Chapter 103: What if a God is actually a Last Boss!?

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At the same time when Yato was feeling desperate with Lina, Metron was holding his head with both of his arms inside his room.

“Uwaah! Why did things turn out this way?!”

He exclaimed to himself while rolling on his sofa. The reason for his current critical situation was the fact that he was summoned by the Divine God with Scala the day earlier. They talked about a lot of things back then, but the most important thing which came to Metron as a shock was the fact that the Divine God knew about all the acts he conducted until now.

The moment Metron was told about his conduct of sending the humans of Earth to another world under his responsibility, he stopped feeling alive.

The Divine God is well known for being thoughtful and passive, but the fright that was overwhelming Metron at that time didn’t ease up despite knowing that fact. His face grew ghastly pale and cold sweat ran through his back, making him unable to even give an excuse. The only thought that was inside his head at that time was the kind of punishment he was about to receive.

As he was getting overwhelmed by feelings of unease and fluster, Scala, standing next to him, didn’t seem concerned about him in the least. Metron, too, didn’t have any composure to check on her expression.

What is going to happen to me now?

The answer to that terrific question was decided by the Divine God. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t that harsh. His punishment was to take care of some routine tasks and nothing more. Moreover, the Divine God even allowed Scala to pick a fight with Yato. Metron became at a loss for words while Scala praised the Divine God in an unrespectful manner.

“As expected from the Divine God. Kukuku, such a big heart.”

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Usually, Metron would have lightly rebuked her for that unrespectful attitude, but now, he was barely keeping up with the situation.

Why did he forgive me?

When he asked for the reason, he learned that the Divine God was also interested in Yato. A human with abilities that could surpass Gods. Even the Divine God seemed to have gotten his attention attracted by such an irregular existence. That is why he allowed Scala, one of the four Unique Gods, to fight him; to measure the extents of his abilities. Surely, he didn’t forget to give her a limit that she shouldn’t exceed. Else, the earth could get destroyed in the middle of the fight. Scala, as well, didn’t object that condition, however, Metron still couldn’t shake off his unease.

“There must be some other reason behind all of this~!”

It was just too weird for the Divine God to allow that【The God of Destruction】Scala to fight against Yato. He could have at least requested another God to measure his powers. Something felt wrong with that decision. But no matter how long and hard Metron thought about it, he couldn’t come up with an acceptable explanation.

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“Could it be that the light punishment he gave me was just a pretense while his real intention is to destroy the Earth by sending Scala over there?!”

The Divine God did insist on Scala to not launch an attack that could destroy the Earth, but Scala is famous for being talented at breaking everything, including rules. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she were to forget about the condition in the middle of the fight.

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“Maybe he’s even planning to destroy my world too…”

Once one starts having negative thoughts, he can’t take back his composure so readily. Metron’s pessimistic imagination escalated quickly turning his vision to the future pitch black.

“Ah… I’m so done…”

Still holding his head with both of his arms, Metron continued to picture his hopeless future.

“Damn it! Meh, whatever!”

Apparently, getting fed up with predicting the infinite possibilities waiting for him, Metron stood up from his sofa and shouted loudly. There was no need to think about it at this point. It doesn’t matter if the world will end or not. He walked to the computer placed on the desk and rashly turned it on.

“Let’s just play some video games!”

He was already tired of thinking. So he decided to escape reality by playing the game he recently brought from the Earth. He did indeed consider the possibility of his pitch black future, but the intentions of the Divine God were still unknown to everyone.


Two days later after I first met Scala. I let out a short sigh at the arrival at the designated time for the fight.

“Are we really gonna fight…”

I arrived at a summit of mountains at a random place in Japan. I chose this place, as there were no civilians present. I didn’t really want to fight against Scala, but I had no other choice. However, for some reason, I didn’t feel nervous, it may be because someone else was feeling nervous for me. I took a glance at Line from the corner of my eyes.

