Chapter 312 – Little Wife’s Hand

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She looked at her surroundings, a sharp glint flashed within her gaze.

“Three-Day Drunk Devil is indeed as powerful as its reputation. Only after a whole day and night did I manage to neutralize it… Do not let me find out who is the one that treated Meng Yue so viciously…” she softly mumbled.

Suddenly, her body went limp as she panted heavily and fell onto the half-decayed hay laid on the floor of the prison.

After such a long period of craziness, Huan Meng Yue’s body was exceptionally weak; when she quietly fell, the death row prisoners that she was locked up with all sneaked peeks at her.

These prisoners were either on their death rows or were given life sentences.

Previously Huan Meng Yue was screaming madly so no one dared to approach her, now that she was lying on the floor quietly, her slender body and beautiful face had uncontrollably ignited a fire within these men.

A tall man with a coarse beard looked at her lecherously, “Rascal, do you wish to feel that little wife’s hand? It looks so smooth, even the girls in the red districts were not as smooth as hers…”

“Big Bro, this b*tch’s crimes weren’t light, one of them is murder. If she is a vicious one and has a backing…”

The bearded man laughed, “Hahaha, so us daddies have not killed before? If we have not committed murder before, why would we be here! A backing? If she has someone backing her, would she be locked up here to wait for death?”

The others were convinced by the big beardy and looked at each other, “Indeed, who cares who she is, since everyone here is going to die, we might as well enjoy ourselves before death…”

The men all laughed lewdly before pouncing on the weakly breathing Huan Meng Yue.


Imperial Medical Building.

“Brother Jiu Li, are your injuries fine now?” Huan Qing Yan felt happy when she saw that Huan Jiu Li had survived his injuries.

“Ah ah ah!” Huan Jiu Li patted his chest as he replied with a smile, showing that he had recovered.

“That’s good.”

Huan Qing Yan was very glad, she had vowed to protect Huan Jiu Li before and had somehow managed to barely fulfill that promise.

He did not die within the Ninth Prince Estate, and the Greater Demon that possessed him had also been forced out and captured by the mastermind, so what remained was to cure his muteness.

“Brother Jiu Li, did the imperial doctors mention any progress in regards to curing your muteness?”

Huan Jiu Li shook his head disappointedly.

Huan Qing Yan smiled and took out some spirit dishes, “Brother Jiu Li, no hurry, we should take things slow. I have made some nice food for you, try them while they are still warm…”

Within the spirit dishes was the medicinal food, Voice Recovery; it was also the first item she placed in front of him.

Huan Jiu Li accepted her suggestion and happily ate the food that Huan Qing Yan cooked for him.

“Ah ah ah….”

Although the taste of the medicinal food was not very appealing, he did not display a single frown as he drank it all in one shot. As for the other spirit dishes, he did not waste any as well and wiped the plates clean.

Huan Qing Yan did not plan to tell him that the bowl was a medicinal food that could cure his muteness.

As she was not sure of its full effects, she did not want to bring his hopes up only to disappoint him when the effects of the medicine were revealed to be not powerful enough.

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She shall observe his progress for a couple more days first before she decides.

After Huan Jiu Li finished that course of medicinal food, there seemed to be no significant reaction from him.

Medicinal food treatments were mild and progressive; this would not cause a strain on the patient’s body, allowing them to slowly reach complete recovery one step and a time; in addition, they would not need to worry about any side effects as well.

Many diseases could not be cured by imperial doctors, but these diseases were cured by using slow progressive treatments through medicinal food, instead.

“Brother Jiu Li, since you have recovered, did they mention anything about letting you go?” Huan Qing Yan asked with a smile.

If he could be released, then it would make things convenient for her. She would not need to come here to deliver food to him every day.

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