Chapter 313 – Unable To Part With This Young Master?

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Medicinal Food: Voice Recovery, one bowl daily, seven days per treatment. If the treatment is broken in between, one must fill up each missing day on top of the seven bowls required.

Huan Jiu Li shook his head. The reason they kept him was because they wanted him to tell them who was the mastermind behind the scenes. Since there was no need for him to provide the information now, it was likely that they could release him soon as well.

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“Its fine, I will come visit you every day and bring you some good food then.”

Huan Jiu Li happily nodded his head.

Huan Qing Yan accompanied Huan Jiu Li for a while more, and only after making sure that there were no weird reactions from consuming the medicinal food did she finally leave.


The second day, she brought another batch of medicinal food for him to eat.

Huan Jiu Li’s usual voice of ‘Ah ah ah’, seemed to be different from before.

On the third day when she delivered the food…

Huan Jiu Li possessed a bubbling-like sound when he spoke…

Huan Qing Yan got more confident that if she managed to finish the treatment, he might really be able to speak.

Then, it would be great!

Over the past few days, Little Xing Han had been eating the stamina boosting spirit dishes that she made; his body had an obvious increase in stamina, but even so, there were still no signs of him awakening his spirit treasure.

Huan Qing Yan tried searching every corner of the dimension to look for the Marrow Purifying Grass that she ate initially, but unfortunately, she could not find any for Little Xing Han to eat.

It was likely that this type of grass was exceptionally rare and would not grow easily.

Over these past few days, Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya did not interact as well.

Ji Mo Ya seemed to be very busy as he did not have any meals at home; however, he did return home to rest every night. Every day, only when Huan Qing Yan saw the lights over at the main building being lit up and learnt that Ji Mo Ya had returned did she enter the dimension in relief, continuing to cook and train within it.

This afternoon, a guard notified Huan Qing Yan that Ji Mo Ya would be having dinner tonight, asking her to prepare a good course of dinner.

Huan Qing Yan’s spirits immediately livened up.

Before night even arrived, she had already prepared eighteen exquisite dishes.

When night descended, an elegant figure entered the kitchen’s courtyard.

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes brightened as she jogged towards that figure to receive him, “Young Master Ya!”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was calm, no one knew if he was delighted or not as he sat down in front of the dining table.

Now that Huan Qing Yan had become an Intermediate Spirit Chef and possessed a Level Three dimension, even though he had seen the same spirit dishes as before, the spirit energy value contained within them was definitely higher. In addition, she had also placed a lot of attention in her cooking tonight, so most of the spirit dishes on the table possessed more than 200 spirit energy points per plate.

“Young Master Ya, I have prepared all of your favorite dishes, let me help you remove the fish bones now.”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was mild as always, no one knew what he was thinking; his starry eyes lost its shine for a moment as he said, “This Young Master plans to leave the empire tomorrow morning.”

Rather than a statement, it felt more like a notice.

Huan Qing Yan’s hand shook causing the tool that she was using to remove fish bones to nearly fall off her hand.

The matter that she had not been wanting to face, had finally happened.

Young Master Ya is leaving; she will not be able to see him from today onwards.

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When this matter surfaced in her mind, her heart suddenly felt extremely stuffy as she felt difficult to breathe as well.

Huan Qing Yan displayed a small pitiful expression, “Young Master Ya, why are you leaving so quickly, can’t you stay a few more days?”

Ji Mo Ya observed her reaction quietly, and the corner of his lips vaguely lifted.

“Why? Unable to part with this Young Master?”

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