Chapter 352: Wheel of fortune


As the scene flashed through her mind, Wushuang seemed to remember seeing a grassland. On the grassland, there was a bonfire with several blurred figures around it, but the thing that left the deepest impression on her was those 18 super skeletons.

Wushuang tried her best to make the scene clearer, but the scene seemed to always be shrouded by a layer of mist. It was as if the scene was an ashamed maiden, who was unwilling to reveal her true appearance.

Suddenly, rows of spotlessly white teeth appeared in front of her eyes, and Wushuang was startled. This resulted in her waking up all of a sudden, and as soon as she returned to her senses, she saw Long YI standing in front of her. Long Yi was watching her with a smile, revealing rows of shining white teeth.

“What are you doing?” Wushuang suppressed the waves which were brewing in her heart and asked faintly.

“I am the one that should ask what are you doing, why on earth are you staring at me like that?” Long Yi smiled strangely and replied to Wushuang with a question of his own while staring at her.

Wushuang’s face slightly heated up and she hurriedly replied Long Yi with a cold voice, “Who was looking at you? I was looking at those skeletons at your side.”

“Skeletons? Do skeletons look as good as me?” Long Yi said with a smirk on his face.

“The skeletons are a hundred times better looking than you, why are you being such a narcissist??” Wushuang immediately stated.

“Did you recall anything?” Long Yi asked with expectation.

“No.” Wushuang replied flatly.

A trace of disappointment flashed in Long Yi’s eyes but he quickly reverted back to his signature bad smile. With a smirk on his face, he told Wushuang, “Wushuang, just now, you were blushing.”

Wushuang instantly shot a glare at him, but Long Yi seemed to ignore her as he had already returned to the bonfire. Patting Long Two’s shoulder, he asked, “Brother, someone is saying you are more handsome than me, do you think you’re more handsome than me?”

Long Yi’s action piqued the interest of both women, but Barbarian Bull wasn’t surprised at all. As for three god-beasts, they were staring at the meat on the grill while drooling.

The pitch-black eye-sockets of Long Two flashed with a red light and its skull unexpectedly turned towards Long Yi.

“This… does this skeleton have consciousness?” Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue were stunned. Originally when they learned about Long Yi’s hidden profession, and saw that he summoned 18 super skeletons, they were surprised. However, now, they were dumbfounded. They never thought that a skeleton could actually respond to its master, wasn’t it just a bunch of bones put together?

This was not the first time Long Yi had seen Long Two responding to him. He guessed that this fellow was slowly giving rise to its own consciousness. When he first guessed that Long Two was actually developing its own consciousness, the thought of eliminating Long Two appeared in his mind. However, he finally gave up on that thought and decided to let fate run its course. Now, he actually had some expectations for Long Two’s development and he wanted to see what would happen if Long Two developed its own consciousness.

“Maybe.” Long Yi answered absent-mindedly as his eyes were staring at those pitch-black eye-sockets of Long Two. Then using his spirit power, he surrounded it. Long Yi managed to sense spirit fluctuations coming out of Long Two, and for a lifeless skeleton which was summoned by a necromancer to have spirit fluctuations was an impossible matter. However, the fact was that Long Two indeed had spirit fluctuations, so saying that it doesn’t have consciousness was somewhat unbelievable.

Long Yi pondered deeply and walked two steps away, but to his surprise, Long Two’s eye-sockets flashed with a red light as Long Two soon followed behind him with every step he took. Even without commands from Long Yi, Long Two was moving by itself.

At this time, Long Yi felt a comparatively strong spirit fluctuation from Long Two, as if it was trying to communicate with him. Although Long Yi didn’t understand what it wanted to say, he could feel admiration and worship from it.

Long Yi was startled. Turning around to face Long Two, he looked at Long Two in the eye. Compared to the time when he had just obtained Long Two, it had indeed grown a lot. Now, its entire body emitted a dense dark aura, and the skeleton which was its entire body had changed into a suit of grand bone armor. It was no longer that emaciated skeleton which it had once been. Never would Long Yi have thought that this skeleton, which he named casually and sometimes poured his heart out to as it would never divulge his secrets, would really develop its own consciousness. Now it was actually able to think independently and move by itself without any instruction.

After a long time, Long Yi habitually gave Long Two’s shoulders a pat and said, “No matter what you become and no matter how strong you become, I hope you will never betray me.”

The eye-sockets of Long Two flashed with red light. However, it didn’t understand the words Long Yi said to it. Currently, Long Two’s intelligence wasn’t fully developed and its comprehension ability was only equivalent to a 3-4-year-old child. It could be said that, for a consciousness to develop in Long Two, Long Yi played a vital role. As Long Yi had always regarded Long Two as a living being, he continuously talked to it. This allowed Long Two to evolve, and this slowly gave rise to a consciousness in Long Two. At the very beginning, it was only a little, but later, along with its strength, this little bit of consciousness began to strengthen. Eventually, that little bit of consciousness it had in the beginning became stronger and stronger. This resulted in Long Two being able to think for itself like what is currently happening. From another point of view, it could be said that it was impossible for Long Two to defy Long Yi. As the concept that Long Yi was its ‘boss’ had been deeply rooted in its brain the moment its consciousness was born, it would definitely carry out Long Yi’s command no matter what it was.

The atmosphere became somewhat strange. Now, Long Yi sat at one side lost in thought, and Long Two who was holding a death scythe stood behind him. The other 17 skeletons were carrying out Long Yi’s command of slicing and roasting the meat beside the two of them. As for Nalan Ruyue, she walked a bit farther from Long Yi with her body shrouded in a layer of milky white radiance. It goes without saying that light and dark were opposing elements, so she instinctively rejected the dark aura emitted by Long Two.

