Chapter 356: Take an inch without reaching for a yard


Long Yi immediately roared with laughter. He knew that once the maiden heart of a girl was open, they would change and become extremely daring. Although he expected Nalan Ruyue to become more daring, he never expected Nalan Ruyue to actually call him over to her tent in the night, she was clearly blatant teasing him.

Thinking about the desolate, holy and pure image of Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi’s heart was itching to cause some trouble. What kind of man would he call himself if he was able to bear the seduction of such a beautiful woman? The only reason Long Yi hasn’t jumped on Nalan Ruyue yet was that Wushuang was also here. If she were to really use eternal ice to freeze his little **, then that wouldn’t be funny.

However, at this moment, the lustful intent of Long Yi had already sprouted. In his mind, as long as he didn’t do ‘that’ in front of Wushuang, touching and pinching shouldn’t be a big problem.

“Tonight, wait for me in the tent.” Long Yi bent over and whispered in the ear of Nalan Ruyue while his wolf claws restlessly pinched her pert little **. That softness and elastic feeling made him feel so refreshed that his soul nearly flew away.

Nalan Ruyue endured Long Yi’s teasing, but she involuntarily trembled and her legs softened and she nearly fell down. As soon as she escaped from Long Yi’s clutches, she rolled her eyes at him and ran to Wushuang’s side. She knew that if she didn’t seek her big sister Wushuang’s protection now, Long Yi would definitely do something bad to her. Even though she ran away from Long Yi, she was eagerly waiting for the night to arrive.

Nalan Ruyue had never been a hesitant woman. After she had a clear understanding of her heart, she had already made up her mind to break that layer of barrier between her and Long Yi. As long as she gave her body to Long Yi, the agreement would be broken.

They packed up their tents and other things, as they got ready to set out. When Long Yi used his thought to call back Little Three, the Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast. the three of them came running back to him with a large group of E and F-ranked magical beasts in tow. This large group of terrifying E and F-ranked magical beasts that were stronger than even high ranked magical beasts were following the three little god beasts like good little soldiers.

After asking the three little beasts what happened, he understood that these three god-beasts had subdued the tens of ‘low-level’ magical beasts behind them as their subordinates. They probably were attracted by the god-beast aura they were emitting. As such, these magical beasts eagerly followed the three of them, and they saw the three god beasts as their big brothers.

Long Yi rubbed the stubble which was growing on his chin and laughed. With the help of these tens of terrifying and cute magical beasts, it was very unlikely for them to meet any problems throughout their journey.

Sure enough, throughout the journey, they were unimpeded. Once in a while, the group would encounter some magical beasts blocking their path, but before they could attack, the brothers of the three god-beasts thoroughly got rid of them. The tens of ‘low-leveled’ magical beasts destroyed the enemies such that even their bones couldn’t be found. From the time Long Yi entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area till now, he had never felt this relaxed, as he didn’t need to do anything anymore. Thinking about how good his life currently was, Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh, it’s wonderful to have brothers.

Good time flies, and the comfortable and refreshing day Long Yi had passed by quickly. When Long Yi’s group arrived at the edge of this Peach Blossom Valley like, beautiful space, night suddenly fell and plunged the place into complete darkness. On the other side of this space lies a completely different world. Although they had yet to step into that space, they could feel that an evil aura was blowing directly against their faces and all kinds of negative feelings rose in their hearts.

After reaching the border of this space, the group of ‘low-levelled’ magical beasts stopped moving forward. After stopping a distance away from the edge of the space, they roared intimately towards the three god-beasts behind Long Yi. Only after roaring for a short while did they stop and retreat back to the place they came from. After seeing the group of magical beasts leaving, Long Yi cursed them for not having the code of brothership in his heart.

“Such a dense evil aura, I guess, there is a dead land inside.” Long Yi said. Although the evil aura was dense, it was like a passing breeze to Long Yi, as Long Yi was originally a necromancer as well. For him, this place which possessed such a dense evil aura might actually be a very good place for him to cultivate.

