Chapter 4- The Event Quest Everyone Does Wrong Part 1

KMega6KMegacharacter wasn’t disheartened by being killed again. Dying in a game is nothing new, and he was still level one, so he only lost his starting gear again. It was easy to get it back by repeating the beginner level quests for an hour.

At this time, he noticed that he’s been online for nearly ten hours, so he decided to call it a day and logged out.


After a full night of sleep, then some schooling from his online vr school, he did some exercising and showering, before eating and going back into his vr pod. This is a routine that he often repeats everyday, and will continue to do so. When he logged back in again, he appeared in the temple where he logged out at. He then checked his inventory before going to the adventurer’s guild. The adventurer’s guild is a staple of all games. It comes in many shapes and forms, but the service it gives is always the same; to give players something to do. From hunting down demon worshipers, to simply collecting some healing grass.

The guild has it all, and for KMega, that something was a hunting quest.


Instead of going off the deep end again, he decided to take it like a player should, so he went to hunt horned rabbits. The fields of the capitol were filled with players hunting these rabbits. Even mid level players would hunt them as a food ingredient. He picked this quest for their fur and horns though, not their meat. The job was actually rather easy for a professional gamer. In half an hour, he had gathered the fifteen skins and ten horns that he needed, as well as over thirty rabbit carcasses.


On his way back to town, he spotted what seemed to be a new player fighting a rabbit. It was a kid no older than ten, and the speed of the rabbit was too fast for him.

As he came closer, he received a quest notice.


[Quest: Help the Boy

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Quest Level: F

Only allowed on

Description: A young boy is currently fighting a wild monster but struggling. Ensure that he makes it back to the city.

Reward: 10 gold.

Kingdom Reputation: +2

Additional: Upon failing this quest, a city knight will come to the rescue. You will also have to repay the debt.]


KMega quickly accepted the quest. He understood now that the boy was an npc. The quest said that all he had to do was get him back to the city, but being a professional gamer, it meant something more to KMega. He knew that roles and class chains begin very early for players. Most games also give paths related to the players history. For example, someone who dies a lot will get a class related to the undead.

Still, the boy was in trouble, so he immediately acted and killed the rabbit before giving the boy a potion.

The boy then looked at KMega with disdain.

“I didn’t ask for your help.” (Boy)

KMega only nodded at his comment.

“All right then. The spoils are yours. You did weaken it after all.” (KMega)

KMega closed his eyes for a moment thinking about the drops.

The rabbit he killed wasn’t a normal one, but a field boss.

Any novice player would have had trouble.

The boy looked at the rabbit nervously, then KMega sighed as he took out a knife for skinning animals.

“All right then. Watch and learn. ” (KMega)

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