Chapter 8- Livestream

With the cue of the one called DD dropping her fingers and counting down from three to one, the four made a pose together as the group stream went live.

“Welcome viewers, we are now live. I’m BigDJoyride, and I’m here with DD, QueenIce, and PaNtHer. To replace Nerman, we also have a new guy here, KMega6KMegacharacter.” (Joyride)

KMega then moved into the view spotlight.

“Hello everyone, I’m KMega. I just started Sword Kingdom a few weeks ago. To my viewers, I hope you enjoy this change of pace from the usual. For the next few days, I will be tagging along with these four in a party. To explain what we’re going to do, I leave that to double D.” (KMega)


It was obvious when he said it that the girl didn’t like being called that, so he sighed in annoyance out of view of the cameras. If a streamer2streamerstory mechanic can’t handle a simple joke playing on her name and cup size, which he thought is where the name came from, then they shouldn’t be a streamer.

After the intro, and explaining to the viewers what they were going to do, they went shopping for new gear for the group.

As the highest leveled person was thirty, there wasn’t a large level difference between the five, but KMega was the lowest.

After some time picking out their roles, they headed out.


KMega didn’t have experience with a two handed great sword, but he knew how to use a sword, and as a knight in training, his passive skill buffs let him easily learn. His natural talent also let him adapt to the seemingly direct weapon. He actually took a real liking to it. Their target was a rock lizard area boss in the valley, which is something that should be hunted by a party level of fourty.

Naturally, KMega was worried, as he has experienced the overlevel hunting penalty as well. However, with the average level of the group over twenty six, and a party of five, the penalty should be lessened.

Only allowed on

This wasn’t an exp train either.


Joyride was the tank, DD was the healer, QueenIce was the magic aoe, and PaNtHeR was the buffs and loot booster. With KMega, they were a balanced team.

When the rock lizard younglings ambushed them, they held off the onslaught rather well.

In fact, this was the whole plan of the four. Make the new guy dps, have him get overwhelmed with numbers, and then leave the new guy as bait while they escaped with the loot.

Because KMega showed such disrespect, they planned on leaving him to his fate after the boss fight and to not share any of the winnings or donations with him.

KMega only saw them smiling as they fought though.

For a little bit, he started considering that maybe he had misjudged them. He was also getting into the fight as well.

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The loot from fifty rock lizard younglings was far too much to take back for one person who was a combat class, but a class called the hunter was different. They specialize in monster looting. For starters, their loot bags were different. A professional one can pack a whole brood of dragon4dragonspeciess without breaking a sweat.

When skinned and butchered at a proper workstation, the loot earned from them is several tens, to hundreds of times better based on their skill level when compared to field looting.

KMega accepted the fact that their hunter got all the drops. They agreed to split it later though. When the boss came, his job was to add control, or to take care of any additional forces that appear so the four could deal with the boss.

He sneered internally when they suggested this, but he had to go along with the group.

For a streamer, this was bluntly telling him that they were going to steal his streamers.


It took nearly an hour for the boss to fall. The tank wasn’t good for dps, but the hunter was.

KMega figured it should have taken half as long, but he knew a quick fight was a boring fight, so he endured.

It was when he heard a yell in the distance a minute later and he got a notice of being kicked from the party did he regret his trust.

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