Chapter 38: Brought My Female Cousin to Pick Up Girls!

“Cousin, what are we going to do in the police station?” After getting off from the car, Zhao Yunfang realized their destination was the police station.

“Doesn’t the police station also have girls?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Ah! So you are going to flirt with a female police officer!” Zhao Yunfang exclaimed in astonishment.

“Of course. If not, why did I said there will be some challenges accompanying it? Did you see that? The girl with big ***. I will give you an opportunity to show your skills first. This will also help me gauge whether you will be fit as my partner,” Cheng Yu said while pointing at Han Xue who was walking out of the police station. After that, he walked to small shop that was selling milk tea. He ordered a strawberry milk tea before sitting down with his back facing Zhao Yunfang.

When she saw her cousin retreat so fast, letting her handle the situation by herself, she started to get nervous. The other party was a police officer, what would happen if she accidentally got arrested by them?

When Han Xue walked out of the police station, she saw an adorable girl looking a little nervous, so she walked towards her and asked, ”Little girl, what are you doing here at the police station?”

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“Ah? Nothing, nothing.” When she saw the beautiful police officer walking towards her, Zhao Yunfang started to get even more nervous. Zhao Yunfang quickly replied to her when questioned.

“Is that so? Then why are you standing in front of the police station’s entrance?”

“I am just passing by here. However, when I saw sister, I felt that sister’s beautiful appearance is like a descendant of a celestial being. Therefore, I wanted to get to know sister, but I felt a little shy,” Zhao Yunfang reorganized her thoughts before replying.

“Hehe! Is that so? Little girl, you are just praising me. You look so pretty and adorable yourself. Once you grow up, you will be prettier than elder sister,” When she heard the adorable little girl saying that to her, Han Xue replied happily.

“Thank you sister. I am called Zhao Yunfang. Can you tell me your name, sister?”

“Of course! I am called Han Xue. You can either call me Sister Han or Sister Xue.”

“I shall call you Sister Han then. Sister Han, do you have any boyfriend since you are so pretty? If you don’t have one, I can introduce one to you!”

“Oh? Haha! You want to act as a matchmaker for elder sister? Tell me, who are you introducing me to?” Han Xue laughed as she felt this cute little girl was very interesting.

“Hehe. Sister, since you are so beautiful, can you be my sister-in-law? I will introduce my brother to you!” Zhao Yunfang said as she rolled her eyes.

“Haha! So it’s like that. Little girl, did your brother ask you to do this? What is the name of your brother?” When she saw the little girl’s expression, Han Xue knew what was going on.

“No, no. I was just passing nearby only.” She did not expect that the moment she opened her mouth, the other person would realize what she was trying to do, which caused Zhao Yunfang to hurriedly reply.

“Is that so? What is your brother’s name and where is he now?”

“This…” Immediately, Zhao Yunfang’s mind was in a jumbled mess. She did not know how to reply, and unknowingly, she shot a look at Cheng Yu who was seated not far away.

As a police officer, the little girl’s action had obviously been seen by Han Xue. Following the direction the little girl looked at, she saw a guy seated at the milk tea shop with his back facing them. She immediately knew that the guy was the little girl’s brother.

Regarding the guy’s behavior, Han Xue despised it. If he wished to pursue her, he should come over to tell her that himself and not ask his sister to be the messenger. Although she was not able to see the appearance of the man, she knew that she would never fall for such a person even if he had a dashing appearance.

Even though Cheng Yu was sitting at the milk tea shop, with his abilities, he was able to hear what both of them were saying. He knew that the little girl was out of tricks, and he could only rely on himself.

Hence, Cheng Yu stood up, he turned towards the both of them and started walking to them with a happy expression. As for Han Xue, the moment she saw the guy’s appearance, she was surprised before turning angry. So it was this b*st*rd! How could he have the guts to see her when he was so shameless? She knew he was obviously playing around with her.

When he saw Han Xue was angry, Cheng Yu did not pay attention to it as he laughed, ”Little Sister Xue, your complexion seems not bad and your nutrition level is also very healthy. I did not see you for a few days, and it seems like your *** have grown bigger. Is it because of my help previously?”

“You are so shameless!” When she heard Cheng Yu words, Han Xue clenched her fist. She got angered to the point where her body started to tremble.

“Little Sister Xue don’t be angry. I know that previously I took advantage of you, and I left without promising you anything. It’s right for you to be angry. However, women age much faster when they are angry. Therefore, today I am here to bring you good news. I will promise you something today. From today onwards, you will be my wife, and I will definitely treasure you!”

“Get lost!” Han Xue knew that she would never win against Cheng Yu in an argument. She regretted her actions from the last time. Why did she suddenly go out to perform her duty? She also regretted chasing after his car. The worst regret was meeting this b*st*rd.

“I will not speak about it anymore. I know that you are very excited after hearing the news, but the future is long, and we still have a lot of time to foster our affection for each other.”

“Don’t speak anymore cousin. You have angered Sister Han.” Zhao Yunfang pulled Cheng Yu away before going towards Han Xue and she pulled her hand and said, ”Sister Han, don’t be angry. My cousin likes to spout nonsense. However, he really does not have any evil intentions.”

