Chapter 7- Streamers Unite

KMega6KMegacharacter was a little desperate. He needed money, and he knew one way to do it. Stream sharing! To be more accurate, it’s more along the lines that a streamer2streamerstory mechanic gathers a pool of their viewers to boost ratings. KMega hated these gatherings. For one you had little choice but to go with the group. Second, you run the risk of losing your viewers as easily as you make them. Third, everyone is out for their own interests. In many cases, people will do whatever’s in their power to wreck the paths of another for their own benefit.


After some researching, he got into a group in the area where he was in with little trouble. He left all his items but the starter ones in the storage with Yirk before telling him that he’ll probably be moving on his own for about a month.

In fact, this was part of his next quest as well to gain worldly experience.

As a true gamer when he wasn’t training or hunting, which he normally streamed; he would work on his alchemy, enchanting, cooking, and other crafting skills.


Not to mention, because he was a squire to a knight of the kingdom, he had to go to the temple to keep on good terms with them as well. His recovery and holy based magic was a little high for a non paladin warrior class because of this, while his warrior class skills were high as well. He also knew some imbuing magic from Yirk as well. He can do it all; tank, dps, heal, and support. For a double digit player, he would of course be called a trash character.

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In the early game, it’s better to focus on one role that will define you later.


KMega approached the four others that had gathered, and they each wore their own noob gear as well.

“Are you the Joyride group?” (KMega)

The four looked at KMega, then the man in his mid twenties looked at him in joy.

“You must be KMega. We heard that you have a good rap.” (Joyride)

KMega then shook the man’s hand before speaking.

A small amount of static seemed to appear as they made contact for a split second.

“Give me your ids, and pm me your account links.” (KMega)

The young man scoured a little.

“Rude, man!” (Young Adult)

KMega ignored the comment of the other early twenty something year old.

Only allowed on

This wasn’t his first time stream sharing.

“Look, we don’t know each other. I’m a professional streamer like you, and I also know the game.” (KMega)


The man that approached KMega nodded his head.

“All right, I get it. We can be friendly on camera.” (Joyride)

The man then took out a note, but KMega didn’t take it. He remembered about the one time he took a note in game and had his account hacked and was banned for a month while fixing it. KMega opened the trade system and put in 1 copper for a fair trade value.

The man sneered again as he put the note, or a new one, in the system trade menu.

KMega has has a lot of experience being ripped off by fellows like this. He wondered how many tens of thousands of coins he’s lost to people like them. ‘High risk high reward’, he told himself. These words kept passing through his head. ‘High risk… High reward’


Weise was currently watching the livestream of KMega because he had taken a personal interest in the young man. He was after all a respectable gamer to the game developer. He never really took an interest in the players of his game before meeting him, so he made time in his schedule of developing his next project to watch him. This one was of him with a group of four others. Two men, and two women at least five years older.

As a Dev of the game, it was naturally easy to look up the information of players.

“What’s this?” (Weise)

To his surprise, there was elements of hostile foreign code on each of the four. The note he tried to give KMega was especially nasty. It was what they call in the biz, an account wurm.

It would steal all the information of a player and then their items before wiping them before erasing the account, leaving no trace.

Of course, there’s backups of all player accounts, but the loss of items, rep, and dignity has caused more than one person to abandon their account and raise another one from scratch.

“Well, if they’re going to play nasty, then so can I.” (Weise)


This is the second time because of KMega that the lead developer of Sword Kingdom mettled with his near perfect system to fix oversight flaws.

Because of this event, a large number of hackers and cheaters in Sword Kingdom had the hammer laid down on them, HARD!!!

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