Chapter 102: So this is actually a real danger to the world.

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After returning home, I handed over the shopping bag to my mom and went to my room to call Lina on her phone.

“Whoa, I have never been so happy to enter my own room.”

I purposely left the air conditioner on before I went out, so when I came back, it was already cool. though, I also feel refreshed when I enter a cool place after being in a hot weather. As I was enjoying the coolness in my room, Meru called me to remind me of the idea she proposed earlier.

“Master, are you going to call Lina-sama?”
“Hm? Ah, yeah, I will do that now.”

As told by Meru, I took out my phone and called Lina’s phone number.

*Beep, Beep*

I placed my phone near my ear and waited for her to respond, but the phone kept ringing without a sign of someone answering the call. After a short while, I decided to call her again by ending the current call, but at that moment, the ringing sound stopped and switched to Lina’s flustered response.


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Her voice tone that reached me from the phone was trembling.

What happened to her? She doesn’t usually talk so loudly. I considered to ask her about it, but immediately changed my mind. I had a more important matter to talk about now.

“Hello, It’s me. Did I call you at wrong timing? You took a while to answer the phone.”
“N-No, I’m fine. I’m just not used to this phone yet.”

Yeah, the place where she came from doesn’t have phones. It can’t be helped. I found her excuse plausible, however, Lina continued.

“B-Besides, this is the first time I’m talking using a phone, so I got a bit confused.”

This time her loud voice tone changed into a shy one. It was exactly as she said; I never saw Lina talking on a phone either. We talk directly when we’re in school, and even if we are not, we usually exchange only mails. She probably doesn’t have many people to whom she could talk in phone. Listening to her little awkward remark, I thought of giving her an advice.

“You don’t have to get so nervous. You are already used to telepathy, aren’t you? Phone calls are similar to that of telepathy. Don’t let a mere phone call intimidate you.”
“… Yeah, you’re right.”

Listening to my advice, Lina’s flustered voice tone started to subside. She then cleared her throat and asked me in a normal way.

“So, why did you call me out a sudden?”
“Ah, yeah, about that, actually…”

Intentionally leaving a short gap in my words, I then spoke the name of the person I wanted to ask about.

“… This could be pretty abrupt, but, do you know a God with the name of Scala?”


The moment I asked her about it, I heard a sound of something breaking from the phone. Wait, what just happened there? Confused from hearing a sound of something getting broken into pieces, I suddenly heard Lina’s voice that sounded nervous in a different and unusual way now.

“Y-You! What did you just say…”
“I just asked you; do you know a God named Scala?”
“Where did you hear that name!?”

Exuding a ghastly aura, Lina shouted. I wonder what made her lose her composure this much. I distanced the phone from my ear, waited for Lina to finish screaming, then told her about what happened.

“I heard it from that very person.”
“You met her!? Did you just say that you met her!?”

Unlike the way I calmly spoke, Lina’s spoke with a trembling voice as she wasn’t expecting me to have already met Scala. Her flustering attitude was far from being normal.

“AH! What should we do!? What should we do!? Should I report this to Metron-sama? Or should I send a request for assistance first?!”

I could tell Lina was already at the end of her wits even though we were only talking via phone. Is this Scala that dangerous? I couldn’t shake off this faint feeling of worry after seeing Lina acting in a way I’ve never seen before. For now, let’s calm her down.

“Hey, Lina. Are you okay? Let’s calm down first.”
“Eh? Ah, aah, my bad. I lost my cool for a while there.”

Regaining her composure after hearing my call, Lina took a deep breath and settled down. Waiting for a short while, I finally asked her for some details.

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“So, who’s this Scala? She told me that she’s a God.”

Lina confirmed my doubt while still exuding a nervous ambiance.

“That’s correct. Scala-sama is a God. But she’s on a whole different level from Metron-sama.”

After a moment of silence in the middle of her words, she eventually continued.

