Chapter 355: My husband, come again tonight


The first light of the early morning shot out from the clouds beyond the horizon. The incandescence illuminated the world, as a cool and refreshing breeze blew across the lands. Now, all the ‘magical beasts’ they had wiped out yesterday were already missing, instead, they were replaced by a number of F-ranked magical beasts. Those magical beasts appeared very harmless, but who would have thought that these pitiful, low-ranked magical beasts which could be easily dealt with by Beginner Magicians and Beginner Fighters, would be terrifying existences in this space?

Long Yi walked out of his tent and saw Wushuang garbed in a plain white gown quietly sitting under a tree. She was currently immersed in the book she held in her hands. As before, she looked just like a detached fairy that had fallen into this mortal world and gave people a kind of relaxing and joyful visual enjoyment. Long Yi, Barbarian Bull and others loved to see the sight of Wushuang reading her book, as her tranquil and desolate temperament when reading was enough to dispel any negativity they had.

Long Yi walked over and sat beside Wushuang, as he enjoyed the nice and cool morning breeze while sitting beside such a beauty. Currently, Long Yi felt extremely satisfied in his heart.

Suddenly, Long Yi saw that two green-furred rabbits were running towards their direction. Remembering what happened the last time he encountered a green-furred rabbit, Long Yi involuntarily sucked in a cold breath and his nerves instantly strained. As soon as Little Three, the Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast who were following behind Long Yi all this while felt the change in Long Yi’s behavior, they immediately became alert. Their fur stood erect as they got ready to confront the enemy.

The two green-furred rabbits suddenly stopped. Their red eyes were glued onto Long Yi and the three god beasts behind him as they remained a safe distance away from Long Yi and the beasts.

“Don’t be nervous, as long as you don’t attack them, they will not take the initiative to attack you.” Wushuang closed her book and said indifferently. After what happened yesterday, regardless of the way Wushuang spoke or her expression, nothing seemed to have changed. However, a trace of warmth would fill her gaze when she looked at Long Yi occasionally.

Long Yi believed the words of Wushuang without the slightest doubt. He relaxed and used his thoughts to instruct the three god beasts behind him to calm down as well. Sure enough, when they sensed that Long Yi didn’t have any ill intentions, the two green-furred rabbits began to play again. Unexpectedly, the three god beasts behind Long Yi which never seemed to be able to stay still rushed over to the two green-furred rabbits to join in the fun.

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Long Yi and Wushuang sat side by side without making a single sound. Although there was silence between them, neither of them minded. Just by sitting quietly beside Wushuang, Long Yi felt satisfied.

After a good while, Wushuang suddenly stretched out her hands and reached into her lapel, prompting Long Yi’s pupils to enlarge and he stared at Wushuang’s actions without so much as blinking his eyes.

She pulled open her lapel and her lustrous and transparent white skin was revealed. Under this early morning sunlight, the sight of Wushuang’s soft and white skin dazzled Long Yi. He involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva and with an evil smile, he said, “Wushuang, I fear this place isn’t too suitable. How about…… how about we go into the tent?”

Wushuang looked up and glared at him with her ice-cold eyes which made Long Yi feel like a pail of cold water was dumped onto his head all of a sudden. He no longer dared to let his imaginations run wild.

Gently, Wushuang pulled out a pendant that was hung on her neck with an almost invisible white thread. The pendant was the same one Long Yi had given to her in the Ice Palace in the past.

“Did you give this to me?” Wushuang gently stroked the pendant and the corners of her mouth slightly curled upwards.

“Of course, this is the token of love I gave to you. After wearing it, you became my woman for life.” Long Yi said with a smile. Although he appeared to be joking when saying this, his voice contained a strong possessive desire which made people unable to doubt his words.

Wushuang surprisingly didn’t refute him, and looked straight into Long Yi’s eyes. Both she and Long Yi were connected by a peculiar telepathic link, which seemed weirdly familiar. As a result, the distance between them slowly narrowed. She had once attempted to struggle free from this seemingly fateful arrangement, but after the conversation she had with Long Yi last night, as well as that unexpected intimate segment, she was relieved she didn’t. Regardless of whether it was destiny or fate that brought people together, Wushuang felt that was fine to let nature take its course.

