Chapter 41: Lass, Loosen Up A Little

“Knowing too many secrets won’t do you any good.” Xia Jinyuan took off his peaked hat effortlessly, making it now easier to now see his shallow smile. “How were you able to read the gestures? Who taught you?”

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That smile on his handsome face, although gentle, began to make Ye Jian more tense than before.

He had a smile, but his eyes were strangely sharp, like a blade which could split a human soul into half and come at you at any moment.

Ye Jian did not sit on the seat he pointed to. Instead, she sat sideways on a visitor’s chair closest to the door and answered blandly, “No one taught me. I just happened to have seen your hand movements.”

“Oh? So clever? You just happened to see and you immediately understood what it meant.” Xia Jinyuan raised a brow, and his cold eyes turned dark again. However, his posture and manner remained unchanged as he spoke, “Your development is quick, but Old Man Gen still wishes to protect you.”

The seventy-year-old Chief Sergeant 1st Class had stood in front of the commanding officer, voicing out his words loudly and clearly, “Ye Jian will not be a problem!”

A Chief Sergeant 1st Class’ protection and a world-class sniper’s admiration, what else could the little lass in front him surprise him with.

Grandpa Gen? Ye Jian had wriggled her thumbs before she stared at him and spoke coldly, “What does it have to do with Grandpa Gen? Aren’t you just suspecting me?”

Her temper was not just huge; it was also poor.

Xia Jinyuan smiled at her, and in a moment of silence, he spoke to her gently, “Relax a little, there’s no need to be so tense yourself. We only have deep respect for Old Man Gen, and we will do no such thing as to offend him. I’ve asked you to come, not because I suspect you of anything, but only to give you a reminder.”

“Treat him like you always would.”

That was the purpose of Xia Jinyuan calling for her—to remind her, so that she would not stir any trouble with the smattering she might have.

Although she was just a little girl, she was calm enough to make him believe that she was one who could keep secrets.

Ye Jian had not thought that he would remind her directly, and she was slightly impressed. Looking directly into his eyes, she asked him quietly, “Did he have anything to do with those people caught in the mountains?”

“Currently, from our investigations, it seems there’s a possibility. However, this shouldn’t be something a lass like you should be caring about.” Xia Jinyuan could not care less, and he gave another reminder conveniently, “What you should be more concerned about should be your own studies.”

“Just now when I was investigating Liao Jian’s********, I accidently saw your class score sheet…” the edge of his lips gradually rose and gave a light laugh. The face that he had as he picked on her was one that was filled with humor, “Student Ye Jian, you’d better work harder.”

Her miserable performance in her examinations were not just known by him, but also by almost everyone in the school.

Hearing it once again, Ye Jian accepted it calmly. Hooking the edge of her lips, she spoke otherwise, “Effort wasn’t put in. Those doesn’t count as anything.”

Facing the handsome Xia Jinyuan, her eyes did not twitch as she got up. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll head back to the classroom first. There’s a test later on, I’ll have to prepare for it first.”

The little lass sure was short tempered. All he did was probe a little, and there she went, hardening a hard shell around her. Even his final sense of humor to show concern could not break the ice in her eyes.

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Watching her as she left, Xia Jinyuan relaxed his back, which he had kept straight for a while, and reclined lazily onto the back of the chair. Massaging his forehead then all the way down his neck, the alluring outline of the side of his face was exposed.

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