However, although Long Yi was feeling comfortable facing the evil aura, Nalan Ruyue wasn’t. This kind of evil aura was something she found very repulsive. After hesitating a few moments, she shuffled closer to Long Yi and said, “My husband, are we entering now?”

“Let’s go in tomorrow, dead qi flourishes the most at night, so entering right now may not be the best choice.” Wushuang interrupted.

“Well, let’s go in tomorrow. Moreover, there is nothing to be afraid of since all the undead creatures inside are nothing but ants in my hands.” Long Yi bragged as the group started pitching their tents for the night.

After they finished pitching their tents, the four of them retreated into their respective tents to rest for the night. Nalan Ruyue however, shot a quick glance at Long Yi and shyly signaled for him not to forget the promise he made to her in the daytime. Only after reminding Long Yi did Nalan Ruyue enter her own tent.

Naturally, Long Yi wouldn’t forget the promise he made with Nalan Ruyue in the morning. He entered his tent and decided to take action after Wushuang entered meditation. As long as he was not too excessive, then she wouldn’t have any reason to make a big fuss out of it.

After waiting for a good while, he assumed that Wushuang had already entered into a deep meditation. Feeling excited for what he was about to do, Long Yi stood up and quickly walked out of his tent.

“Eh…… the moon tonight is very beautiful, isn’t that so?” When Long Yi walked out he was greeted with the ice-cold eyes which belonged to Wushuang. He groaned inwardly, why did she appear here at this moment? Why does it appear as though she was guarding the place? Could it be that she knew the agreement between him and Nalan Ruyue?

“There is no moon tonight.” Wushuang indifferently said.

Long Yi looked up and sure enough, he saw glittering stars in the vast sky, the only thing was that the moon was missing.

“How come you are not meditating these two days?” Long Yi made a wry smile and asked.

“You look as though you were expecting me to be meditating now. Well, let me tell you this. In the past two days, I happened to not be in the mood for meditation, is that a problem? Did I disappoint you by not meditating at night?” Wushuang looked at Long Yi as a hint of a sly smile appeared on her face.

“Disappointed? Why would I be disappointed?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Wasn’t I disturbing a certain someone from having an affair?” Wushuang shot a glance at Long Yi and said with an indifferent voice.

“Having an affair……” Long Yi was startled and looked at Wushuang with a strange expression.

Wushuang caught the strange expression on Long Yi’s face and she couldn’t help but think about what she said again. These words ‘having an affair’ coming out from her mouth indirectly implied that she and Long Yi had some kind of special relationship with each other.

“How about we go and have an affair?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Wushuang’s cheeks started to slowly turn red as she gave him a cold reply, “If you dare to run wild, you will know the consequences you will suffer.”

“What consequences? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Long Yi smiled and walked over to Wushuang. Standing beside her, he could smell her faint orchid fragrance.

Wushuang subconsciously avoided the scorching hot gaze of Long Yi, and seeing that Long Yi was so close to her, her heart felt somewhat restless. In her heart, there was an inexplicable unknown feeling, which made her involuntarily recall the enchanting scene which happened just the night before.

Long Yi reached out and grabbed the ice-cold little-hand of Wushuang, and in her tender palm, he drew circles with his finger.

“Let me go.” Wushuang lowered her voice, but although she was asking Long Yi to let her go, her voice sounded weak and powerless. She wanted to push Long Yi away, but for an unknown reason, she was unable to put her thought into action. Maybe… maybe she was actually looking forward to this moment? “No, absolutely not…” Wushuang told herself.

Long Yi was also considered as a playboy veteran. Seeing as Wushuang’s reaction wasn’t too drastic, he approximately guessed her contradicting thoughts.