When she saw Zhao Yunfang’s timid appearance, Han Xue suppressed her anger and said to Cheng Yu coldly, ”Your license plate and driver’s license have been made and are ready. If you are here to get your car back, follow me.”

When she saw Han Xue walking back into the police station, Zhao Yunfang stuck out her small tongue and said, ”So cousin, you have already bought a car?”

“Yeah. Bought it last week. Left it here to get a license plate.” After speaking, he followed her in.

When Han Xue went back to the office, she took out a notebook and passed it to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu took a look, the header wrote “Driver License.” After that, he followed Han Xue into the traffic police department.

“Wah! Lamborghini! Did cousin buy this car?!” When she stood in front of Cheng Yu’s car, Zhao Yunfang’s eyes sparkled as she yelled.

“Hehe! Is it very beautiful?” With regards to this car, Cheng Yu was also very satisfied with it.

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“I also wish to buy a car, cousin. You promised me! Since you can afford a Lamborghini, you have to buy one for me as well!” When she saw her cousin had bought such an attractive car, the little girl immediately held onto Cheng Yu’s hand and acted as a spoiled brat.

Cheng Yu gave it a thought and nodded as he had just gotten 200 Million from Qin Canghai and Bao Lang.

When she saw her cousin respond, the little girl got excited as she jumped into Cheng Yu’s bosom and gave him a kiss on his face. Cheng Yu patted the little girl’s butt, ”Get down. You are going to be married into someone else’s family. Don’t ever act like that again.”

When Han Xue saw the brother and sister pair had such a good relationship, she envied them. She also had a cousin, but her cousin never doted on her before. Thinking of this point, she looked at Cheng Yu. Though this boy always talked nonsense, his personality is at least kindhearted.

Suddenly, Han Xue remembered a matter. This boy’s uncle was Mayor Zhao and this young lady was his cousin. Her surname was also Zhao. Didn’t this mean that she is the precious daughter of the mayor?

At this moment, the young lady ran to pull Han Xue’s hand and said happily, ” Sister Han, you should also accompany us to buy a car!”

“You guys go ahead. I am not going.” Although she knew that the young lady was the mayor’s daughter and with her minor change in her opinion of Cheng Yu just now, Han Xue still did not have a favorable impression of Cheng Yu.

“Sister, you should just accompany us! I guarantee that my cousin will no longer anger you. After so much persuasion, I managed to request my cousin to bring me out to play. In addition, I also got to know Sister Han. You should just come along with us.”

When she saw the young lady sad expression, Han Xue hesitated and felt that she should still reject it.

However, the young lady also said, ”Sister, when I am buying a car later, you can also help me take a look since I am not knowledgeable about it.”

With regards to cars, every woman’s heart contained a kind of indescribable love for them. After she heard the young lady’s words, she also wished to take a look even though she was not the one buying the car.

“Alright. I will tag along then.”

“Yay! Sister is so nice! I will ask cousin to treat you to a feast later!”

As a result, the three of them headed to the car dealership. However, Cheng Yu’s car could only fit two people. Without any choice, Han Xue could only drive the bureau’s car from the police station. As Han Xue was a captain, she had such privileges.

Cheng Yu led them back to the shop where he bought his car from. When the saleswomen saw Cheng Yu, one of them took the initiative and went forward to receive him, “ Hello Mister. Are you here to take a look at the cars again?”

“Yeah. Where’s Xu Li? Call her here,” Cheng Yu said directly.

The woman’s complexion turned stiff as she smiled awkwardly, ” Haha, Mister, Xiao Li is busy currently. She may not be able to come over. I can also introduce some cars to you.”

“If it’s like that, we will wait a while first,” Cheng Yu said before walking over to the resting area.

As the woman did not know what to do, she could only retreat back. One of the women started to head towards the manager’s office. A few moments later, the manager, Zhang Feng, followed the woman out.

The manager walked to the resting area, he laughed and said, ”Hello Mr Cheng. Are you satisfied with the car you bought previously?”

“Hehe. Still ok. That’s why I am here today with my cousin to see if there are any additional good cars.”

“Haha! So it’s like that. How about I bring everyone to take a look?”

“I hope that Xu Li can be the one doing that,” Cheng Yu said directly.

“Oh. Alright. I will call her here straight away. I definitely want Mr. Cheng to be satisfied.” Zhang Feng did not felt resentful about Cheng Yu rejecting him. After all, every customer their own preferences. Regardless of who sold the car, a part of the commission would always go to him.

What’s more, with a look, you could tell this young man is a young master of a wealthy family. Last week he had spent 7.5 million to buy a car. Today, he came again to buy another car. This kind of big customer, let alone getting a salesgirl for him, even giving him a virgin girl was not a problem at all.

“As expected. Even if it is buying a car, you still want to flirt with others,” When Zhang Feng walked off, Han Xue said in disdain as she sit at a side.

“Haha! I am like that. Even if you want to earn my money, I will only let it be earned by someone I like. Xu Li is new here. She was get bullied by those experienced salesgirls causing her to be unable to earn any money. Since that is the case, I will only allow her to earn my money,” Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

Cheng Yu had a very simple mindset. He would always be very straightforward about what he was thinking about and would always be very carefree about his actions.

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