Chapter 40: So What if You Are Director Yang’s Friend?

“Please don’t! Beautiful ladies, today is my first day here. I have to depend on this job to support my 80 year old parents, my wife and my children. Furthermore, I don’t even have enough money to buy a house.” Cheng Yu wept while the young ladies started to sympathize him.

“Which department are you from?” One of the ladies questioned.

“I am in the same department as you ladies.”

“Nonsense. Our department doesn’t have any guys. We also don’t recruit them.”

“There are always exceptions! I will be the first male colleague in your department starting from today.” To interact more with the ladies, bullsh*tt*ng was the fastest way to get the conversation rolling. Cheng Yu decided to start talking nonsense so that he could have a longer conversation with the ladies around him.

While several of the young ladies were still questioning him, the elevator beeped. It turned out that they had arrived at their destination. The moment the door opened, the ladies no longer bothered about the lecher as they rushed out to punch their card. If they were late, they would be fined.

The moment he exited the elevator, he saw Lan Zishan holding a pile of documents coming out from the office.

Cheng Yu’s eyes immediately lit up. He kept his disappointment to himself and waved his hand, ”Hi Shanshan. Long time no see, did you miss me? I missed you every night!”

When she saw Cheng Yu come out of the elevator, she was startled. The moment she heard Cheng Yu’s greeting, she frowned immediately, ”Please call me Secretary Lan or Ms. Lan in the future.”

“Alright Shanshan.”

After witnessing Cheng Yu’s shamelessness, Lan Zishan no longer spoke about it, ”Chairman is in the office, go in yourself if you are looking for her!” When she finished speaking, she immediately walked away.

The moment he walked into the office, a lot of the ladies who were inside the elevator with Cheng Yu looked at him. They all had a face of doubt, and were thinking, “How did he enter? Is he really our new colleague?”

“Hi beautiful ladies. We meet again!” Cheng Yu waved his hand as he looked at the ladies and said.

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“Hey! How did you get in here? Are you really our new colleague?” One of the ladies in the department asked.

“Of course. I have never lied to any beautiful ladies before. Especially those that are as pretty as you.”

“Are you trying to flirt with our Jiajia?! Our Jiajia is as precious as a flower. Although she cannot be compared to Director Yang or Secretary Lan, her beauty could still be considered top class.”

“Look at what you are saying. How could it be flirting? Don’t tell me that you are unable to see from my eyes that I adore Jiajia? This is pure love, the most sincere love!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Che! I am only able to spot a pair of perverted eyes. That’s all,” The ladies replied disdainfully. As for the lady called Jiajia, after she had heard what Cheng Yu said about her, her face was flushed red with anger.

“Hehe! This also shows that you were looking at me in an erotic way. Since you have put it this way, I will ask Director Yang to proclaim Jiajia as the most beautiful worker and present an award for her then.”

“Not only are you a pervert, you are also a pervert who likes to boast. Asking Director Yang present an award? Looking at the way you behave, she would not even bother about you.”

“It seems that all of you don’t think highly of me. I will go and knock on Director Yang’s door. If Director Yang allows me to enter, you will have to let me kiss you once. How about that?”

“What if Director Yang doesn’t let you enter?”

“I will bring you all to have a feast.”

“Really? That’s what you said. I don’t believe Director Yang would let you, a small staff member, enter her office. That office can only be entered by people who are from the upper management,” A lady said while not believing what Cheng Yu stated.

“Something is amiss! I think I met you before? Didn’t you come here last week? I remember you were brought here by Secretary Lan!” At this moment, one of the ladies yelled.

“How is that possible. I think you must have spotted the wrong person. You all also said that the office can only be entered by the upper management. I am just a small staff member, how could I possibly enter?”

“I remember! You have been here before. That time, I felt strange when I saw you. I was thinking who was this young man! You are trying to lie to us! Still hoping to kiss us? Hmph! You are really not a good person!” This moment, the woman who yelled previously had a girl standing beside her, and that girl shouted back at Cheng Yu.

“What are you doing? Don’t need to work is it? The company hired you here to work, not to gossip!” At this moment, Lan Zishan came back after delivering the documents. When she saw Cheng Yu, the pervert, was busily chatting with the office ladies, she shouted immediately.

When the ladies saw Secretary Lan, they were alarmed. They quickly went back to their seat and pretended that they were busy with their work.

“Shanshan, how could you be like this? You have scared all the beautiful ladies. What if they got scared silly by you, do you know how sad I will be?”

“I have said before, call me Secretary Lan or Ms. Lan. Otherwise, don’t ever talk to me again,” Lan Zishan said angrily. This man simply didn’t put the word shameless into his brain at all.

“This time I will definitely remember it, Shanshan.”

Lan Zishan was too lazy to be bothered by him as she went straight to the Chairman’s office. Cheng Yu winked at some girls before he followed her.

When they saw Cheng Yu following Lan Zishan into the Chairman’s office, everyone started to discuss about the situation immediately. Who exactly was this guy? How dare he talk to Secretary Lan like that? Furthermore, how could he just follow Secretary Lan into the office, unless he was one of the young masters in the upper management? However, they had never heard of a young master from the upper management that was qualified to enter the Chairman’s office before! All of a sudden, everyone was extremely curious towards who this young man was.

Inside the office, Lan Zishan poured a cup of tea for Yang Ruoxue and Cheng Yu.

