Chapter 58 – Bloodstain

“Hey, hey! If you dare to fool around, I will…castrate you!”

Wei Qiqi didn’t know what to say in order to scare Liu Zhong Tian so she blurted out this sentence. Even she herself felt her face go red.

“What did you say?” Liu Zhong Tian didn’t think that Qiqi would actually say such preposterous words. This is simply going against the culture. His anger instantly burst through the sky. Is this woman crazy? He is the Third Duke! How can such ugly words come out from a woman’s mouth? This is simply not right.

“I-I am speaking the truth!” Qiqi stuttered.

“Are you threatening this Duke?”

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Liu Zhong Tian suddenly sat up and angrily looked at Wei Qiqi. This ugly woman, seems like in her eyes, there is nothing that can make her afraid, including tonight.

“Don’t touch me!” Qiqi quickly jumped away. She alertly looked at Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian. As long as he dares to come over, Wei Qiqi will definitely resist.

“Haha…” Liu Zhong Tian shrugged his clothes and laughed loudly with a face full of mania.

“What are you laughing at?” Qiqi retreated a step, her heart felt somewhat ill-confident.

“Such an ugly woman, how will this Duke be interested? Look at this face of yours! As long as one is a man, he will be disgusted. Don’t tell me that you really are pinning your hopes on this Duke wanting you?”

Liu Zhong Tian’s tall figure stood in front of Qiqi. He coldly pinched Qiqi’s chin and sized up her ugly face. Next, his eyes shifted to Qiqi’s chest. This scared Qiqi till she covered her front chest.

“What are you looking at? Hey, didn’t you say that you are not interested in me!”

“I am looking to see which part of you is still a woman!”

After speaking finish this sentence, Liu Zhong Tian started laughing loudly. He walked in big steps to the tent’s wall and grabbed the sword by the wall. He then violently pulled the sword from the sheath. The blade is sharp and clear, reflecting Liu Zhong Tian’s cold face, looking extremely awe-inspiring.

Wei Qiqi got scared and retreated a few steps. The Third Duke will not be so irritated and furious to kill her with one strike, will he? This damned rotten Duke, didn’t they agree? The agreement is even signed, how can he use force on a girl to submit? Qiqi alertly hid at one corner and tightened her fist. She is prepared to battle to the death.

Maybe the Wei Group’s female successor glory will come to an end by dying under the barbaric Duke’s sword. If not, she must submit to his sexual assault. No matter which ending it is, Wei Qiqi is not willing to go down either one. Her life is in the modern society, not in the Great Han.

“Liu Zhong Tian, you cannot deal with an unarmed woman, this is unfair!”

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“Does this Duke need a sword to deal with you?”

Liu Zhong Tian glanced at Qiqi contemptuously. He walked to the front of the bed and looked at the white silk laying nicely on the bed. The corner of his lips moved. He raised the sword and quickly cut his finger. Fresh blood instantly poured out and dripped onto the silk. It is bright red and piercing to the eye, just like a woman’s bloodstain……

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