Chapter 353: Making progress


Watching Wushuang’s changing expressions, Long Yi had no idea what she was thinking or feeling. Before, she was always calm and collected. Even when her life was threatened, she didn’t even knit her brows, but now he felt her state of mind was in chaos as she evidently had something troubling her.

“Do you believe in fate?” Wushuang suddenly looked up and asked, as her beautiful eyes looked straight at the shining black eyes on Long Yi’s face.

“Fate? Fate might exist, however, it’s too vague. Comparatively, I believe more in reality.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and replied with a smile.

“Can one resist fate by relying on the strength of one person?” The words slipped out of Wushuang’s mouth as she thought out loud.

Long Yi frowned, was the question because of him? Becoming more serious, he quickly replied, “One needs to determine the circumstances they are in to be able to resist fate. First, one needs to be clear about one’s own heart and shouldn’t be deceived by what is on the surface. ”

Wushuang turned around and looked at the distant night sky. Now, her eyes had a hint of sadness in them. This kind of expression, other than the time when Lost City was destroyed, Wushuang had never displayed this expression before.

“Are you homesick?” Long Yi softly asked.

“Do I still have a home?” Wushuang muttered in a low voice.

“Of course, my place is your home because you are my woman.” Long Yi reached out his hand and gently grabbed the ice-cold little hands of Wushuang.

Wushuang’s entire body trembled. She felt warmth and safety coming from the hands Long Yi used to hold her. Now, she didn’t hate this feeling and unexpectedly, she didn’t struggle free from his grasp.

Long Yi was delighted in his heart as he felt that his relationship with Wushuang had taken a step forward. Before, if he had grabbed her hand, then he would have definitely turned into an ice sculpture.

“My father is gone, my mother is also gone. The entire Lost City is destroyed. So why, why am I still alive?” Wushuang tightly held Long Yi’s big hands as if she was earnestly hoping to obtain even more warmth to soothe and strengthen her spirit.

“In order to meet me, you waited for several thousands of years for the sake of finding me.” Long Yi tenderly said and looked warmly at Wushuang.

“Is this fate?” Wushuang subconsciously resisted.

“Perhaps, this should be the fate that brings people together. Both of us are the same type of people, the kind of people who shouldn’t exist in the current world. However, we were able to meet each other here. This is the fate in life that brings people together.” Long Yi gently stroke the ice-cold and smooth little hand as his tone became erratic.

An electric current flowed out from his palm and dispersed throughout her body. Her heart beat like drum, pengpeng pengpeng, along with the rhythm of Long Yi’s heartbeat. A strange feeling of being connected rushed through them. Perhaps, they were meant to be connected like this.

“Why do you say that you shouldn’t exist in this world as well?” Wushuang asked Long Yi in confusion.

Long Yi was dumbfounded for a moment and said with a smile, “There is no reason. Everything is fine as long as you know that the both of us are fated.”

“I only know… you are very good at coaxing girls, no wonder you have numerous beauties at your side. Is this how you managed to deceive them to be by your side?” The corner of Wushuang’s mouth curled up as she teased Long Yi. Except, she didn’t struggle to get out of Long Yi’s clutches even though her tiny hands were still held by him. It was as though she had forgotten about that matter altogether.

“Not deceived, I am actually very sincere when treating them.” Seeing the beautiful smile of Wushuang, Long Yi also became happy. No feeling in the world could compare to him seeing his woman being happy.

“Is your heart really sincere?” Wushuang raised her other hand and pointed at Long Yi’s heart as she asked.

Long Yi gently laughed as he raised his hands. Placing his hands on Wushuang’s shoulders, he gently pulled her into his bosom. Lightly whispering into Wushuang’s ear, he immediately replied to her question. “Here, feel for yourself whether or not I’m sincere.”

Pengpeng, pengpeng, Wushuang stuck close to the warm chest of Long Yi and felt that her heart was beating violently. At that time, she felt a gentle caress on her back and her stiffened body unconsciously softened. After listening to Long Yi’s heartbeat which was exactly the same as her own, the anxious feeling hidden in her heart beneath the ice-cold surface suddenly simmered down. She finally realized that she and this man in front of her were destined to have intertwined lives forever.

Long Yi’s hands were moving around Wushuang’s back, and even though his hand and her skin were separated by layers of clothes, he was able to clearly feel Wushuang’s soft and springy skin. Being able to embrace a beauty once again, Long Yi simply felt as if he was dreaming. But the faint orchid fragrance assailing his nostrils however, told him that this was reality.

Long Yi placed his chin on Wushuang’s shoulder and blew a puff of hot air in her ear. After which, he began to tease her sensitive earlobes with his lips.

Wushuang slightly trembled, and her small hand which was tightly grabbing Long Yi’s clothes clenched even tighter before loosening up. This process of her tightening and loosening her grip on Long Yi’s clothes continued as her body suddenly became stiff. She felt a burning hot thing poking on her lower abdomen and her perfectly round buttocks had also already fallen into the devil’s clutches which were currently unscrupulously kneading and pinching her buttocks.

A peculiar pleasant sensation flooded Wushuang. She opened her mouth and firmly bit Long Yi’s shoulders and her two little hands practically ripped the clothes off Long Yi.