“You have come at the right time. We were preparing to have a press conference for our new product tomorrow. Do you wish to participate in it?” Yang Ruoxue went straight to the point. She knew that the moment Cheng Yu opened his mouth, she would never be able to discuss what she wished to with him.

“Go there for what? All I want to do is collect money. That’s all.”

“Alright. I shall not force you. After all, you are still young, it may not be a good thing for you to appear in the public right now. With regards to money, I will make a special account for you. During that time, I will get someone to send every month’s profits there.”

“That will be great. Truthfully speaking, I am in need of money.”

“You need so much money for what? At your present age, just with these two deals, the profits would be able to help you lead your whole life without the need to worry for money,” Yang Ruoxue baffled. From the way he looked, he didn’t seem like he was lacking money. Moreover, didn’t she just give him $10 million?

“In short, there are lots of things for me to do. All these things need a huge amount of money.”

“How much is it exactly?”

“Several hundred million.”

“So much? What are you going to do with so much money?” Yang Ruoxue frowned and said. She was never able to understand the man in front of her as he had too many secrets.

“I can’t tell you right now. I have said before, if you are willing to be my woman, I will tell you everything you wish to know.”

“If you don’t wish to tell me, forget about it then. I also don’t wish to know!”

“What’s the price you will sell the product at?”

“Currently, our target is rich customers. We will be offering the two products in two quantities. Either a small bottle with thirty pills inside, that is able to last for one month, costing 3,880 dollars or a big bottle with 90 pills inside, that is able to last for three months, costing 10,800 dollars. I think that you should also make some middle grade pills. After all, not everyone has so much spending power. The majority of them are reluctant to spend so much money on beauty products.”

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“Ok. I will give you another prescription later. Don’t put the Longevity Pill on sale in the market yet. Release the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill first to test the market. Wait until our products have built a good reputation in the market, then release the Longevity Pill. This way, it’s easier to get higher sales volume for each product.”

“I know.”

“Regarding the products you made previously, I think you should not produce them anymore. Even if you continue to make them, you will not be able to profit much from it. Furthermore, the moment the two pills release in the market, it will definitely cause a huge impact on all other beauty products. The market for rich customers will be entirely focused on the two pills. As for the middle class market, soon you will also release a middle grade pill for them. Don’t tell me that you would want to leave your existing beauty product for the lower class market? It’s not worth it at all!”

“Would this be like putting all our eggs in one basket?” [Editor Note: Yes. You are putting all your eggs into one basket: Cheng Yu…]

“Nope. At that time, your products should just be removed from the shelves. After that, in a press conference, state that all the previous products would be taken off from shelves and the company will be focusing on releasing a new product. This would easily attract customers’ attention. Furthermore, I still have other products that will need a huge amount of manpower.”

“Alright. Tomorrow at the press conference, I will announce the removal of our current beauty products off the shelves. After that, we will start selling our new products. This will show that we have absolute faith in our products and that we will still be able to occupy the original market share or potentially grow.”

“This being the case, I will wait for your good news. When the time is ripe, I will put out other products again. Let’s have dinner together later.”

“I can’t. With regards to tomorrow’s press conference, I will still have to do lots of preparation. Furthermore, I still have to discuss with the board of directors about the idea of removing all of our beauty products from the shelves. Otherwise, it will be hard to continue with our plan.”

“Board of directors? Aren’t all the company’s decisions made by you?” Cheng Yu was baffled.

“Of course not! With such a big company, there are shareholders. However, I normally would be the one making the decision. They are all my grandfather’s old friends. They started this company together with my grandfather, later getting some shares from him.” Yang Ruoxue stared at Cheng Yu angrily. Sometimes, he would be extremely smart. Yet, how could he not know about some fundamental things? Yang Ruoxue was really speechless.

Cheng Yu gave it a thought and understood. This was exactly the same as a sect. Inside a sect, the sect master would never be able to make all the decisions. He would need to organize an elder assembly before making a decision. Some decisions required the sect’s ancestors to come out from seclusion to help.

“Haha. Alright then. I shall not disturb you any longer. I will write down a prescription for you before leaving. Oh yeah! Please ask someone to help me buy more herbs that I had requested you to buy previously and place it the pill refinement room. Tomorrow, I will be there to refine pills.” After he finished writing down the prescription, Cheng Yu walked out of the office.

When he left the Chairman’s office, everyone outside was looking at him. ”Haha! You are all a bunch of adorable and beautiful ladies. I am called Cheng Yu. If you meet any problems in the future, you can always come over to the Xinguang Nightclub to find me. If there’s a chance, I will treat everyone to dinner.” After he finished speaking, Cheng Yu no longer teased them as he took the elevator back down.

The moment he exited the elevator, he heard someone cursing, ”Are you new here? Don’t you know that this is a non-parking area?! Did I hire you people here to be decorations?!”

“I am sorry Director Zheng. The person parked here is Director Yang’s friend. He will be back in a moment,” Xiao Si said carefully.

“Friend? Is it a youngster?” Zheng Zeqiao looked at the car. This car was obviously driven by a youngster, could it be that Yang Ruoxue had a pursuer?

“Yes. It’s a youngster.”

“So what if he’s Director Yang friend? Just because he’s Director Yang’s friend, he can park his car anywhere he likes? Are you here to work for the Wanmei Group or for someone else? Do you wish to get fired?” When he heard the car owner was a youngster, Zheng Ziqiao thought that it was Yang Ruoxue’s pursuer. Hence, he put forth a high and mighty act while scolding Xiao Si.

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