Chapter 47: To Meet Expectations

To honor the sky and the earth… She was not sure if she could please them both. However, she wished she would be able to honor the two elders’ teachings and meet their expectations.

“Tonight, rest well in your dormitory. Tomorrow night after your self-study session, head directly to the school’s back gate. I’ll be there to pick you up.” Knowing that the future ahead would be filled with hardships, she remained fearless. This was the kind of person which Principal Chen appreciated!

To go far and stand tall, one can only rely on himself. This child was like a mirror—clear and without distractions.

Principal Chen appreciated Ye Jian’s mindset to strive for self-improvement, and her calm state of mind when faced with adversity. From how she handled the matter with Ye Ying, she must have clearly understood the importance of it.

On the next night began Ye Jian’s basic training.

“Ye Jian, I am a sniper. What I can teach you will be the experiences which I’ve accumulated in the whole of my career as a sniper. You still have the chance to choose whether to retreat or to enter. I’ll give you a minute to reconsider.”

In the training room with only a dim light, Principal Chen stood in the dark like a panther which belonged in the dark. Even though his tone had changed, one can never ignore his unrestrained, murderous expression.

A sniper…

Under the dim light, Ye Jian was hit upon the realization that her once kind and friendly school principal was actually… was actually a sniper!

No wonder, no wonder his body was enveloped entirely with a killing intent, something which would make anyone scared from the bottom of their heart.

Pursing up her lips, she suppressed the trembling feeling within her heart. Her eyes remained calm under the light—like stagnant water in an ancient well. he spoke, “There is no option to choose. I’ll move forward and never go back!”

“Good! Then from today on, you no longer have the route to go back!” Principal Chen declared. With his hands clasped behind his back, he began the first training lesson in a low and serious tone.

“A sniper, in the eyes of an enemy, is a death god. But in the eyes of his comrade, he is their hero, their most outstanding comrade! He infiltrates the enemy camp alone, and using the gun in his hand, he brings the first victory.”

“Ye Jian, you have to be mentally prepared! The snipers I train will never stay in a peaceful country. They will go deep into the battlefield for the country and complete the tasks assigned by the country!”

Since it was necessary to train this lass, the training program which he crafted could even make a soldier shiver.

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Listening attentively, Ye Jian steadied her breathing. Under the cold gaze of the principal, she clenched her teeth and straightened her back as she absorbed his words.

In the new recruits’ camp within the town, Principal Chen, whose eyes were cold and precise, began the first step of the four-year plan. “A sniper must not only be precise in his aiming but must also have a sturdy body.”

He was a sniper, and so, he must not only teach about the various types of sniper rifles, but also train Ye Jian physically and mentally.

“A training for professional snipers will consist of understanding the way a sniper works and its system, but what you’ll be learning will be more than that. In this training, unless you collapse, you better clench your teeth and endure to the very end!”

Ye Jian, who was listening attentively, nodded solemnly. Beneath that calm expression of hers, her blood was already boiling up with excitement. “Understood, I’ll never back down!”

“Every morning at five o’clock, get up and jog eight kilometers, and increase it gradually over time. At night, you will receive mental training for two whole hours, and after half-past ten, you will return back to school and rest.” At this moment, Principal Chen no longer had the presence of a principal, but a cold sniper. “There’s still one and a half more years left for you in this school. I hope you’ll make the most out of it!”

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