“Haa, so it’s finally time…”

Even after transforming into her true angel form, it seemed like Lina would pass out at any moment. She even seemed to be having a stomach ache from the intense nervousness. She was clearly panicking from the current situation. I heard that when someone acts so nervously like Lina, those who are around them become more composed. That was exactly the case for me right now.

“You okay?”
“Y-yes, I’m fine.”

She responded with the best smile she could reveal but her nervousness strained her facial expressions, making her look more insecure. I guess it would be an impossible task to ask Lina to calm down at this point, so let’s just leave her that way. Although, I don’t think she is fine with her current condition. As I started worrying about Lina, Meru cheered me up from within my phone.

“Do your best, master! Even a 【God of Destruction】should be a piece of cake for you, Desu!”
“I hope so…”

I wonder how she could believe in me this much. I revealed a bitter smile to Meru who was optimistically interpreting the situation, unlike Lina. If only someone normal was here with me; someone who’s neither too flustered nor too relaxed. As I kept waiting for Scala to arrive, the time had finally come and a magic circle appeared in front of me.


I was able to see Scala getting out of that magic circle only for a split second since she fell from the sky directly on a mountain.

It was a perfect free fall. The moment I thought that way, Scala floated back to my position with soiled clothes and ragged appearance.

“You… how dare you launch a surprise attack right from the start.”

“I did nothing.”

I immediately yet calmly responded to her ridiculous misunderstanding. She just fell from the sky alone. I’d prefer it if she stopped accusing me of her own failures. While gazing at Scala brushing off leaves from her hair, I tried asking something I had in mind.

“Hey, let me ask you this first. How did you know about me?”
“Ah?! Who else than Metron would have told me about you? He told me that someone who would stand a fair fight against me is here on Earth.”

I wasn’t surprised by Scala’s natural response. The only God who knew about my existence was Metron. I had that doubt for these entire 2 days, but now everything is confirmed.

“Yes, Desu.”
“Remember the computer in Metron’s room? You think you can hack it again?”
“It is possible to hack every machine that I have already hacked once, Desu.”
“Go and make a mess of it now. Also, snatch any useful information you can find in that room.”
“Understood, Desu.”

With that response, I stopped hearing Meru’s voice coming from my phone. Looks like she already went there. Someone who goes around talking about me that way needs a fair punishment. I shall make him regret speaking about me to Scala. With a snort, I laughed while revealing a sinister grin. I wanted to go to his room personally, but for some reason, I can’t teleport to that place. It’s most likely protected by some special magic. That’s why I told Meru to go instead as she seems to be able to invade his room without any hardship. Well, even if I was able to teleport there, there’s no way I could leave my place at this moment anyway. Else, I would make Scala angry which would result in the end of the world. I’d like to avoid that outcome.

“More importantly, let’s fight already! I’m getting too excited here!”

She could not hold back the intense urge to fight anymore. The killing intent in her eyes blew away my relaxed mood.

“Well then Kamiya Yato, I pray for your victory.”

Lina left those words and distanced herself from me. So she wasn’t intending to fight all this time. I suddenly replied to her while fixing my eyes on Scala. As if her thirst for blood would overwhelm me if I were to look away.

“Alright, make me enjoy my time.”
“What kind of evil declaration is this…”

Scala, the villain God who doesn’t act like an actual villain grinned at me while revealing her thirst for blood. Her excitement and enthusiasm for this fight were abnormal. I prepared for the battle while feeling a bit amazed.

“I will see what I can do.”
“Let’s start!”

The moment I resolved myself, Scala announced the start of the battle. Thereafter, my fight against the worst last boss existing in the universe had just begun.



“Alright, let’s play a lot today too.”


“Ah, an anonymous mail, wonder what it is.”


“Huh? What’s this? Virus? It’s spreading in my computer now! What is going on?!”

‘You got pranked–’

“T-This is…”

‘Got some fresh data, later now, old man!’

“That bas*ard——!!”

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