“Scala-sama is one of the four Unique Gods in this universe.”
“Four Unique Gods?” (ED: How can they be unique if there are more than 1? Lol)

That’s a pretty cheap title now.

“The four Unique Gods are more like the top class Gods who hold the highest positions after the Divine God. The thing that you should know is that Gods are divided into 3 standard positions. The Divine God, the four Unique Gods, and Gods. However, Scala-sama has the highest rank even among the four unique gods.”

Seriously? I guessed that she was dangerous, but not to that extent. After hearing Lina’s explanation, I got a bit surprised.

“To top it off, Scala-sama is somewhat different from every other God.”
“Different? How is that?”
“A God is usually obligated to be responsible for managing one or more worlds. But Scala-sama doesn’t have that responsibility.”

That’s quite the particular difference. I already heard that every God should manage a world; that is their principal job, after all. It’s their duty.

“Why does she not have a world to manage?”

I immediately expressed my wonder with that question. There must be some serious reason behind that. Although, the answer that I got back in return was ridiculously simple.

“That’s because managing a world is impossible for Scala-sama.”

I was stunned when I heard that answer, but Lina ignored my reaction and continued.

“The title of Scala-sama is 【The God of Destruction】. And just as her title says, her only talent is destroying things. That’s why managing a world is an impossible task to ask her for. Due to her problematic character, she has already destroyed many worlds by mistake…”

(ED: How does one destroy a world by ‘mistake’?)
(TL: That’s because they’re gods.)

Lina explained while revealing an annoyed expression. She even released a sign at the end. The only thing I could do at the meantime was to smile awkwardly. Well, managing a world is an impossible task for someone who’s more talented at destroying it.

“I’m impressed that someone like that could be a God.”

She’s more like a fallen God. The fact that all the damage she causes is not done purposely makes her even more dangerous than Germa.

“Despite that, she is still a fully-fledged God. Even though she is unable to manage a world, there are still plenty of other jobs that she could accomplish.”

If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t be a God, after all. Besides, if someone with a powerful ability that could destroy a world was left without care, who knows the catastrophes that could happen in the future.

“Yeah, if a God like her gets kicked from their job, the world could end up at any time.”
“That’s right.”

I lightly laughed while talking with Lina, but behind that laugh, cold sweat was dripping from my forehead. So, that God picked a fight with me.

“Say, suppose that I get challenged by someone like that and I ignore her and escape by teleporting. What do you think will happen?”

“You’re just gonna make her snap and outburst her anger at Earth. Why do you ask?”

I ignored Lina’s last question and held my head while gazing at the roof. Seriously, I was intending to just ignore her challenge. Just what am I supposed to do with the annoying whim of this God? Lina who didn’t get my reply yet remembered that I told her I met Scala and asked me hesitantly.

“H-Hey, y-you, don’t tell me…”
“… Yes.”

There is no need to explain to her what happened now. She already guessed it all. I heard a dry titter from the phone as I imagined the Earth getting destroyed and turned into mere rocks. I guess I have no other choice; For the sake of the planet.

A God’s whim is a terrifying thing. I heard Lina desperately groaning from the phone; looks like she finally understood the seriousness of the situation. I can totally relate to her current feeling. I felt the same way only recently, after all. I guess I have really no other choice. Let’s make our resolve here. I was fated to fight her from the start. The result will come out on its own. Preparing for the day after tomorrow when I will have to fight Scala, I started thinking of a plan right away.



“What is Scala’s job?”
“She either takes care of worlds that are already destroyed or captures fallen Gods.”
“It’s unexpectedly normal.”
“Well, she often almosts destroys an entire world in the middle of capturing a single fallen God.”
“I’m surprised that the universe is still unharmed until now.”
“That’s because we repair the worlds she almost ruins.”
“You can do that?”
“Of course we can. We can repair every world that’s in the brim of ruin. Though, it’s impossible if the world is already dead.”
“Maybe that’s why Scala doesn’t stop destroying them.”

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