Chapter 27: The Beautiful Traffic Policewoman Started Crying

“Wish to walk away?” When Cheng Yu saw Han Xue was preparing to leave the room, he rushed in front of her and pushed her towards the wall.

“What are you doing? Just to remind you, this is a police station, don’t try to act up here!” Han Xue shouted in a frightened tone. She was prepared to leave the room, but suddenly got grabbed from behind causing her to get scared. However, since the room was soundproofed, no matter how loud she shouted, the people outside would not be able to hear a single sound.

“Huh? What am I doing? If you wish to detain me here, I will have to make sure you will be accompanying me here. I am fine with being detained as long as there is someone as beautiful as you accompanying me,” Cheng Yu pressed Han Xue against the wall and laughed.

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“Quickly, let go of me! If not, I will sue you for assaulting and harassing a police officer!” Han Xue shouted in a panic. This kid was so crazy that she was scared he would do something inappropriate to her.

“Harassment? Well said! What you have just said made me feel like committing a crime. That being said, I have never harassed a beautiful policewoman before. Hmm…what a fragrant smell,” When Cheng Yu heard Han Xue’s threat, he buried his head into the nape of her neck and took a deep breath, and said without paying any attention to her. Instead, he felt infatuated by her smell.

“You b*st*rd! Let me go right now, otherwise I will not be polite anymore,” Han Xue struggled and said.

“It’s alright. Even if you are impolite to me, I will still be very gentle and polite towards you,” Cheng Yu said as he pressed his hands into her *** and pecked her on her neck.

That being said, this was the first time he had ever kissed a woman since he had transmigrated to this world. Being the first kiss, the taste of it was not bad. When she saw Cheng Yu’s inappropriate actions, Han Xue felt afraid, and used her knee to kick towards Cheng Yu’s little brother.

Cheng Yu was a Foundation Establishment Stage expert, how could this sort of trick even hurt him? He clamped both his legs together, causing Han Xue’s leg to be stuck in between. He then stretched out his head towards Han Xue’s and tried to give her a kiss. Han Xue panicked and tried to dodge the kiss, preventing Cheng Yu from kissing her properly.

One of his hands was still gently pinching on Han Xue’s *** while the other hand went forward to Han Xue’s neck, turning her head to face his face directly.

“Wu Wu!” Han Xue starting sobbing as she got frightened by Cheng Yu’s actions. Cheng Yu was stunned when she started crying, and soon, he realized what he had done was indeed overboard.

When Han Xue saw Cheng Yu loosening his grip, she pushed him away and rushed out of the room.

When he saw that Han Xue had ran out, he touched his nose and felt that he had turned quite desperate a moment ago. He almost wanted to do it with the policewoman.

The moment Han Xue ran out of the detention room to the washroom, the police officers outside the detention room were left perplexed. As the door was not locked when Han Xue dashed out of the room, Cheng Yu also exited. If he did not take this chance to escape now, he would have to face her revenge the moment she came back. Even though he was not afraid of her, he had already taken advantage of her. Once she came back, he could not possibly take advantage of her again.

“I am sorry, Mister. You cannot leave right now as we are still investigating your case. You would need to wait for a while more,” The man who previously brought Cheng Yu to the detention room said to him.

“Move away! This is the end!” Cheng Yu said.

“G*dd*mm*t! This is not a good place at all. If I don’t escape right now, later when that girl is back, I will need to be detained again,” Cheng Yu thought.

When Cheng Yu was still lingering in his thoughts, a sound came up behind him, “What are you trying to do! If you walk away now, the consequences you’ll face will be much worse compared to what you were previously charged with.”

“Haha, I am just feeling thirsty. That’s why I came out to have a cup of water,” Cheng Yu laughed as he walked back into the detention room.

Cheng Yu knew that in this world, the police were the same as the law enforcers in his previous world. Even though he was not afraid of them, what he feared were the troubles they would bring. What was more was that Han Xue had already said she would be contacting his family. Once his aunt knew that he was being detained here, she would think of a way to get him out of this place.

In the Bureau Chief’s office, when Peng Dahai heard Han Xue’s report, he felt helpless on the case, giving him a headache.

“Han Xue! I know that you are a good policewoman and you have always been one. But some things you don’t have to take on, right?” Peng Dahai advised Han Xue patiently. As Han Xue was in the Yunhai City Municipal Party Committee, and she was also the daughter of his old friend, Han Liwen, so he had no idea who to side with this time.

Han Xue had always been a righteous policewoman. She wished to be able to punish all the criminals according to the law. In the past, she had always wished to enter the Criminal Group Department, but her father did not feel at ease. Without a better option, he could only place her in the Traffic Police Department, under one of his subordinates.

However, because of her sense of justice, as long as someone violated the law, she would not be bothered with who the offender was and would always bring them back to the police station. Unfortunately, those people that she caught were those wealthy families’ young masters or government authorities’ children. This resulted in him, the Bureau Chief, apologizing the moment he saw those people. After all, compared to the amount of people above him, he was just a small official.

This time was even worse. She had directly brought the nephew of the mayor here and even wanted to detain him for 15 days.

