Chapter 42: Who Would Dare Belittle Her

With a Chief Sergeant 1st Class’ care and a world-class sniper’s admiration, so long as she did not walk the wrong path, her potential might fully be developed in her path ahead.

A gem among the poor—just how many fathers wished for something like that to happen? But contrary to that, Deputy Mayor Ye was not one who did.

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The bell for the first class rang. Accompanied by Principal Chen, Xia Jinyuan and the soldiers boarded a jeep and headed back to the army.

And at this moment, Ye Jian had already begun tackling the first mathematics question in the assessment.

The small assessment was a way to let the teachers understand how well the students had understood their lessons during the month, and the proctor was the class’s own former mathematics teacher—a female teacher who was strict about her attire and who wore spectacles with black frames.

The moment she saw Ye Jian place down her pen, she sensed something was off. Teacher Ke had reminded her not too long ago to pay much of her attention to Ye Jian.

Since the class’s home teacher had strictly reminded her, was she hinting that the student might cheat?

Holding onto her stern expression, she went over to Ye Jian’s table. In that brief pause, Ye Jian picked up her pen and began writing down the answers. The distance was just a few short steps, and she was able to answer at least five questions!

And as for the other students! They were still writing down their calculations on their scratch papers!

With a face as stern as steel, Teacher Yang held back her anger and stopped at Ye Jian’s table. She did not open her mouth immediately, but instead stood by Ye Jian as she stared at her assessment paper.

In just a few seconds, her stern eyes moved slightly, and she glanced at Ye Jian in surprise for she had not used a single scratch paper, but she was able to answer the questions correctly.

Was it mental calculation?!

Ye Jian looked up at Teacher Yang who stood beside her. Having figured out something, she smiled before burying her head back to move her pen.

“Being able to do mental calculations is a good thing, but you have to be careful or you might end up losing points.” Teacher Yang bent her back slightly and softly reminded the student whose face was filled with glee. “Once you’re done, it’s best to do a check on the answers.”

At this point, Ye Jian had already completed her assessment paper. Familiar with her answers, Teacher Yang had already given Ye Jian a perfect score in her heart.

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After receiving her paper, she called for Ye Jian to have a talk outside the classroom.

Seeing this, Xie Sifeng’s face suddenly showed an expression of laughter. So what if she’s changed? She’s still nothing but a dummy! What’s there to be proud of! Hmph!

The students in the class were accustomed to Ye Jian submitting her papers in advance. In their heads, many had this idea: The first from the last would still be Ye Jian, no doubt.

Two whole mathematics periods were used for the examination, and Ye Jian, who was done talking with Teacher Yang, was already resting back in her dormitory.

Until afternoon came, physical education was canceled. Carrying the assessment papers done by the students this morning, Teacher Yang walked into the classroom. Under the uneasy eyes of the students, as a name was called, a student would go up to take the paper.

“Same old rules apply; the student with full marks will announce the results.” Teacher Yang, although strict, was well respected by the students. “…Zhang Wenjin, 100 marks;… An Jiaxin, 100 marks…”

The first few students whose names were announced were the students who topped the class in mathematics. When Ye Jian’s name was called, even if her score was announced wrongly, no one in the class would take it seriously.

Because Ye Jian’s name was announced last, so she was the last to receive her paper, and she was told to stay at the podium by Teacher Yang.

Teacher Yang pressed her eyes before looking sternly at all the students who were holding their heads low, and she spoke, “For this assessment, I would like to praise Ye Jian for scoring a hundred marks. I’ve personally watched her finish the entire paper under thirty minutes.”

“Put those faces of disbelief away. What you yourself cannot accomplish doesn’t mean Ye Jian cannot. In the times when all of you were not looking, she has been working hard.”

With that, she turned to Ye Jian, “Lend your math textbook and notebook to Teacher for a while.”

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