Chapter 28: I Must Go Against Heaven’s Will in This Life.

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“Why are you not in school attending classes, but getting caught by the police? Also where did you get the car from?” Originally, the mayor thought that Cheng Yu was changing for the better when he felt the mysterious domineering vibe from him yesterday, but after today’s incident, he was disappointed.

“I don’t wish to attend classes and the car was bought just a moment ago,” Cheng Yu replied. Today the test was on English, and even if he went to school, he would be falling asleep anyway.

“Where did you get the money needed to buy the car?” Zhao Minglong frowned and asked.

“I had discussed with Wanmei Group about another collaboration project today and also asked for some money from them after signing the contract,” Cheng Yu said lightly. After he heard what Cheng Yu said, Zhao Minglong was shocked. He did not know what advice to give to his nephew anymore. Some people had been thinking of methods to make money, but for Cheng Yu, when he had nothing to do, he would randomly go and find someone to discuss with about a collaboration and make money from them. He made it seem like Wanmei Group was his to begin with.

When the mayor’s secretary overheard their conversation while driving, he was surprised. Originally, when he heard that the mayor had to pay a visit to the police station, he thought something bad had happened. Who knew that they were actually going to the police station to fetch someone. After he heard the situation from Chief Peng, he found out that the mayor’s nephew had stirred up some trouble and the mayor was here to clear up the mess his nephew had caused.

Originally, the mayor’s secretary thought that when they got into the car, the mayor would teach his nephew a lesson, but what he witnessed was the complete opposite situation where the tone the mayor was using to talk to his nephew was very calm and polite. Unexpectedly, the young man who looked around 18 years old could even collaborate with the Wanmei Group and from the way he talked, this was not even the first time they were collaborating. The mayor’s secretary knew that the Wanmei Group was the leading cosmetics enterprise in Yunhai City and even the government was paying close attention to them. This young man was capable of cooperating with them, and most likely, the project would not be simple. This caused the mayor’s secretary to be extremely curious about the mayor’s nephew.

“What kind of car did you buy and how much did you spend on it?” Zhao Minglong asked curiously.

“I think it’s called Lamborghini and it was 7.5 million dollars,” Cheng Yu said casually.

“Hiss!” Both the mayor and his secretary sucked in a breath of cold air. Just by asking for a bit of money, after discussing about the cooperation, could allow him to suddenly afford this kind of car?

“How much money did she give you to allow you to buy such an expensive car?” Although Zhao Minglong was the mayor, he was not corrupt. If it was not because of his wife, Zhao Yunfang, who owned a company, how could he even afford a car? When he heard that Cheng Yu spent 7.5 million dollars on a car, he was feeling distressed.

“She said if I took everything that they had in their finance department right now, her company would face difficulty operating, so I took only 10 million dollars.”

They couldn’t speak when they heard what Cheng Yu said. Her company would face difficulty operating? How much did he even ask for? The Wanmei Group was a listed company and the operating income would at least have to be several billion. It is impossible for her company to face difficulty operating unless they were talking about billions of dollars for the cooperation?

In fact, the reason for the Wanmei Group to be unable to produce those funds right now was solely due to the launch of the Rejuvenation and Longevity Pills. In addition, the company needed to have enough liquid funds to be able to continue daily operations. If such a big company happened to face insufficient funds for daily operation, it would cause a series of issues.

When Zhao Minglong finally sent Cheng Yu home, he and his secretary went back to the Municipal Government as it was only 5 pm. Cheng Yu got bored and went to switch on the television. Even though the television was on, he was not paying attention, but was thinking of his future matters.

He realized that ever since he had come to this world, he had become very idle. In the past, when he was still in the Immortal World, he would concoct pills and cultivate nonstop. However, ever since he came to this world, he felt like he did not have any tangible goals and was at a loss for what to do. Even though he had reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, he felt that he does not know why he should be bothered to get any stronger from now on.

In his previous life, as he was striving for the heavenly laws to go against heaven’s will, his mother died in the midst of it causing him to lost the motherly love he had always cherished. This caused him to be heartbroken since then. Although, in this life, he did have maternal love and it’s from his own family, but every time he saw his current mother, he would always think of his previous life’s mother whose face was always filled with tears. Thinking about this, Cheng Yu’s eyes started to turn red.

Heavenly laws are not about abandoning your feelings! It is not about making you to discard your emotions, kinship, love or friendship. Heavenly laws are all about possessing everything! Mortals usually only have a trivial lifespan, but with the heavenly laws, it allows you to possess all the stuff you could care about like kinship, love and friendship.

If one were to pursue the heavenly laws, one would obtain an endless lifespan and immortal body. What is the point of living after that?

In this life, I have a complete family that cares about me and people who I love. I will not allow them to leave me alone again!

In this life, I must go against heaven’s will and allow everyone who I care about to always stay by my side! This is what the heavenly laws are!

Since it is like this, I will help them build a cultivation route to allow them to have an eternal lifespan!

At this moment, Cheng Yu had a sudden enlightenment. This is the heavenly law he always wanted to pursue! His previous life’s regrets will be made up in this life. Perhaps this is the reason he came to this world!

Since he is no longer at a loss of what to do and had found a new goal, he would need to make a plan to achieve his goal.

However, to achieve his ambitious goals, he would need a huge amount of funds. It seems like he would need to discuss with Yang Ruoxue to intensify the cooperation efforts.