“Chief, I understand what you are trying to say. However, they obviously violated the law, why should we release them so easily? Is it just because of the powerful background they have? If it’s like that, why do we still need the law for? If we release them so easily, they will not repent, but instead commit the same mistakes again,” Han Xue argued furiously. Every time she caught someone, she would get criticized once. However, whenever she brought someone back, it was always someone who had violated the law.

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“No matter what you have to say, you will have to release him. I will give the mayor a call first. After a while, bring him over here.”

After Han Xue left the office, Peng Dahai picked up his phone and dialed the mayor’s number, “Hello, is this the mayor? I am Peng Dahai calling from the Zhonghai District Police Station. Haha! It’s like this, your nephew, Cheng Yu, has been arrested for some minor matters. I thought that I should report the matter to you first. Oh, like this? Ok, Ok.”

It seemed like he was right to make the call to the mayor. Peng Dahai did not expect the mayor to put such an emphasis on his nephew that he would even make a trip down to the police station himself.

*Knock Knock!* The sound of knocking was heard through the door.

“Come in!”

When he saw Han Xue had brought a young man in, Peng Dahai smiled and went forward, saying, “You should be Mr. Cheng Yu, right? I am the Zhonghai District Police Station Bureau Chief, Peng Dahai. I am sorry for what happened today. It was only a small matter, but it had actually brought you here.”

“Haha! It’s alright. It’s only a minor problem. Furthermore, I had gotten a chance to know such an attractive policewoman. I am very happy,” Cheng Yu looked towards the unhappy looking Han Xue as he spoke.

“Haha, Mr. Cheng is really open and broadminded. I have already called the mayor, and he said that he would be coming down to fetch you in a moment. Xiao Xue, go and get a cup of tea for Mr. Cheng.”

Han Xue walked out unwillingly.

“May I know what Mr. Cheng does for work currently?” Since the mayor cared so much about his nephew, it showed that this young man did not come from an ordinary background. Currently, there was an opportunity for him to foster a good relationship with the mayor, so he could not let go of it. In the bureaucracy, the principle was to foster a relationship with every single powerful family if the opportunity arose.

“Haha! Stop joking, Chief. I am still so young, how can I even be working? Currently, I am studying in Zhonghai,” Cheng Yu said. He could naturally tell what the Bureau Chief was thinking about. All he wanted was to be able to foster a good relationship with his uncle.

“Oh! I heard that Mr. Cheng bought a new car today, but did not have a license plate. In addition, you also do not own a driver’s license. Without these items, it can bring Mr. Cheng a lot of troubles when you go out in the future.”

“Oh? May I know what kind of advice the Chief can give me regarding these two items? Maybe you can even help me get rid of all these troubles,” Cheng Yu knew that the other party wished to solve the problems for him so that he would have to owe him a favor.

“Haha, it’s actually not any good advice. In fact, Mr. Cheng can also do it himself, just that the time taken will be longer. If Mr. Cheng is willing, I can help you resolve these problems, and they will only take one or two days. Take it as a form of apology for what happened today. Is Mr. Cheng willing?” Peng Dahai offered since he did not know Cheng Yu personally and also did not know his thoughts about what happened today. Maybe behind his back, Cheng Yu would even stab him. If he could help Cheng Yu solving these issues, it could be said that he paid a favor at a little cost and also allowed Cheng Yu to know he was actually amiable.

At this moment, Han Xue brought two cups of tea in. When Cheng Yu was about to take the cup of tea from Han Xue, he rubbed her hands for a moment before receiving the tea. Han Xue stared at Cheng Yu with hate before turning around and going out of the room.

Cheng Yu drank a sip of tea and laughed, “Since Chief Pang is so passionate to offer help, I will not reject Chief’s good intention. I will put my car here first and wait for Chief to help me resolve the issues for these two items before coming to take them away.”

After chatting for a while, a police officer ran in and said that the Mayor had arrived. They got up and walked out of the room to greet the mayor together.

“I am so sorry, Mayor! It was only a small matter, but I had to bother you to come over,” Peng Dahai said with a laugh while walking towards the Mayor after exiting the office.

“May I know what’s going on, Chief Pang?” Zhao Minglong looked at Cheng Yu and asked Peng Dahai.

As Peng Dahai also wished to end this matter, he gave a general idea of what had actually happened.

“Since it’s like that, can I bring Xiao Yu home now?”

“Of course you can! Not an issue at all!” Peng Dahai nodded hurriedly and said. When Han Xue saw Cheng Yu walk out of the police station, she clenched her fist tightly and thought back to the time when she had been taken advantage of in the detention room. She even got criticized by the chief after that, which caused her hatred towards him to increase furthermore. If he ever got caught by her again, she would never let him off so easily.

Once Peng Dahai saw them leaving, he wiped the sweat off his forehead as he sighed in relief. In politics, if you ever made a mistake, you might never be able to come back from it. This was especially true when you offended someone who was regarded as one of the higher-ups. The mayor looked like he was polite and amiable just now, but who knew what he was actually thinking? Maybe the mayor could be satisfied or unsatisfied with him, no one would know it except for the mayor himself.

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