Chapter 30: He’s Totally Outrageous

“Chapter 15, An-Shi Rebellion[1]. The An-Shi Rebellion happened during the Tang Dynasty due to political reasons. It was led by An Lushan and Shi Siming. It was a civil war that was fought to remove the sovereignty of the central state. This war was also the turning point for the Tang Dynasty to slowly fade away into history…” Cheng Yu recited fluently as if he was reading directly from the book. Everyone took out their textbook to compare it to what Cheng Yu was reciting, and to their surprise, it was exactly the same as what the textbook had.

Not only Yao Na, even the whole class was stupefied. Is this the Cheng Yu who always skipped classes and slept during classes? Is this the result of being a tyrant in school?!

Yao Na looked at the book in her hand for a moment before staring at Cheng Yu who was reciting nonstop. This is totally inconceivable! How could he memorize the book to such an extent? Even a senior teacher with dozen of years of experience would not be able to do that!

Consequently, Yao Na picked up the politics textbook and stated the page number. Cheng Yu once again, recited exactly what was written on the page in a smooth and fluent manner. This time, Yao Na confirmed that Cheng Yu had indeed memorized all these books by heart.

“Enough. What you have recited is correct. I also believe that the test was done by you. Therefore, I apologize for my behavior earlier. I hope you do not take my actions to heart and could forgive teacher,” Yao Na apologized.

As Yao Na was not someone who always wanted to save her face, and she had stated the conditions earlier and everyone was witness to Cheng Yu’s ability, apologizing to him was not dishonorable at all. In contrast, due to this action, she had instead won over all the students’ hearts in the classroom.

All of the students in the class started to applaud. Some of them applauded because of Teacher Yao’s behavior while some did so because of Cheng Yu’s astonishing counterattack.

“Cheng Yu, please follow me to the office,” When the applause stopped, Yao Na said to Cheng Yu as she walked out of the classroom.

When the students saw Cheng Yu walking out of the classroom, they started to guess what would happen next. Could it be that Teacher Yao was going to punish Cheng Yu behind everyone’s back? Isn’t it too quick to take action? What’s more Teacher Yao did not seem to be that kind of person.

Maybe Teacher Yao saw Cheng Yu’s overwhelming memory and wished to tutor him privately? If so, it would really make all the males drown in their jealousy. They wished they could also have such heaven defying talents so that they could have such a beautiful teacher giving them private lessons.

When Cheng Yu saw the huge pile of books in front of him, he thought of a Chinese saying, “Inside the books are wisdom and also knowledge.”

When Cheng Yu walked into the office, he saw four desks. This should be the office meant for the four teachers who were in charge of the third year classes.

Cheng Yu walked towards Yao Na’s desk. “Teacher Yao, may I know the reason for bringing me here?” Cheng Yu asked politely as he did not wish for Yao Na to be embarrassed when there were other teachers around.

“I want to know why you don’t study properly since you already spent so much time memorizing all those books?” Yao Na was confused. Since he had spent so much time to memorize all the books, why did he not focus on studying instead of skipping classes and leaving early?

“Teacher Yao, I did not spend a lot of time on them,” Cheng Yu said as he was laughing.

“You did not spend a lot of time? Tell me how long it took you to memorize them?” Yao Na did not understand what Cheng Yu meant when he said he did not use a lot of time.

“If everything is added together, it would be around 2 days,” Cheng Yu said after giving it a thought. Truthfully, he used only one afternoon and evening to memorize them, but if he said that he memorized it within one day, it would be too scary so he decided to stick to two days.

“What? 2 days? Within 2 days you can actually memorize the whole book?!” Yao Na was surprised. This was too scary wasn’t it? With just 2 days he could memorize the entire book!

However, Cheng Yu stared at Yao Na as if he was looking at an idiot. After that, he stared straight at her *** and thought, “When they said women with big *** have no brains…I guess this was a saying meant for all females. Yesterday was Hanxue, and today was Yao Na.”

Was it not clear when he explained to her? He stated that he used two days to memorize the books, but she thought that it was only one book. These women are too opinionated. Could it be that they think that they are at the center of this world and that the Earth rotates around them?

“What’s with your expression?” Yao Na asked discontentedly when she saw Cheng Yu staring straight at her.

“I am just curious about something.”

“Curious about what?”

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“Does the *** size of women have any relations with the gravity on Earth?”

“Student, how could you talk to your teacher in this manner? Show some respect!” When Yao Na was going to reply, a male teacher, who looked to be around 27 – 29, seated behind her yelled.

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“Who are you?” Cheng Yu asked.

“What? You don’t even know me? I am the third year’s 1st class homeroom teacher. I am also the team leader for all the third year’s homeroom teachers, He Jian,” The male teacher replied proudly. The 1st class was filled with students who were the cream of the crop that year. Being their homeroom teacher showed his ability as the teacher and becoming a team leader at his age was not a simple task. The third year students were the school’s lifeline. They are the students who will be able to tarnish or improve the school’s reputation.

