Chapter 45: Indecent Assault

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Gao Yiyang, who came from the capital, was different from the boys in town. He was handsome and had perfect eyebrows, and he always had a trace of pride within him.

He liked to wear jeans which complimented his T-shirt, sometimes with a sports jacket on. He had a form of arrogance which no other boys had.

His expression was cold; at most he would only nod a little when passing by a teacher, and it would count as a greeting.

“Mute?” He frowned impatiently. Facing Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s eyes which were staring right at him, his eyes flashed a trace of dislike, and he started out coldly, “I’m going to see Ye Ying now. You’ll go with me.”

Ye Jian raised a brow. As if smiling, she spoke, “If the school did not forbid students from getting into relationships, I would have almost thought that you were occupying the title of being her boyfriend.”

“…You aren’t afraid that you might be called for a chat with a teacher ah. Let’s stop with the talk already.” Even if An Jiaxin were courageous enough, she was still intimidated by the absurd bravery which Ye Jian had. My goodness, relationships, boyfriend… From where did she muster up the courage to say such words.

Ye Jian smiled gently towards her and comforted, “There won’t be a problem. Just stay and listen.”

“What relationship I have is between Ye Ying and I. It has got nothing to do with you.” Gao Yiyang’s lips were already pursed tightly, and the dislike he had in his eyes were already beyond the point where it could be hidden. He was still in his voice breaking period, and when his voice became a little high, it had a gritty feeling.

He must have noticed it because he immediately changed to a lower pitch, “She’s been crying. You’re her sister, shouldn’t you go and visit your own younger sister?”

“Student Gao, is it? Let me ask, what has it got to do with you whether I visit her or not? Even if there were, you’re not in the position to tell me what to do,” Ye Jian countered. Towards this Student Gao, she had no interest at all.

But the number of students in the school who wished to woo Ye Ying was a lot, and Gao Yiyang was one of them.

He was probably not accustomed to Ye Jian’s change, and he choked for a moment before raising his hand to block Ye Jian’s step. “Stay right there!”

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“If you block me one more time, trust that I will shout and accuse you of indecent assault!” Being stopped once again, Ye Jian’s expression turned ghastly, and she looked into his eyes. “Student Gao, you came from the capital; I’m sure you know what indecent assault is!”

Student An Jiaxin felt that her legs were turning soft. Even her hands felt somewhat soft…”

Seeing the gloomy expression on the boy’s face as if it were covered in dark clouds, she pulled Ye Jian, whose courage was already reaching beyond the heavens, close to her as if pasting somebody onto a wall… before fleeing quickly from the scene.

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“That scared me, that really scared me.” With a face full of fear, An Jiaxin’s face turned pale, and she hit her chest a few times before staring straight at Ye Jian. A brave missy was now so frightened by the words “boyfriend,” “relationships,” and “assault” that her heart kept pounding nonstop.

They were still students in middle school, and students at this age usually chit chatted privately about grades and whose looks looked not too bad… And even if there were anything else, they would hide it as carefully as possible without anyone knowing.

Unlike Ye Jian who even dared to say something like indecent assault!

Ye Jian patted her on the shoulder before showing a shallow smile. Her expression was as pleasant as a visual display of a gentle breeze blowing through the tip of a tree. “You won’t be indecently assaulted. Gao Yiyang is, in a sense, still a boy.”

The female student who only just recovered, was once again taken aback by Ye Jian and almost choked. She coughed, “Student Ye Jian, don’t speak anymore. Let me rest, let me rest first.”

If not, she would really be frightened to death.

“You have already understood, so why are you still afraid?” Ye Jian’s eyes were clear, and she had a smooth smile. “There’s a clear line between a boy and a man; I’m sure you understand.”

An Jiaxin rolled her eyes, “My heart understands, but speaking is a no-no!” As she spoke, she could not help but laugh together with Ye Jian.

An establishment of friendship was just this simple.

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