Chapter 57 – The night of consummation

Those soldiers settled the Duke down and looked at Wei Qiqi with laughingly. They pushed each other while exiting. One look and she knew what they were thinking about. Consummation? The good thing is that this is the Duke’s wedding, no one dares to cause trouble.

Those irritating military men. Ever since they knew that General Qi is a woman, she always felt they were mocking her behind her back. Wait till there is a chance, Wei Qiqi wants to settle them one by one.

“Qiqi, Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian shouted Wei Qiqi’s name in a blurred state. Wei Qiqi got scared till she shivered. She carefully tiptoed and raised her head to look, realizing that Liu Zhong Tian was lying on the bed, not moving at all. It seems that he got drunk till he lost consciousness.

He drank too much! This is great! Qiqi smugly walked to the front of Liu Zhong Tian, put both of her hands behind and insulted him. “Haha, strong wine, I thought that it is only me who will fall when drinking, looks like you, Liu Zhong Tian, is not someone big either!”

“Who told you I am drunk, little fella?” Liu Zhong Tian suddenly opened his eyes, a face full of teasing. He pulled Qiqi to his front.

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“You, then what are you doing?” Qiqi pointed to the outside of the tent then looked at Liu Zhong Tian. Could it be that he was pretending to be drunk?

“What are you blabbering? Come, help this Duke take off his clothes!” Liu Zhong Tian pulled Wei Qiqi’s hands and put it on his own chest. “You are already this Duke’s Royal Concubine, spend the night with this Duke!”

“Liu Zhong Tian, didn’t we agree? We cannot……” Before Qiqi could say finish, Liu Zhong Tian already grabbed her thin waist and used his hands to cover her mouth.

“Lower your voice, I deliberately pretended to be drunk. Wu Zhongyi this sly fellow, he accidentally leaked out that the Emperor wants him to see a certain thing!”

“What thing?” Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian strangely. What does the Emperor want to see?

Liu Zhong Tian mysteriously laughed lightly. He lovingly held onto Qiqi’s thin hands. “Virginity. He wants to see red!”

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Qiqi instantly blushed red and used her hands to push Liu Zhong Tian away. Her whole heart is in a mess. Looking at his evil smile, her heart started to be nervous. He wouldn’t want to because of the Emperor wanting to see her chastity gone…… he wouldn’t do any dirty things to her would he? At the desert, Liu Zhong Tian nearly did something over the line. Now Wei Qiqi has to guard against him no matter what.

“Lets see if your head is more important, or……” Liu Zhong Tian’s gaze landed on Qiqi’s chest, and teasingly extended his arms over.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Wei Qiqi frantically stepped back. She wants to return to her own world clean. How can she, because of this, ruin her own reputation?

“No, this cannot work! Duke, we have an agreement beforehand! You cannot eat your words!” Qiqi avoided Liu Zhong Tian’s gaze. She is really scared. If he pounces forward, and forcefully want her. She has experienced the Duke’s strength, if he really goes on tough, she will be at a disadvantage.

“Then you say what should we do? Why not chop off your head, and put it into the box and present it to the Emperor……”

“Don’t chop off Qiqi’s head!” Wei Qiqi touched her neck, her expression extremely awful.

“Then why not we…… this Duke will be very gentle……”

Liu Zhong Tian’s eyes stared at Qiqi’s red lips, his head slowly moving forward.

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