Chapter 354: Lightning God Altar


The three women saw the silverish-purple light beam and their complexion changed in unison. They felt dense lightning element blowing against them head-on. The powerful momentum and pressure the silverish-purple light beam possessed snapped and bent several hundreds of big trees.

“Could it be that the spirit tablet of the Lightning God came into being?” Leng Youyou questioned. After which, they shot a quick glance at each other before disappearing from the spot they were at. The three of them quickly returned to their respective camps.

Leng Youyou and Feng Ling had just returned to their campsite when they saw a dark knight who was carrying a spear run towards them. After he bowed respectfully, he said with excitement, “This subordinate saw the Lightning God Altar outside the woods. Above that altar, there was a Lightning God statue, and in the hands of this statue was the spirit tablet of the Lightning God. The eyeball of the Lightning God was also on the altar table.”

Excitement flashed in the eyes of the two women, and the both of them coincidentally turned towards the direction of the Light Church. Their gaze met Si Bi’s as they came to an understanding. Although these two opposing camps had cooperated in tacit understanding en route, however, that was all for survival. In fact, they were two opposing factions and that was a fact that would never change. Moreover, both of their factions had the same objective. Now that the Lightning God Altar had appeared, this relationship the two factions had must end. In order to contend for the spirit tablet of the Lightning God and the eyeball of the Lightning God, they might have to fight to the death.

The three women passed down their orders at the same time. Wordlessly, they sent the order to rush towards the Lightning God Altar outside the woods.

Several hundreds of people rushed out from both sides. After only a brief moment, both troops arrived outside the Lightning God Altar.

The altar was more than 10 meters tall and had a circular shape. It had stone steps that emitted silverish-purple radiance, and at the periphery of this altar, there were eight stone pillars which were inscribed with fine and mystical patterns. In the middle of the altar lies an imposing statue wearing a silverish-purple armor. The statue was roughly a few meters in height, and presumably, this was the legendary Lightning God. He had a huge lightning hammer in his right hand and had a piece of a silverish-purple oval-shaped jade tablet in his left hand. All in all, the statue appeared powerful and extraordinary.

In front of this Lightning God statue, there was an altar table made of an unknown material. Above this table, an infant’s fist-sized perfectly round silverish-purple bead which emitted a threatening aura was floating silently.

“Those are the Lightning God spirit tablet and the Lightning God’s eyeball. All troops are to quickly advance and grab them. Do not allow the people from the Dark Church to obtain any of those items.” Kajia, who was at the side of Dongfang Kexin called out loudly. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he rushed towards the altar at top speed. Currently, there was nothing more important to him than obtaining the Lightning God spirit tablet and the Lightning God’s eyeball.

Since the Light Church had made a move, the Dark Church also immediately got into action. As if a floodgate was broken, all of them charged into the Lightning God Altar. The two groups of people who were cooperating in tacit understanding from a few days ago began to ruthlessly attack each other as if they were enemies all along.

Si Bi and Leng Youyou flew to the sky. They had no choice but to pretend to fight. Just like when they had met for the first time in Soaring Dragon City, they appeared to be fighting fiercely. But in fact, they left some leeway for each other.

All the people who were currently here were survivors who climbed their way out from piles of corpses. There was no need to mention their strength and ferociousness. Both sides slaughtered each other with their eyes red and there were heavy casualties on both sides.

Looking at the 300-400 people who had survived the past few days killing each other off till there were only 100 or so individuals left, Leng Youyou and Si Bi felt an aching pain in their hearts. However, was there actually anything they could do?

At the moment, under the protection of Dongfang Kexin’s powerful light magic, Kajia jumped and grabbed the Lightning God spirit tablet. Meanwhile, Feng Ling also grabbed the Lightning God’s eyeball from the altar.

As soon as the two things were grabbed, the silverish-purple radiance coming from the altar instantly disappeared. The entire area was plunged into darkness.

The moment the area became dark, everyone that was fighting became dumbfounded in unison. They involuntarily stopped their attacks and stared at the altar. Everyone had surprised and bewildered expressions on their faces, and the atmosphere suddenly became quiet and rather strange.

Leng Youyou and Si Bi returned to their respective camps, and an unspeakable fear rose in the hearts of these two women. The feeling was so oppressive that it made the two of them nearly vomit.

“Lingr, throw away Lightning God’s eyeball, we are leaving immediately.” Leng Youyou suddenly turned to Feng Ling and said, as a powerful sense of crisis made her subconsciously make this decision.

Feng Ling didn’t hesitate. She immediately threw the Lightning God’s eyeball towards the Light Church’s camp before quickly retreating. At the same time, Si Bi also issued the same order, asking Kajia to throw out the Lightning God spirit tablet and withdraw. However, after seeing the Lightning God’s eyeball being thrown towards their direction by the Dark Church, he hesitated and an idea appeared in his heart. He wanted to monopolize both the Lightning God spirit tablet and the Lightning God’s eyeball, so he flew up and caught the Lightning God’s eyeball in his hands.

Although Si Bi and Leng Youyou had issued the correct order, it was already too late. Suddenly, around the periphery of Lightning God Altar, a lightning barrier spread out. This lightning barrier was exactly the same as the one Long Yi had met at the end of the narrow gorge. Just thinking about how Long Yi, who was peerless under the heavens in breaking barriers was unable to break this barrier, how could Si Bi, Leng Youyou and the others destroy the barrier?

At that time, a sudden burst of powerful pressure appeared on the Lightning God Altar. The spirit tablet and eyeball belonging to the Lightning God which was in the hands of Kajia emitted a dazzling radiance. Violent lightning magic elements insanely condensed on this Lightning God Altar, and after that, silverish-purple lightning magic elements condensed around Kajia and shrouded him.

“Hahaha, I am becoming God.” Kajia let out an insane laughter suddenly. He could feel powerful lightning magic elements rushing into his body, and he felt as though his entire body was brimming with a pleasant sensation.

The people in both the Light Church’s and Dark Church’s camp looked at each other blankly in dismay. Eventually, there was a shout from someone in the crowd. “Snatch his spirit-tablet and Lightning God’s eyeball.” As soon as those words were heard, everyone rushed forward towards Kajia like a swarm of bees. Now in the periphery, only Leng Youyou, Feng Ling, Si Bi and Dongfang Kexin were left.

On Lightning God Altar, lightning magic elements became denser and denser. They became so dense that it appeared as though if one were to reach out their hand, they could touch the condensed lightning magic elements with their fingertips.

Suddenly, Kajia, who was complacently laughing wildly ceased abruptly. With violent lightning magic elements continuously entering his body, his sea of consciousness had already expanded to its limit. Soon after that, he felt a pain as though he was being torn apart. The pain made him scream in terror as he didn’t know what was going on anymore.

Suddenly, the lightning magic elements gathering around the Lightning God Altar condensed, then the spirit tablet and eyeball of Lightning God in the hands of Kajia suddenly exploded. The silverish-purple radiance coming from the Lightning God Altar rapidly seethed, resulting in a violent vortex which appeared as if everything that was drawn into it would be twisted into fragments.

After a good while, the vortex above the Lightning God Altar began to dissipate, and the lightning magic barrier at the edge also disappeared. In an instant, a large amount of lightning magic elements dissipated into the sky.

After everything calmed down, the gorgeous Lightning God Altar had already disappeared without a trace. In everyone’s sights were green grasses which swayed when the wind blew.

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