Chapter 9- The Hammer Strikes

When Weise learned about the harmful content in his game, he mobilized his entire department. Personally, cheating was something he didn’t mind in games that much. He himself remembers when he used cheat codes as a kid to help him beat some troublesome single player games. However, there’s a very large difference between cheating in single player and multiplayer games. For one, instead of cheating the content creators in single player games, it had no real consequence to others. In multiplayer games however, you cheat other players out of their normally hard won efforts and rewards. In a way, he was also liable for this. Finally, he became involved because it was the young man he had taken an interest in that was being cheated.

With a determined look, he decided to utilize his lazy angel ai that normally only greeted new players. It also gave him an idea for a new project.


The four got away from the valley with little trouble because they shifted all the agro onto KMega6KMegacharacter. The person that was in the tank role was usually equipped with heavy armor and a large shield. They also have skills specifically for agro management, one of which was a skill called agro yell which passes the agro of the party to one member. KMega was on the other side of this skill in order to keep the agro on him, and he also took the debuff willingly, as it didn’t work on boss class monsters, or beings of a higher intellect. He was able to keep the mobs that were added to his agro during the fight, letting the others fight the boss more easily. This however made it hard for him to escape. As the four laughed with their haul, they still kept a level of vigilance. As scum themselves, they were well aware that other people of their kind could be lurking anywhere.


Only allowed on

The system of Sword Kingdom is as complex as it is simple. It can manage hundreds of thousands of complex quest chains and events simultaneously.

When a patch was added to it by the development team, the system could adapt naturally quickly to keep things running smoothly. After analyzing the contents of the patch, it began to use the information to recreate the desired effect into the game world. This patch was of course a patch to punish extreme cheaters.


Sword Kingdom has only been out for two months. It was widely praised by testers as a balanced and bugproof game, but Weise and the other developers knew that there may come a time when they will need to update the game in order to add expansive content, or to fix a problem.

There was a lot of useless data laying around because of this though. One clever and greedy programmer noticed this and wrote a program in the game in order to fill his pockets.

When said programmer learned about the newest patch from another department other than his, he panicked. His program was well hidden in the code of the game, but the new sniffer program could find it and trace it back to him. In order to cover his tracks. he had to do something, and fast.Meanwhile, the party of four came into view of the town. Their normal streams ended a long time ago, and they couldn’t help but laugh at their hauls. The loot they got today was equal to several hundred coins, and the donations alone amounted to probably ten times as much. However, unfortunately for them, they entered the realm of the patch update.

It was done not to affect players in combat, confrontation, or in the middle of a quest.

When the patch was added, all player accounts were mailed information about the patch.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

If the four knew about it, they would have logged out right then, but they were in the middle of combat when it was added.

They never bothered to check them, while laughing their heads off, enjoying and dreaming about what they will get with the money from their haul.


For a streamer2streamerstory mechanic, the most embarrassing thing to happen to them is to be banned while streaming. While they assumed KMega had died, the thought of him surviving never came to them.

This enabled them to not notice the group stream was still ongoing, even after they kicked him from the party.

He was logged into the streaming service legitly, and they were too, so several of KMega’s viewers were watching the group stream of the four and felt rage for what they were seeing happen against their favorite gamer.

When the angel descended on the four and exposed their cheating, nothing but smiles appeared on the fans faces.

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