Chapter 6- Skills, Bills, and Pills

[Quest Complete: 4/12]


KMega6KMegacharacter panted in exhaustion while looking at the notice.

After becoming Yirk’s squire, the quests have become harder and more costly. He was now level twenty two, which was the same as Kieser. He’s been through a lot of things over the years when he plays games. When he was nine, he was a female space pirate. At eleven, an undead necromancer. At fourteen, a magician. At sixteen, a thief. All those classes gave him an understanding of the traits and skills of said class. It also enabled him to pick up any other class he wanted as well with ease. The sword and shield was something new to him because of this, but he still picked it up naturally. However, even with his talent, for a ‘d’ rank quest to exhaust him this much was unexpected. KMega then looked at Kieser, who was at his side panting just like him. Not a month ago, the boy turned fourteen in the game, and KMega quickly became his friend.

However, the time has come.

“Here. Have this.” (Kieser)

Kieser then handed him a potion pill and he ate it happily.


When KMega logged out, he opened his mail and looked at all the notices in his mailbox. There was overdue rent, overdue power, overdue water, and overdue linkage fees.

He sighed in annoyance.

The start of the squire quest gave a small boost to his stream revenue in the beginning, but the interest had already faded, leaving his original viewer base plus a few who stuck around. He paid the minimal to each of them before opening a cheap food gel pack and sucking it dry. He couldn’t even afford the meat flavored ones anymore. He needed to make some money.


With KMega’s experience in gaming, he knew about two things that earned money in games; consumables and gear. Consumables were normally low risk low return items. Every player needs them, can make them, and buys them. The profit margin for them is usually a few coins for about a day of work until you get to intermediate level though. Gear crafting is something everyone also has a basic understanding of as well, but it’s a much higher risk/reward ratio. If one was lucky, they could make an item worth tens of coin in the span of an hour, but on average, the profit margin is much less than consumables.


KMega then logged into the game at the house that Yirk had leant him. It was a much better accommodation than an inn, and it was free. Plus, it came with a small secure storage, which enabled him to save his gold a little bit better. As KMega went to have breakfast with the npcs, he saw several more knights there than normal.

They paused their discussions at his presence. He quickly hurried over to Kieser and started helping him with the cooking. Part of a squires job was to do menial labor so their senior knights don’t have to.

Kmega knew one thing from this meeting more than anything else, an event was about to occur.

Only allowed on


After breakfast, and after the other knights left, KMega approached Yirk when he was supposed to be training.

“Sir, I would like to tell you something.” (KMega)

Yirk nodded while observing his son.

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“Back in IRL, I’m having some financial burdens. I’m not being presumptuous enough to ask for your aid, but this is to inform you that my time here may became shorter.” (KMega)


In essence, he was going to get a part time job. The term IRL, or “in real life”, is a trigger built into all vr systems. Because the pods are classified as entertainment devices and normally not for work, this system was put into place so the games ran by the pod can recognize real life issues. This line triggered a subprogram to confirm the information that he submitted into his account. KMega had a long submission record, and a good track record so the system recognized the issue. It sent him some welfare supplement suggestions to his mail, then he received an alert that his pod was on notice to be put into sleep mode.


As a rule of thumb for KMega, he would always try to inform all his close npc companions about his departure from his games. He had spent a long time with them, so they deserved to know.

On occasion, he may revisit one or two of them.

Typically though, by the time he misses the npc; the game has been shut down, they’ve been repurposed, or they’ve been slain.

This action has also been put into his account, so he noticed it when the system looked it over.

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