Chapter 39: Buying Another Car From Xu Li

A few moments later, a 20-year-old young lady came in. She was covered with jet black long and luscious hair, a professional suit, and she had pleasant facial features. Her appearance was also emitting a trace of maturity.

When she saw Cheng Yu, she apologized and said, ”I am sorry, Mr. Cheng. I was busy just now. I shall bring you around to take a look at the cars now.”

“Haha! It’s alright. I was also quite idle. However, adding last time, you owe me two meals. You can repay me next time!”

“Hehe. Thank you, Mr. Cheng, for looking after me. When there’s time, I will definitely treat Mr. Cheng to a meal.” This was true gratitude coming from the bottom of Xu Li’s heart.

When she had started working here, she did not have any customers. If that continued to the end of the month, she would have been fired from work. However, she met Cheng Yu. Furthermore, he even requested for her to be the one receiving him. This was the equivalent of him giving her business. Naturally, she was very happy about that.

“Haha! Ok. I will remember that. When the time comes, don’t try to skip out on it.”

Xu Li laughed, ”Can I know what car does Mr. Cheng wants to buy this time?”

Cheng Yu looked at Zhao Yunfang. Zhao Yunfang said excitedly, ”I want a Ferrari 458. I like that car the most!”

“Haha! Do you have this car?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“We do have it. I shall bring you to take a look.” After speaking, she brought them to the inner hall. When the women saw Xu Li’s happy appearance, they felt angry and frustrated. It’s just a young vixen meeting a young lecher!

They arrived at the Ferrari section. There were all kinds of different models of Ferrari parked there. The moment the little girl took a glimpse around the section, she saw the car she wanted. She hurried straight to the car and pointed out excitedly, ”This one! This one!”

It was red in color causing others to easily get attracted to it. In addition to the beautiful contours, it emitted a romantic feeling. This car was very suitable for a woman. No wonder the little girl liked this car.

“Go and bring over the key to let her try it,” Cheng Yu said to Xu Li who was standing by the side.


When Cheng Yu saw Han Xue was looking at the car in envy, Cheng Yu laughed, ”How is it? Do you like it? Want me to get one for you as well?”

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“Hmph! Who wants it?” Han Xue curled her lips as she turned away. Yet, she secretly took a glimpse of the car after saying that.

When Cheng Yu saw the way Han Xue was acting, he felt ridiculous. She obviously liked the car, but was not willing to acknowledge it.

“Haha! If you like any car, I can get it for you. Treat it as an apology for what happened previously.”

“Really?” Han Xue asked excitedly. After all, there were so many attractive cars parked in front of her. She really wished to own one of them.

“Really,” Cheng Yu nodded.

“I think it’s ok. It’s better not to get it. In case you decide to use it as an excuse to threaten me in the future,” Han Xue replied after thinking. This fellow was so rampant. If in the future, he used the car as an excuse to get her to do something excessive, it would be hard for her to reject him. It would be better not having the car altogether. She liked the car very much, but it was just a desire to own it. She did not have a need for it.

“Am I such a person?” Cheng Yu touched his nose and said.


“Ok. Up to you. If you wish to buy it next time, tell me. I would not go as far as using it to threaten you. If I really wished to do anything to you, even if you wanted to block me, you wouldn’t be able to do so. Since you already tried before and failed,” Cheng Yu said.

Xu Li passed the car keys over to Zhao Yunfang. The moment she received the keys, she dashed straight to the car and started the engine before speeding it away. As for Cheng Yu and Han Xue, both of them followed Xu Li to settle the procedures for buying the car.

When several women saw Xu Li had sold a car worth several million, they really wished they could slap themselves. If they had not ignored Cheng Yu initially when he bought his Lamborghini, how could such a fantastic opportunity to earn large commissions have landed into the hands of Xu Li?

The car costed 3.8 million. Cheng Yu took out his card and swiped it. He saw Han Xue was also extremely excited. Being a rich person felt different. Being able to swipe and spend millions of dollars felt extremely pleasurable.

“If I am not wrong, you are still a student right? Where did you get so much money from? Did your family give it to you?” Han Xue asked curiously.

Although this man is very young, the way he did things unexpectedly made people feel that they were unable to see through him. It seemed as if the world does not exist in his eyes, but it also seemed as if he was the core of this world.
[Translator Note: What this saying means is that he’s aloof about what’s happening and also seems like the world revolves around only him.]

“What does money have to do with age? Being older doesn’t mean being richer. If I want, I can also earn any amount of money I wish to have.” As for money, Cheng Yu did not really bother about it. Although, he still needs a lot of money to accomplish his “goals.”
[Translator Note: If you read the previous chapters, his “goals” were to ensure that those close to him would be able to cultivate and lead an immortal life.]

However, he would not just earn money to achieve his goals. Otherwise, he would have just saved it and not used it. He knew that doing so would have no meaning as one has to be happy when alive. If he was broke, he could always earn it back in the future. If earning money caused him to feel unhappy, why should he do it then? Might as well not earn any money!

When the two women heard his words, they thought he was just cracking a joke on them. Although they did not take him seriously, Cheng Yu did not really bother about it.

After that, the three of them chose a place to eat and drove their respective cars to the location. Half an hour later, the three of them arrived at the Hunan[1] cuisine restaurant. Zhao Yunfang sat down in the seat with her red face. Her face was filled with excitement.