Originally, he intended to go to Nalan Ruyue’s tent to steal a fragrance, but now, it seemed as though he had to put his plans on hold for the time being. His desire for Wushuang this cold beauty was far greater than the one he had for Nalan Ruyue at the moment. As such, Long Yi told himself he had to settle Wushuang first.

“I won’t.” Long Yi firmly answered, then pulled Wushuang into his bosom and he hugged her tightly.

Smelling Wushaung’s orchid-like body fragrance, Long Yi couldn’t help becoming intoxicated. His big hands hugged her slender waist and he kissed her fine and exquisite earlobe.

Wushuang trembled and she tried to struggle free. Maybe she simply didn’t have the strength to struggle out of Long Yi’s embrace, or maybe she was simply unwilling to leave this warm and familiar bosom that made her feel at ease.

Long Yi gently stroked Wushuang’s hair and this gentleness in the midst of his overbearing behavior made Wushuang who was stiff as a board soften immediately. As one of his hands were busy playing with Wushuang’s hair, the other hand didn’t remain idle. Long Yi’s other hand began to roam about Wushuang’s lower body. He felt around and reached her soft and perky buttocks.

“No… don’t.” Wushuang was powerless to resist so she just bit her lower lips. Now, her cold, beautiful face had already become sweet and charming, and her indifferent eyes also softened.

Long Yi knew that he could completely neglect the ‘don’t’ said by girls in such moments. He pulled Wushuang to one side and kissed all over her face.

“Shuang’er, my darling.” Long Yi whispered in the ear of Wushuang while kissing.

Wushuang’s heartbeat intensified and after hearing the intimate words coming from Long Yi, she unexpectedly couldn’t control herself any longer. She clearly felt a pleasant tingling sensation on her most private part as her passion was aroused.

When Long Yi kissed the corners of her mouth, Wushuang’s body involuntarily trembled. All of a sudden, she reached out her hands and pulled Long Yi’s neck and she took the initiative to plant her lips straight onto Long Yi’s exposed mouth.

Hum, Wushuang’s mind changed into a blank space, and her soul seemed to flutter away. As Long Yi’s tongue skillfully ran rampant in her mouth, she felt soft from the bottom of her heart.

The big hand of Long Yi kneaded and pinched the buttocks of Wushuang, feeling that amazing elasticity and softness. The only thing he didn’t do was to slide into the place between her legs like yesterday, as he feared that she would run away.

No matter how well Long Yi could control his hands, he was unable to control the source of evil down there. Let alone just pressing against the lower abdomen of Wushuang, it entered the space between her legs.

Wushuang immediately woke up with a start, and she wanted to run away. However, Long Yi was hugging her tight against himself, and she didn’t manage to get away. And then, Wushuang again fell into the bewitching trap. Despite knowing Long Yi’s ‘source of disaster’ was making mischief at her most embarrassing place, she nevertheless lacked the strength to resist him.

Long Yi’s waist slightly **, and at this moment, his spirit was delighted just because the target was Wushuang.

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The charming body of Wushuang was already limp and she drowned in a strange wave of pleasure. Now, she clung onto Long Yi as if he was her life-saving straw.

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Long Yi’s hands moved upwards from the waist of Wushuang and very quickly arrived below her towering **. He tried his luck and moved his hands even further. Seeing that Wushuang wasn’t resisting him anymore, he directly grabbed her perfectly round ** from above her clothes.

Wushuang couldn’t endure it anymore and let out a soft moan which made Long Yi’s evil fire burn even stronger. After hearing her, Long Yi was unable to control himself anymore as his hands slowly crept into Wushuang’s clothes’ lapel and grabbed onto those soft and plump **.

“Long Yi…… no…… don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch.” Wushuang suddenly woke up and an unknown strength coursed through her body as she firmly held onto Long Yi’s hands which were causing trouble inside her clothes.

Long Yi tried a few times, but he saw the firm attitude of Wushuang so he gave up and said, “Then, how about I only take an inch without reaching for a yard?”

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