Chapter 40: I’m Not a Bad Person

Still, that was a gesture understood only by those within the special forces, so how was she able to understand it?

He had perfect grasp of the ten minute duration. Without even lifting his arm to check his watch, he ended right on the dot. “Students, if you’ve got any questions, or have spotted any suspicious person, please contact our troops and the local police as soon as possible.”

“With that, please excuse us. Goodbye.” He picked up his peaked cap and patted it a few times habitually before returning it to his forehead. Once the cap was on, it covered his clear forehead, only leaving his sharp eagle-like eyes that were deep and dark.

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Those pair of eyes once again swept across the entire class, and it stopped for a moment when it reached Ye Jian’s face. The other students seemed to not have noticed it, but Ye Jian was clearly aware.

Smiling slightly, she braced his sight indifferently. Her petal-like lips moved slightly and she spoke, “Hello, Captain Xia.”

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What a bold lass, to even give a greeting.

The handsome smile he had on his face seemed to have sunk a little as he stood at a side and went out of his way to thank Teacher Ke. “Excuse me,” Xia Jinyuan spoke out of courtesy and left with the two soldiers, who stood at the entrance, before the eyes of the students.

Even though they had only appeared for ten minutes, the Xia Jinyuan’s influence on them was huge. Once he had left, whispers among one another could be heard within the classroom.

Of course, many of them were girls. Their hearts and minds were both flustered.

Only until Teacher Ke held onto the blackboard duster and warningly knocked it onto the podium did the agitated girls finally keep their tongues tied and pick up their books to prepare diligently.

“The first class will be a math test. Listen well all of you, whoever drags our class down again will copy the whole paper a hundred times and stand outside the classroom for a week!”

It was almost time for self-study period and Teacher Ke, who had remained silent, dumped a few words before sending her gaze at the students who were dragging the whole class down. That gaze of hers stayed for at least ten seconds on Ye Jian as she left.

It seems that sentence was largely meant for Ye Jian to hear.

Flipping through a book, Ye Jian ignored that gaze. The teacher could glare or stare at her however she wanted, but it was not something she would put to heart.

The school speaker which was playing a music was interrupted as an announcer spoke with a hometown accent and a slightly sweet voice, “Student Ye Jian from grade 8, please head to the principal’s office. I repeat, student Ye Jian from grade 8, please head to the principal’s office.”

Stepping right at the classroom’s door, Teacher Ke stopped for a moment. Her face turned gloomy and once again had a trace of scruples before leaving as quickly as she could.

Ye Jian walked briskly to the principal’s office and knocked on the door before entering. But all she saw was Xia Jinyuan sitting on the visitor’s chair, and President Chen was not around.

“It was me who called for you.” Xia Jinyuan looked at her, his eyes filled with vigor. The edge of his lips unintentionally rose.

Seeing that she was still standing at the doorway, he gestured to her and laughed elegantly, “Come, I’ve things I wish to speak to you about.”

Having a face on high alert, what did she think he would do to her?

Seeing that his treatment towards her was like an adult towards a child, she lowered her head to see her own fourteen-year-old self… Indeed, she was somewhat small her age, and she could be considered short in her class.

Closing the door, she smiled and asked before him, “The matter just now, it was my bad for having seen it unintentionally.” With a slight pause, she continued, “And even though, I’ve finally figured out who you were referring to, I’ll definitely not tell anyone.”

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