Chapter 44: Who Do You Think You Are!

“Xie Sifeng, stop making trouble for no reason!” An Jiaxin frowned and spoke. She had always found it unbearable to watch those few girls as they bullied Ye Jian. After a few times when she tried to stop them, she found out that Ye Jian herself was voluntarily happy to go along with the bullying, and so she did not go to stop them anymore.

With her anger already up all the way to her head, Xie Sifeng glared at An Jiaxin and suddenly raised her hand to push An Jiaxin who was blocking her. “It’s none of your business, step aside!”

That pushed contained some strength. An Jiaxin, whose guard was down, was pushed without hesitation, and her whole body fell to the back.

Seeing that her head was about to hit a desk, a pair of slender hands steadily held onto her.

“Return to your seat first, I’ll handle this myself.” Ye Jian steadied her before her shallow smile sank completely. Facing the furious Xie Sifeng, she sneered, “It seems last night’s lesson was really not enough. You think the school is your home?”

Xie Sifeng had a contractor as a father, and her family had some money. Because of that, she often looked down on others and did things without thinking of the consequences. Her actions were all done to please herself.

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Seeing that Ye Jian had stood up, she could not help but take a step back.

Just when she was ready to retreat a little more, Ye Jian who went by with a tooth for a tooth simply raised her hand and pushed her like how she did An Jiaxin.


The chairs and tables were knocked over by Xie Sifeng who could not steady herself. In front of her entire classmates, she fell bottom-first onto the floor.


Xie Sifeng herself could not believe what had happened to herself, and her eyes widened in disbelief as she glared at Ye Jian… She, she, she… how dare she push her in front of the entire class!

“Ye Jian!!!” Feeling ashamed, Xie Sifeng roared as her anger was fed onto it. Picking herself up, she rammed herself towards Ye Jian as if she had gone mad.

But just who was Ye Jian? She was someone who had spent several of her years in a security company. Something like ramming her was nothing more than an utter self-destruction.

She might have gone mad, but Ye Jian would not simply go mad with her.

Dodging to a side, she pulled An Jiaxin to a side at the same time and smiled as she watched the crazy Xie Sifeng plant her own body forward.

Really, who would have the heart to continue watching…

Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she heard a loud “thud” before opening her eyes slowly. Her black pupils gazed forward coldly.

Losing her face once and now a second time, Xie Sifeng laid her head on her desk and cried all the way from the start of the music lesson all the way to the end.

“You were very admirable just now. I really didn’t expect you to push her back.” After class, An Jiaxin placed her hand on Ye Jian’s shoulder like a brother as they walked out before laughing, “To tell you the truth, if you hadn’t pushed her, I would have done it myself.”

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A very straightforward personality—no wonder she had always disliked Ye Ying.

Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled, “There’s no reason to let her do what she wants. When the time comes to take action, it must be done.”

“So, when you took action, you made your younger sister so angry that she ended up in the hospital?” a cold male voice, which harbored anger, could be heard all of a sudden. “She’s still in the hospital right now. You really made a scene, no doubt.”

The voice was unfamiliar, and the person was also somewhat unfamiliar.

Ye Jian looked at both of his hands which were hidden in his side pockets. His expression was grim, and he wore an attire different from the rest of the male students. Squinting her eyes, her heart thought for a long moment. “Ohhhhhh,” she finally figured out who he was.

The number one Gao Yiyang, a ninth-grader in class one. He was from afar and had entered this school last semester. It was said that someone saw him arrive in a car on his first day of school.

Whether he had money or not, Ye Jian did not know. But him having an eye for Ye Ying was something she knew.

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