The main reason for him to be able to achieve all these feats was due to his uncle being the vice principal of the school, but that did not mean that He Jian did not have any ability. If not, the school would not have placed him in charge of such an important role just because his uncle was the vice principal. This had also become one of the reasons for He Jian to brag about.

Currently seated in front of him was Yao Na who was the person he was currently pursuing. Before Yao Na took over, it was an old lady who ran the third class. Although the other two teachers were also women, they were already older than thirty.

He Jian did not expect the homeroom teacher of the third class to retire early due to health problems. After she retired, the upper management actually transferred a young and beautiful female teacher to take over the class. Isn’t this the legendary ‘invisible connection!’ This was a beautiful woman who was tailor made for him! If he did not pursue her now, when would he start?

Therefore, when He Jian saw Yao Na brought a male student into the office, he had been monitoring the situation. He did not expect Cheng Yu to harass Yao Na in front of him. When he saw that, he wished to use his superiority to scare him, but it turned out that Cheng Yu did not even know who he was.

He hurriedly reported his name and expected to see Cheng Yu show a frightened and apprehensive appearance.

“Hao Jian[2]? I can tell. I think that I will never be able to find anyone more sinister than you in the entire school.” When Cheng Yu heard his name, he almost pissed himself. This world was really filled with strange and unusual things. Unexpectedly, there was someone who dared to name himself Hao Jian[1]. He simply did not put those cheap people in his eyes at all. So arrogant!

“What a good kid! You actually dared to speak to your teacher this way. It seems like you do not wish to stay in this school any longer!” He Jian roared. His name was given by his parents, causing him to be quite helpless on it as he could not simply change it. Thus, he had always hated it when people started making fun of his name. Furthermore, he was currently in front of the lady he admired. If he did not show his imposing manners, he would end up being a laughingstock in front of her.

“Leader He, don’t be angry. This is just a misunderstanding. I hope you don’t take it to heart.” When Yao Na saw He Jian getting angry, she worried that he might start thinking of ideas to expel him from school.

“Ok! I shall give Teacher Yao some face today and not fight with you. However, you must apologize to me for your actions before putting it to rest.” When he heard what Yao Na said, He Jian felt pleased with himself and very comfortable in his heart as he said magnanimously to Cheng Yu.

Facing someone he was uninterested in, Cheng Yu would simply ignore him and take it as he didn’t exist. He faced Yao Na and said, “Teacher Yao, are there any other matters? If not I will return back to the classroom.”

“Huh? Oh! Alright, you can return to the classroom first.” When she saw Cheng Yu ignoring He Jian, Yao Na was stunned. She replied to him hurriedly as it was better for him to return to class first to avoid quarreling with He Jian.

When he saw Cheng Yu had simply ignored him and directly walked out of the office, his complexion turned ashen and he roared, “Halt! Did you not hear what I just said? Apologize to me or I will ask the school to punish you!”

Do you know what the most embarrassing thing in the world is?

It is when you are standing there yelling at the opposite party, but they actually ignore you.

Do you know what is the most awkward thing in the world?

It is when you thought you had already grasped a hold of the person’s weakness, but he still continued to ignore you.

Do you know what is the most ignorant thing in the world?

It is when you obviously know that you could no longer reasonably threaten the other person, but you still continue blackmailing him and the opposite party still chooses to ignore you.

This was exactly what He Jian was doing previously! He was embarrassed at first because Cheng Yu was ignoring him. After that, he wanted Cheng Yu to apologize to him, thinking that his superiority could make him submit, but Cheng Yu still chose to ignore him causing it to be very awkward. Finally, when he was threatening Cheng Yu, even though he knew that it would not work, but chose to do it and then still got ignored for it.

Cheng Yu ignored He Jian yelling from behind and continued to walk out of the office without stopping. He Jian clenched his fist tightly with an ashen complexion and roared furiously, “Too outrageous! Simply too outrageous! He does not possess even a bit of a student’s appearance! Teacher Yao, did you teach your class to act in this manner?”

“Forget about it, Leader He. You cannot blame Teacher Yao on this. These problematic students are everywhere and in two months, it will be their college entrance exam. Some of the students may have some aggressive behaviors because of stress from the exam. Do not bother fighting with the students,” At this moment, another female teacher in the office replied.

Actually, no one in the office liked this young team leader. Although he did possess some ability, he was too arrogant, opinionated and kept putting on airs in front of everyone. In addition, with his uncle being the vice principal, he became even more rampant.

Furthermore, students have been saying that He Jian often peeks on female students. It was getting to the point of him taking advantage of the female students when they were just answering questions. The matter of today was not related to him at all, but everyone knew that he was pursuing Teacher Yao currently and wished to show off in front of her. Who knew that this student would not bother giving him any face and simply ignored him.

When they saw He Jian choke, they all felt refreshed in their hearts. Simultaneously, they could not get used to him pushing the blame onto Teacher Yao. What was worse was that he even wanted to threaten the student. Everyone was ashamed and unhappy with the way he handled today’s matter.

[1] An-Shi Rebellion = You can find more info here.
[2]Hao Jian = Quite Evil in Chinese

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