Long Yi nevertheless sped up his attacks. His wolf claws moved towards the sacred place between Wushuang’s legs, then his middle finger squeezed in from between the crack of her buttocks and pressed at her private forbidden area.

“Ah……” Wushuang exclaimed loudly and suddenly pushed Long Yi away. Her towering breasts rapidly rose and fell. With a face as red as a tomato, she shot a glare at Long Yi. She opened her mouth to say something, but she eventually said nothing and after stamping her feet on the ground, she disappeared into thin air.

Long Yi angrily hit his own head. He was too hasty, but, from her appearance just now, she shouldn’t be that angry.

“Very soon, she will accept me.” Long Yi was happily thinking that the barrier between Wushuang and him was slowly disappearing. At this current moment, his state of mind was excellent. He still had the lingering soft and smooth feeling of Wushuang’s buttocks in his palms. Before, when he had gone to Origin Ice while carrying Wushuang, he didn’t have any dirty thoughts about her at all even though she was practically helpless in his grasp already. This was because, at that time, he was wholeheartedly trying to find the Ruyi Ice Silkworm to cure and remove the curse on Wushuang. As such, the relationship between him and Wushuang was very pure before this.


On the west side of Lightning God Forbidden Area, opposite to this unique space where Long Yi and others were located, one black and one white troop were resting on the hillside. Simply by looking at their tattered armors and exhausted faces, anyone could see that they were in dire straits.

At the start, there were more than 2000 people altogether. However, there were only 300-400 people left currently. One could easily imagine how much danger and difficulty they experienced en route.

From the time the Light Church and Dark Church’s troops met, they had been cooperating in tacit understanding. Everyone would have thought that this was a ridiculous idea if news of the Light and Dark Churches working together were to spread. The problem was that if the two troops didn’t cooperate with each other, then perhaps, even these 300-400 measly troops would already have been buried in the Lightning God Forbidden Area.

Leng Youyou and Feng Ling, who were disguised as men, were sitting together chewing the field rations. Till now, they felt as if they were dreaming. Their experiences these past few days were so incredible that they didn’t dare to believe they were actually still alive.

“If our husband was here, then how wonderful that would be. It has been a long time since I last ate the meat he roasted. Also… It has been a long time since……” Leng Youyou’s beautiful face became red in the midst of speaking. When they were in situations where their lives were threatened, women would especially miss the person who gave them the greatest sense of security.

“Also, it has been a long time since I got intimate with my husband. Isn’t this the only thought in your mind right now? Youyou, don’t you know how to feel content? If we really see our husband, don’t fight with me, okay?” Feng Ling smiled and said. Thinking about those days with Long Yi, her eyes also somewhat blurred.

“But, I don’t know whether we can return alive or not.” Leng Youyou sighed, and her gaze suddenly turned towards the light church’s troop camp and remained on Si Bi as she continued talking to Feng Ling. “Lingr, how about we go to look for Si Bi to chat when we rest tonight? In any case, we are also sisters.”

“Fine. Didn’t she save us last time?” Feng Ling nodded her head and said. As a matter of fact, every time they would encounter danger, Si Bi and the two girls would unconsciously approach each other. They had even saved each other on multiple occasions.

Late at night, inside the hidden woods at the hillside, three graceful figures were sitting together while conversing affectionately in low voices. They were Si Bi, Leng Youyou and Feng Ling who had already reverted back to their female appearances.

“Si Bi, did your Pure Yin Body revert back to its original state?” Leng Youyou asked with deep concern. She was the last person to part ways with Long Yi, so it was natural that she knew Si Bi’s problems.

Si Bi’s expression sunk as she heard the question and she replied while shaking her head. “Just suppressed, if I don’t have a particular opportunity, I fear my body will never revert back to normal throughout my life.”

Leng Youyou and Feng Ling looked at each other and saw the worry in each other’s eyes. Once a person with the Pure Yin Body loses her virginity, then she would lose all her power. No matter who it may be, Si Bi or Long Yi, this was a torment for the both of them.

“Don’t worry, our husband will definitely find a way. From the past till now, I still have yet to see something that is able to stump him.” Feng Ling consoled Si Bi as she tried to assure her that everything would be alright.

Si Bi nodded her head and looked into the night sky. She faintly said, “As long as I can become the wife of our husband, I don’t care whether I lose my powers or not.”

From this single sentence that came out of Si Bi’s mouth, one could see how deeply Si Bi felt for Long Yi. One should know that currently Si Bi had already reached the pinnacle of the Archmage realm and reaching the Master Archmage realm was only a matter of time for her. But for the sake of her love, she could give up all her magic power she had painstakingly cultivated. They couldn’t help but admire her.

“I finally know why our husband has always been so obsessed with you. A woman like you, if he didn’t marry you, then he will definitely meet the wrath of Heaven.” Leng Youyou said. Yes, she always knew that Si Bi’s position in Long Yi’s heart was the highest out of all the women he possessed.

Suddenly, the magic elements in the air around them fluctuated violently. Following the fluctuation in magic elements, the spirit barrier laid out by Leng Youyou broke in an instant. Three women looked at each other in blank dismay, and at that time, a huge silverish-purple light beam soared towards the sky not far away from them.

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