Long Yi nodded his head and sprinkled seasonings on all the roasted meat, causing a burst of aroma from the freshly cooked meat. This fragrance awakened the gluttonous worm in his stomach and he no longer went into the flights of fancy. Even his soul had passed through time and space to arrive at this world, this proved that nothing was impossible.

This seemingly separate space also had night and day. When Long Yi and the others finished eating, the day suddenly changed to night. This change was too quick, catching all of them unprepared. The light was gone and darkness fell upon the land in an instant in this space.

As there was danger all around in this space, Long Yi didn’t dare to rashly advance into the unknown. Moreover, he knew that everyone had wasted a large amount of energy in the narrow gorge. As such, he decided that they should rest and recover their energy for the time being before proceeding any further.

After pitching tents, everyone retreated into their individual tent to rest.

However, Long Yi was restless the whole night and wasn’t able to fall asleep. The thought of stealthily entering Nalan Ruyue’s tent gradually surfaced in his mind. He had wives at his side, but he couldn’t touch them, wasn’t this very cruel and ruthless?

But, thinking about the ruthless words from Wushuang which stated that if the two of them had any intimate behavior when she was around, she would cut off his little **. As soon as he thought about what Wushuang said, he started to hesitate. Their hearts’ magic horn, how could it be so sensitive? This was truly too depressing.

“Your grandfather, I cannot eat, but can’t I at least hug her to sleep?” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and thought. He who was already accustomed to sleeping with a beauty accompanying him, tonight, without a warm fragrant jade beside him, how would he fall asleep? It was really hard to bear the feeling of having no one beside him while he slept.

After thinking so far, his heart itched even more and the feeling became harder to bear. So like a thief, he looked all around and quietly arrived in front of Nalan Ruyue’s tent. Then with his spirit power, he sensed that there wasn’t any barrier. Long Yi was unable to help but become overjoyed at the thought that this girl might also be waiting for him.

Long Yi lifted the curtains, but the only thing he saw was that the interior of the tent was full of dense light aura. Nalan Ruyue was sitting cross-legged in a deep meditation and was oblivious to anything happening around her.

“This girl, how come you don’t understand your husband’s heart?” Long Yi thought in frustration. It was naturally easy for him to wake her up, but, disrupting her meditation for his lust was naturally too selfish. It was impossible for him to do such things.

Long Yi left the tent of Nalan Ruyue in dejection, and turning around, he suddenly met a pair of ice-cold eyes. As he looked into the cold eyes looking at him, he felt as though he fell into a pool of ice-cold water, and felt a chill at the bottom of his heart.

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“Wushuang, why on earth are you running outside so late at night to scare people? Do you know, you nearly frightened me to death?” Long Yi saw that those eyes belonged to Wushuang and said in annoyance.

“You want to do bad things again. Do you no longer want that thing below you anymore?” Wushuang coldly shot a glance at Long Yi’s crotch and a hint of shame unconsciously flashed on her beautiful face.

“I have no dirty thoughts running through my mind, I have no burning desire in me right now. Could it be that you’re feeling something right now? What are you doing here? Don’t tell me that you sensed it again, if you say so, then I dare to confirm that that is your problem. I have absolutely nothing to do with this.” Long Yi hurriedly pleaded innocence, but his mind was running constantly. Could it be that she was able to sense his thoughts?

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Wushuang didn’t give him a reply, she merely stood there and stared at Long Yi in a daze. Her expression was constantly changing as she looked at him, and no one knew what she was thinking about.

A ray of moonlight silently illuminated the night sky. And under the moonlight, Wushuang who was wearing a white dress appeared just like a female celestial who descended from heaven. Compared to the mortals in this world, she would put all of them to shame. Stunned, Long Yi could only stare blankly at her.

Both people looked at each other in a daze, only after a period of time which seemed to stretch for eternity and felt like an instant,  both of them simultaneously woke up with a start. Long Yi who had naturally thick skin wasn’t embarrassed at all, however, the same couldn’t be said for Wushuang.

“I cannot sleep, how about we take a walk?” Wushuang turned around and softly said to Long Yi.

“Well… I can’t sleep either. How about we chat while walking?” Long Yi looked at the beautiful silhouette of Wushuang and couldn’t help but become somewhat idiotic.

Wushuang neither rejected nor objected, she merely began to walk gracefully. Since she didn’t object to his suggestion, Long Yi followed her with his thick face.

Wushuang’s heart was in chaos. Every night, she would always meditate no matter what happens, but for some unknown reason, tonight, she found it extremely hard to keep a calm mind to meditate. As such, she simply gave up on the idea of meditating and lied down to sleep. After she fell asleep, she had a dream. In her dream, a familiar face appeared, the face which seemed foreign yet dear to her at the same time. That well-defined facial outline, those shiny dark eyes that could make people’s heart start pounding, and that signature bad smile on his face. Every part of the face told her that she was looking at Long Yi without question.

If it was merely a dream of Long Yi, then it wouldn’t have made her feel like this. In her dream, Long Yi was on top of her, pushing her down. Their lips were in contact with each other, while they both possessed an identical heartbeat rhythm. The sound of their heartbeat was akin to thunder, ringing loud and clear in their ears.

Peng peng, peng peng, this identical heartbeat let them know that they were connected together with an invisible thread of fate. In her dream, Wushuang wanted to resist Long Yi’s advances, but all of her efforts were in vain. Now that their lives were basically intertwined, they were unable to separate from each other.

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