“Look at you! After buying a car, you got this excited!” Cheng Yu passed the menu over to Han Xue and looked at Zhao Yunfang and laughed.

“Hehe! Cousin is the best! I have always wanted to buy this car, but mother always did not allow me to get it.”

“Haha! Of course your cousin is the best. In the future, whatever you want, your cousin will also buy it for you.” When he saw his cousin was so happy, Cheng Yu also felt very happy.

“This is what you said. Let’s pinky swear! Come! Once the pinky is hooked, the promise cannot change for the next 100 years!” Zhao Yunfang pulled Cheng Yu’s hand and said.

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“Haha! Your cousin will definitely keep his promise.”

Looking at the brother and sister pair before her eyes chatting and laughing, Han Xue really envied them. If only she had such a brother who would dote on her.

“Sister Han, my cousin is really very good, isn’t he? You have seen it with your own eyes. Please become my sister-in-law. My cousin will definitely treat you better than how he’s treating me right now.” At this moment, Zhao Yunfang did not forget the task assigned to her by Cheng Yu.

“Why do you want me to be your sister-in-law?” Han Xue asked.

“Because my cousin likes you!”

“Chh! Your cousin is a pervert. Whenever he sees any pretty girls, he likes them. What does this count as then?”

“True. Cousin, if Sister Han becomes my sister-in-law, what will happen to Sister Yang?” Zhao Yunfang asked in doubt.

“Cough! Cough! Come, the dish is here, let’s eat. I am almost starving to death.” The moment Cheng Yu heard what Zhao Yunfang said, he almost choked while drinking his tea. He coughed twice and saw the waiter coming over to serve their dishes.

“Who is Sister Yang?” Han Xue asked Zhao Yunfang.

“Oh. Sister Yang is the Wanmei’s Group Chairman. She looks just as pretty as Sister Han.”

“If it’s like that, did your brother also ask her to be your sister-in-law?” Han Xue’s eyes looked at Cheng Yu as she asked Zhao Yunfang.

“Er… This…” Zhao Yunfang did not know how to reply her.

“Start eating. Even if you don’t say, I know the answer to it.”

Zhao Yunfang looked at Cheng Yu miserably. She knew that she had screwed up once again. However, Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to it as he took a roasted pork slice and placed it in her bowl, indicating that he did not mind what just happened.

After they finished eating, the three of them went their own separate ways. The moment the little girl had her new car, she no longer pestered Cheng Yu. As for Han Xue, she would never wish to be alone with him. Therefore, Cheng Yu was the only remaining person left there.

Cheng Yu thought for a moment and felt that he should go over to Yang Ruoxue’s place. However, at this time, she should be in her office. Hence, he did not head over to her place but drove to the Wanmei Group instead.

From far, a revving sound could be heard. Cheng Yu drove his car to the Wanmei Group. He did a 360 drift at a turn-about before stopping in front of Wanmei Group Building.

At the entrance, while two of the security guards were admiring the sports car, Cheng Yu had already exited out from his car. When the security guard, Xiao Si saw the driver, he immediately ran forward, ”Hello Mr. Cheng! Are you here to find Director Yang again?”
[Translator Note: Xiao Si is the security guard who stopped Cheng Yu from entering the Wanmei Group in chapter 24.”]

“Yeah! It’s you? Very good, help me look after my car then.”

“Er… Mr. Cheng, cars can’t be parked here. If it was seen by my captain, I would be fired,” Xiao Si said embarrassed.

“It’s alright. Be at ease. You just need to look after my car for me. That’s all. If there’s any problem, I am here to back you up. I guarantee that you will be fine.”

“Alright then. I will definitely help you look after your car,” Xiao Si patted his chest and said. He knew that even though the man in front of him was young, he was not ordinary. He had this impression due to the previous time where Cheng Yu talked with Director Yang. Others would always be extremely courteous and polite when they were in front of Director Yang, but Cheng Yu did not act in such a way.

The way Cheng Yu talked to her was not polite, but did not contain a threatening tone and was very ordinary. This proved that his relationship with Director Yang was not ordinary.

As Cheng Yu was about to close the door of the elevator after he entered, he heard a voice, ”Wait up!” All of a sudden, a group of young ladies ran in, causing Cheng Yu not to know what exactly had happened.

It turned out that their lunch breaks just ended. These young ladies were rushing back to their office. With the group of people rushing in instantly, the elevator was filled with people. At first, it was only a bit cramped. But, no one expected a fat girl to suddenly rush in as well, causing the young ladies to start voicing their discontent.

However, Cheng Yu was extremely happy. He did not expect the elevator to be the same as the public transport. Such a wonderful thing.

With so many young ladies surrounding him, the elevator was filled with the smell of perfume. He would occasionally be pushed by the girl in front of him or the one from the back as well. At this very moment, Cheng Yu felt that he had soared into heaven. The feeling was so great!

At this moment, the young ladies realized that there was a man inside the elevator. They felt embarrassed immediately. As for those who were leaning on Cheng Yu, their faces had turned red.

However, Cheng Yu was not embarrassed at all, ”Pretty ladies, don’t be shy. I don’t mind being taken advantage of. You can push in any way you like. Let me count to 3, then let’s start squeezing together!”

“Squeeze your head!”

“This big pervert!”

“Which department are you from? Why did you run over here? You are such a pervert. I must get your manager to fire you.”

Suddenly, the young ladies all started to crusade against Cheng Yu.

Hunan cuisine originated from Hunan province in China.

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