“I think this pendant is not just a token, there is a kind of strange power contained in it. Sometimes, it feels as though it contains hints of water magic elements. I’m quite sure that this pendant played a big role for me to reach my current realm in such a short amount of time.” Wushuang’s brows knitted together as she fell into deep thought.

“Is that so? Let me see.” Long Yi had no idea what she was talking about. He had worn this pendant for a long time but he had never sensed any differences in himself. The only peculiarity he could think of was that the jade-like material seemed to be warm all the time.

Long Yi extended his hand and grabbed the pendant which was currently hung on Wushuang’s neck. In the process, his little finger happened to accidentally scrape against her snow white skin.

A hint of redness crept up Wushuang’s face, but the tinge of red didn’t last long as she quickly reverted back to her normal cold appearance. With a flat voice, she said, “Don’t be too presumptuous, otherwise, I wouldn’t mind using the eternal ice spell to turn you into an ice sculpture forever.”

“Accident, it was a pure accident. Well, your charm is too strong… when I tried to reach for the pendant just now, I was nervous and my little finger got slightly out of control you see.” Long Yi said with a smile while using spirit power and internal force to probe this pendant.

Wushuang simply answered him with a snort. How could she believe the lies of a womanizer like this? If a person like him would become nervous due to her charms, where would he get the courage to do the things he did last night? Only after a long while did Wushuang realize that their current appearance would easily cause a misunderstanding among the rest. She realized that Long Yi’s hands were still at her chest, and if other people were to look at them now, they would surely come to the conclusion that Wushuang and Long Yi were doing things only adults should do.

“Don’t talk nonsense, If you really want to examine this pendant, I’ll just remove it so you can take a better look at it.” Wushuang’s ears heated up as she felt the heat coming from Long Yi’s hand on her exposed neck.

“Don’t bother, it’s fine this way.” Long Yi replied and after retracting his lustful ideas, he began to seriously examine the pendant.

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Injecting his spirit power into it, he truly sensed a gentle fluctuation of water magic elements. The only thing was, the water elements in the pendant were not dense at all. There was no resistance and reaction even when Long Yi’s spirit power entered the pendant.

“My husband, big sister Wushuang, what are you two doing?” Just as Long Yi was about to let go of the pendant, Nalan Ruyue’s voice sounded out. Nalan Ruyue had just finished meditating and was currently walking out of her tent. After seeing the ambiguous posture between Long Yi and Wushuang, she couldn’t help but become jealous.

Long Yi retracted his big hand and said with a smile, “Its nothing, I was just studying a little thing with Wushuang…”

Wushuang wasn’t embarrassed and neither did she appear shy like other girls. She indifferently put away her pendant inside her lapel and then closed her lapel without a change in her expression. Her calm behavior was something ordinary girls can’t compare to.

At this time, Barbarian Bull also came out of his tent. Seeing that it was getting crowded, Wushuang slowly got up and said with indifference, “Since everyone has gotten up, we should set out.”

Nalan Ruyue walked over to the right-hand side of Long Yi and she couldn’t help but ask, “My husband, just a moment ago, what were you doing with big sister Wushuang?”

“The truth is that we really didn’t do anything. Besides, didn’t you already permit me to do things with other women?” Long Yi smiled and patted the small ** of Nalan Ruyue. Nalan Ruyue fell into silence after hearing what Long Yi said.

“As a matter of fact, last night I came to look for you in your tent. But you were meditating so seriously that I didn’t dare to wake you up.” Long Yi reached out his hand to hold Nalan Ruyue’s little hands as he softly said.

Nalan Ruyue’s eyes lit up and then her disappointment immediately dissipated. A hint of shyness and happiness spread on her face as the edges of her mouth curled upwards.

“My husband, how about you come again tonight……” Nalan Ruyue crept closer to Long Yi and said softly as her beautiful face turned crimson red.

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