Chapter 43: Becoming a Model Student Unintentionally

Every teacher would think that students who excel are those who are very hardworking. They would take notes in class and do exercises at home, seizing all the essentials taught in class by the teacher to develop their own learning plan.

As such, Teacher Yang also took it that way.

However, Ye Jian could only take out her mathematics textbook. Her notebook was something she never had in the first place.

Ye Jian, who had always disliked telling a lie, would not even be bothered to lie about such a small matter. Shaking her head, she smiled and spoke calmly in front of the students, “Teacher Yang, I’m sorry but I don’t have the habit of taking down notes.”

With the way she admitted it so honestly, her classmates could not hold back their laughter, and one after another, they began laughing.

Sometimes, the way people interact with one another just happens to be this mysterious.

Even though Ye Jian’s action had caused the teacher to lose her face in front of the students, it, in fact, made the students who either liked or hated the teacher to have a more positive opinion towards her.

Teacher Yang might look stern, but she was a very broad-minded teacher. Hearing so, she revealed a trace of laughter. “An honest student you are, to make me unable to educate those who do not do their notes at the same time.”

With that little period of humor, the entire lesson ended up more enjoyable than any of their previous classes.

After class, students commenced their attempts to talk to Ye Jian.

“If you were like this in the past, it would have been good. We’ve been classmates for two years already, and only now do we discover your true capability.” As classmates without any grudges, just a few words could easily break the distance between them.

Several girls surrounded Ye Jian, and they chatted with her.

And Ye Jian truly cherished this moment, as a student who had returned to this school anew.

Those who had hurt her before, she would remember them by heart. As for those who had not done anything to her, she could considered them as friends.

“I’m sure it’s like waking up from a dream, having to rethink if you’re still in a dream.” Sitting in the middle, Ye Jian smiled and answered the question lying dormant in their hearts. The changes which happened to her would more or less shock many, but so what?

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She is Ye Jian, and Ye Jian is her!

You being surprised is your business, what did it have to do with her?

The math representative of the class, An Jiaxin, was a straightforward female student, and she was also the first to extend her friendship towards Ye Jian.

Hearing it so, her rather heroic face put on a smile, “After a huge slumber, you’ve finally turned a little more normal. Congratulations, Student Ye Jian.”

“Same for me. After today, you all need not worry whether I’ll get bullied by someone again, and you don’t have to lose any more bets where the loser has to fetch meals in the morning for a week.” Ye Jian winked wittily. Those past incidents which she added into her humor ended up becoming the bridge to further their friendship.

When An Jiaxin heard her so, she could not help but laugh, “So you know after all. Hahaha, in the last semester, I lost the bet two weeks in a row! It was winter then you know, Student Ye Jian. I had to fetch them breakfast for a whole two weeks.”

Xie Sifeng, who sat at the side, watched as students gathered around Ye Jian like fans and a star, respectively. Like someone who had just knocked over a cruet stand with bottles of different flavors, her face felt extremely uncomfortable!

She slammed the mathematics textbook which was in her hand onto the table and walked towards Ye Jian as she gritted her teeth. “Enough of being so proud of yourself, what’s so remarkable about getting a perfect score! Who knows how much you’ve cheated during this test! Hmph, Ying Ying had always scored full marks.”

Seeing that she was trying to make use of a strong attempt to claw away on Ye Jian’s appearance in front of the class, Ye Jian simply felt that it was funny, and she stood up in front of her, “Yes, of course, it’s nothing remarkable, but at least, I’m a little better than you.”

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