in the Cheng family, they hope that you will never meet an accident again.”

“Che! If they don’t help me, I can also do well in the exam and get in by myself. What’s more, I am no longer a child. In Yunhai, I have you and Uncle. What accident can I possibly get into? Don’t you agree, Uncle?” Cheng Yu blinked at Zhao Minglong while answering.

Zhao Minglong wiped his mouth with napkin before replying, ”Cough! Cough! This…Meiyan. When children grow up, they will always wish to be independent. Since Xiao Yu is already very sensible now, and he is no longer as naughty as before, he wishes to be independent while he is in Yunhai and with us around, isn’t it a good time for him to experience it? The moment he goes back to the Capital, the whole family will pamper him. This will cause him to grow back all his bad habits.”

“This…you are right. Though, the family will never agree on this. Moreover, comparing Yunhai University to the Capital University, the Capital University would be more beneficial for the development of Xiao Yu.”

“Anyway, I will not go back. I will definitely get into Yunhai University.”

“You want to get into Yunhai University? Cousin, it’s not that I am insulting you, but with your results…haiz!” When Zhao Yunfang heard Cheng Yu wished to get into Yunhai University, she was very helpless on the situation as she shook her head with a complicated look.

“You are looking down on your cousin. It seems that you don’t want a new car anymore?”

“Car? What new car?” Cheng Meiyan was confused.

“Cousin promised to buy me a car.”

“Don’t you already have a car? Why buy another one?”

“I only have one car. Several of my classmate own several cars!”

“Why don’t you think of the fact that there are also a lot of people who are as old as you, but they don’t own a car? What’s more, since when does your cousin have the money to buy you a car?”

“Cousin has a lot of money.”


“Auntie, it’s just buying a car. It doesn’t need a lot of money. Besides, it’s been so many years since I have bought a gift for her. This can be considered as making it up to her,” Cheng Yu said.

“Are you very rich? After earning such a miserly sum, you are acting like you are a wealthy person. Also, going back to the topic of you moving out of this house, I will not allow that. As for whether or not you will be staying in Yunhai after your College Entrance Exam, that will depend on your exam results. If you are able to get into Yunhai University, I will help you persuade your mother. Otherwise, you should just head back to the Capital.”

When Cheng Yu walked out of the door, Zhao Yunfang followed behind him and asked, “Cousin, where are you going? I want to go as well.”

“Cousin is going to pick up girls. Do you want to tag along?”

“I can be your partner when you are picking up girls! With my help, you will certainly get the girl with just half of the effort.” [Editor Note: Cocky wingman = best wingman :P]

“Che! When I brought you over to Ruoxue’s house, I didn’t see you being of any help?”

“You can’t blame me on that! Sister Ruoxue is the boss of such a big company. She is not your typical businesswoman. Me not being able to handle her is also very normal!”

“Do you think that the girls your cousin takes a fancy to would be such simple people? If you can’t handle the difficulty, then what’s the use of you? Those with little or no difficulty I would be able to easily handle by myself. What’s more, while I am flirting with a girl, with you around, even if I am not embarrassed, the girl will also feel shy! With you around, wouldn’t the chance of failure be higher than the chance of success?”

“Please just bring me along, cousin! I will definitely help you this time. With father and mother not around, I will be very lonely at home!” Zhao Yunfang grabbed Cheng Yu’s arms as she swaggered around. She looked at Cheng Yu with puppy eyes.

“Don’t you have a lot of classmates? Ask them to play!” When he saw her pitiful appearance, Cheng Yu still asked.

“Hmph! They either brag in front of me or will just try to please me. I don’t like to play with them,” Zhao Yunfang said discontentedly.

“Alright. I shall bring you along then.”

“Yay! Cousin is the best! I will drive the car there!” When she heard Cheng Yu had complied to bring her out, she yelled happily.

“Hehe! We will not drive today. Later your cousin will bring you to drive a very powerful car!”

When they saw Zhao Yunfang follow Cheng Yu out happily, the Zhao couple standing at the window felt grateful. Both of them had always been in the government office or in the company. As for their daughter, both of them always felt guilty about not having the time to accompany her.

It had been more than a year since Cheng Yu arrived here. But the relationship between the two of them before was very indifferent. It was all because of the previous accident that caused Cheng Yu to change. After that, both of them started to get closer as Cheng Yu started to dote on her.

As Zhao Yunfang was the only child in the family, she had never experienced any brotherly love. Since now Cheng Yu had started to pamper her, she was very happy. When they saw the brother and sister were so harmonious now, the Zhao couple were naturally feeling very happy about it.

“It seems like Xiao Yu staying in Yunhai might not be a bad idea. At least Fangfang would be very happy.”

“Xiao Yu has changed. He changed to become extremely mysterious,” Zhao Minglong said with a profound meaning.

“At least he’s not that bad now. This is enough.”

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