Chapter 61: It Was Love at First Sight for Her


He married her so that he can get an heir?

She bites her lips.  Whatever hope she has left is extinguished. Her heart feels like it has been stung by something.

As Zhuang Nai Nai is lost in thoughts, he approaches her and picks her up.

Her entire world spins as he throws her to the bed.  She can feel the bed sinking before he presses himself against her.

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Her first response is to struggle against him, but he holds her arms in place, successfully subduing her.  She feels trapped, like a mummy.

She doesn’t know if it is because he is pressing himself against her or if it is because of her nervousness, she is having a hard time breathing.

She stares at him with large watery eyes as he leans onto her.

He has a pair of thick eyebrows and a pair of sharp, narrow eyes.  The corners of his eyes are raised haughtily as his dark onyx eyes are twinkling mysteriously.  His nose is high and his lips are red.  His face looks very refined and handsome.

She looks at him in a trance.

The first time she met him was 8 years ago, during the enrolling ceremony of the first year students in their high school.  He was their representative and thus had to deliver a speech on stage.

The sun was shining on his figure as he delivered his speech in what was best described as indifference and haughtiness.

At that moment, Zhuang Nai Nai fell for him with just one glance.

Although she grew up poor, her mother raised her with the mindset that she was not inferior to anyone. And so, under everyone’s constant mocking, she began chasing after him.

Her feeling for him was a simple crush that later grew into her entire being, embedded into her bones.  After they broke up, the feeling that she suppressed ended up getting even stronger.

Her heart turns sour.

She was wanton and immature when she was young, she has since been hit with the bitter taste of reality.  She has learned to compromise, to lower her head and has finally learned of the glaring distance between her and Si Zheng Ting.

He is so high up there, why would he even glance at her?  Why would he like her?

Even marrying her was just for the sake of it.

She bites her lips as she watches him, “Si Zheng Ting, what exactly—-“

Her remaining sentences are blocked by him.

Si Zheng Ting feels like his entire heart is occupied by her.  But, the expression on her face suggests that they are millons of light years apart despite being so close.

An expression of self-deprecation emerges in her face.

What is she sad about?

Is she sad because she married someone she doesn’t like?  Is she sad because she doesn’t want to do this with him?

The feeling of delight he felt just now is now a joke.

When she opens her mouth to speak, he blocks her off without even hesitating.

He will not let her go.

If she rejects him, whatever harmonious surface they have right now will crack.

His kiss is hot and fervent, carrying traces of desperation and urgency. A sweet taste fills his mouth.





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