Chapter 5- The Event Quest Everyone Does Wrong Part 2

“That’s right, keep your balance as you bend your knees. Read it’s movements and act to counter them.” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

The boy looked at the rabbit in front of him. It was another field boss that was already in the red (10% hp or less), and hasn’t even landed a hit on the boy yet. The boy’s name was Keiser, which KMega found this out after he started training him. He smiled happily as the boy dodged to the right and avoided the attack before putting his dagger into the back of the neck of the rabbit.

In that moment, the rabbit’s id went from red to black signaling it was dead. Not a moment after it was dead, Keiser was on his knees and skinning it. KMega nodded in approval before looking at the sky.

In game, several hours have passed, and the sun was starting to set. He was tempted to set up camp and cook some of the meat that they got, but he decided to finish the quest instead.


The quest ‘Help the boy’ is a popular one that takes place in the capitol. For one, failure was something that always happens with this quest. For one simple fact, as the boy reenters the capitol, four assassins appear and attempt to kill him. The assassins almost always incapacitate the player before they could react, which ends the mission after a knight comes to the rescue. However, for KMega, something different occurred. For starters, the boy was no longer level one. Under KMega’s watchful eye the boy was now level five, as KMega was as well. Secondly, the boy would run scared toward the gate where the knight was watching with a Clairvoyance skill. KMega also gave him a short range teleport scroll in case they were in the field, or a player just decided to kidnap him. This time, when KMega was incapacitated, the knight charged toward the attacker, but stopped after seeing the boy actually holding his own against the assassins. Instead of ending the fight then and there, he watched as the boy took on four times his number. He could easily do so because KMega taught him how to do it with the rabbits as well.


It was only when the second assassin was struck down did the knight charge in to save the boy. He needed saving because the remaining two assassins started focusing when Kieser was distracted with his kill. KMega was disheartened when he saw the knight, but he had hope until the knight finished off the final two assassins. The knight then cast a healing spell on KMega and he was restored to full strength.

“Soul Traveler, I thank you for escorting the boy this far and training him.” (Knight)

KMega was confused as a notice appeared.


[Quest Update: Help the boy (f)→ Train the boy (f)

Description: Help train the boy named Kieser skills in order to survive. The quest, ‘Help the boy’, will no longer occur.

The knight, Yirk, is impressed in your training of Kieser. As his only son, he worries about him every time he sneaks out in order to try to grow strong on his own. By teaching the stubborn child to listen, and teaching him the basics of combat, Yirk will offer you a quest chain for squireship.

Quest Complete: ‘Train the boy’

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Quest Chain: 1/12]


KMega didn’t know what to say after he read that.

“You have potential Soul Traveler. By your will, I shall teach you my swordsmanship so you may one day earn knighthood as I have.” (Knight Yirk)

KMega considered it for a minute. He knew from other vr games that knighthood wasn’t something you could easily get.

It also held a lot of responsibility, but the rewards were equally big.

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“I’m honored about the offer, but I’m not sure I’m knight potential. However, I would be honored to train under a great swordsman like you. If you deem me worthy.” (KMega)

Yirk looked at KMega with judging eyes.

To many, it would be the npc looking into his character, but it was more likely that the npc was computing a proper response.

“I, Yirk, will agree to teach you the swordsmanship of a knight. As long as you convince my son to train with you of course.” (Yirk)

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