Once it reached 7 pm, Cheng Yu decided to go out for a stroll and also get something since no one had reached home yet. Once he stepped out of the door, he felt depressed.

“D*mn it! I already bought a car, but I still have to take public transport. Do I have to take public transport for life?” Cheng Yu thought.

Cheng Yu thought that he should visit Lin Yuhan and grab his dinner on the way to her place.

Once he arrived at the night market, Cheng Yu bought 2 wheat cakes as it looked quite tasty. After trying a mouthful, he realized it did not really taste bad.

When he saw Lin Yuhan serving dishes to the customers while wiping off her sweat occasionally, he felt his heart was stirred. This girl was so pure that even the fairies in the Immortal World are unable to compare with her. Cheng Yu swore in his heart that he would never allow anyone to hurt her after witnessing it.

Once Cheng Yu finished eating the wheat cakes, he walked towards Lin Yuhan. When Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu, she stopped and asked, “Why did you come here? Why didn’t you go to school to take the test today?”

“Haha! Since I missed you, I decided to come over and visit you. It’s not like you don’t know. I have no understanding of English. Even if I had gone to take the test, it would have just been a waste of time.”

“Can’t you try to learn it?” Lin Yuhan said discontentedly.

“Don’t worry! Tomorrow I will go to school and learn it obediently. Auntie, your complexion today makes you look younger by a few years compared to the last time I saw you!” Cheng Yu looked towards Mother Lin and said.

“Haha! It’s all thanks to Xiao Yu. Your pills are so miraculous! Once you start selling the pills, you will certainly strike it rich!” Mother Lin complimented Cheng Yu happily after she heard what he said. The pills Cheng Yu had given her were really miraculous. After eating, the next day when she woke up, she realized that most of her wrinkles had disappeared. She also felt that her body had also been energized. Even after so much work today, she was not tired at all.

“Haha! These pills will appear in the market soon, but Auntie doesn’t have to buy them. The two pills I gave you are better compared to those that will be appearing in the market soon. You only need to eat 1 of each and that will be enough. If there is a need, I will give you more again next time.” This was his future mother-in-law. If he did not put in extra effort in taking care of her, how would she accept him marrying her daughter.

“Auntie, I did not have dinner yet. Please give me a plate of fried rice.”

“Ok. I will cook for you immediately. Please go and have a seat first.”

Cheng Yu also went to Lin Yuhan to order a pot of Mala hotpot[1] before finding a place to sit.

Looking at Lin Yuhan’s busy silhouette, he found out that this girl has the potential to be a great wife and loving mother. As Cheng Yu did not wish to disturb her work, once he finished eating, he paid and left the market. At first, Mother Lin did not wish to accept the money, but Cheng Yu ignored her and placed 50 dollars on the table before leaving.

Although Cheng Yu knew her good intentions, they are, after all, working so hard to earn this money. How could Cheng Yu possibly take advantage of them and eat a free meal? In addition, the girl working here was someone he liked and who had been busy for the whole night causing her to be covered in sweat.

When Cheng Yu reached home, he saw Cheng Meiyan and Zhao Minglong sitting on the sofa watching television. He felt that most likely the little girl, Zhao Yunfang, had gone out with her friends.

Cheng Yu walked over and sat at the sofa. He look at Zhao Minglong and asked, “Uncle, does Zhonghai have any large plot of land that is for sale?”

“Land? Why are you asking for it?” Zhao Minglong asked curiously.

“I wish to buy a plot of land. It should be at least around 10000 Mu[2]. Do you know anyone selling?”

“10000 Mu? Why would you need such a big plot of land?” Cheng Meiyan frowned and asked.

“Haha! I can’t tell you temporarily, but I would need it to accomplish something. Not sure if uncle would be able to find one?” Cheng Yu replied with a smile. Currently, this was his secret and there was still lots of preparation to be done.

“We do have such a plot of land. Only, the geographical location is not that good. The land is positioned in the west and is around 20000+ Mu. Previously, it was supposed to be used to build a golf course and a resort village by a foreign investor. However, due to certain reasons, they were not able to reach an agreement. The price of the land should not be very expensive and it should cost around 300 thousand per Mu. After calculations, the whole plot of land would cost at least 6 billion. If you want, I can help you inform the National Land Office.”

Although he does not know what Cheng Yu wants to do with that land, but he knows that 6 billion is not a small amount of money. Even though Cheng Yu’s mother was rich, Zhao Minglong believed that his family would not support Cheng Yu on this matter. Furthermore, 6 billion is not a small figure even for Cheng Yu’s mother.

“Hmmm…indeed 6 billion is a lot. However, I will think of a solution. If it really is impossible, I would buy only half of it first. Currently, I will not buy it as I am just getting the quote. Once I am prepared to buy it, I will let you know again!” Cheng Yu thought for a while and decided not to immediately purchase the land. After all, 6 billion is not a small sum of money.

Before buying the plot of land, Cheng Yu still needed to find certain things and confirm certain matters. If there are none of these things, it would be impossible for him to achieve his goal. At that time, no matter how big the land is, it would also be useless to him.

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It seemed like he would have to get someone to find these things for him. In the future, he would need to take a stroll everywhere to get familiarized with this place.

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“Aish! If this world does not have these items, it will really be very troublesome.” Cheng Yu pat on his head and thought. He felt a headache the moment he thought of those items.

[1] Mala Hotpot = It’s a type of Chinese hot pot that is very spicy.
[2] Mu = 1 Mu is equal to 0.0667 hectares

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