Chapter 46: A Four Year Plan

In the office located on the fourth floor of the school building, Principal Chen and a white-haired old man walked out of the office as they spoke with each other, “Old man, there’s no need for you to worry. Ye Jian that child, I’ll take good care of her, so don’t you worry. I’ll have everything handled.”

The white-haired old man wore a set of military uniform which belonged to the 70s. But even though he was old, his pace still had the chill of a soldier.

When in front of Old Man Gen, a Chief Sergeant 1st Class who enjoyed a lifelong special allowance to honor him for his service to the country, there was nothing but respect from the world-class sniper.

“I am ashamed to face her, but I hope you can teach her as much as you can,” Old Man Gen sighed a little and spoke, “That kid is savvy, a good seedling, so mention her anytime on Monday to Friday. At home, I’ll also mention some more. This recommendation will make her journey later on much easier.”

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At least, it would be easier than the path her mother had to take.

Principal Chen’s footsteps were very light as they walked down the stairs. With a smile, he spoke, “It seems we’re thinking the same. Just that by that child’s performance, she’ll need to be observed a little longer. However, I heard from Teacher Yang that she scored a perfect score during her math test, so perhaps I’m worrying too much.”

As he spoke, Principal Chen’s face darkened, “Deputy Mayor Ye and his family truly are too outrageous. Have you ever considered knocking a warning on them? To be so cruel towards Ye Jian even though it was Sister who brought the glory which they now enjoy!”

“Bad people will have their own ending. I’m old already, so I tend not to care about what happens outside. Just develop Ye Jian well.”

Ye Jian, who had already started playing badminton with her classmates, was not aware that Old Man Gen had come to school to have a long 2-hour chat with the principal especially for her. At the same time, he produced a very rigorous training program for her.

After the night self-study session, Ye Jian was called to have a brief talk in the principal’s office.

This made Teacher Ke, who was tasked to pass on the message, mentally exhausted to the point where she was scared to even look at Ye Jian in the eye.

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Being called so often to the principal’s office, what if she goes there and deliberately makes trouble for her?

However, as she was holding onto two sheets of paper, Ye Jian felt the weight from them. Her gaze landed on the header, and she looked up a moment later with a dry smile, “Principal, you’re… thinking too highly of me.”

A four year proposed plan crafted only for her. This kind of favor became as heavy as a mountain.

Her eyes were slightly watery, and her words came out a little hoarse, “For Principal to think highly of me, I… really can’t believe…”

“Lass, no need for thanks. I’m the same as your Grandpa Gen—we’re both lone wolves. You ah, study well. Use results and not words to thank us.”

Principal Chen smiled and patted her on the shoulder. Like a master, a friend, and a senior, he taught, “Living in this world, one can have his head in the clouds, but his feet must always remain on the ground.”

“No matter male or female, always put your conscience first, so that you can afford to carry the heavens on your shoulders one day.”

“You’re a good kid. Just let those unhappy things pass and walk down your path nicely. When you’re happy, just smile. When you’re upset, look up into the sky, around you, and at the world. Living your life as your own is your responsibility, understood?”

Tears dripped down her cheeks lightly. But even so, she still displayed a sense of toughness, like the luster from a diamond, “I understand. I’ll definitely remember your’s and Grandpa Gen’s words. I’ll definitely not let the two of your expectations down!”

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