Chapter 309 – Feeling Very Unwilling

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“That’s right Young Master, the information from the secret agents of our Ji Mo clan had always been accurate; in addition, this is also not the first time that the demons have secretly tried to ambush you. If they have decided to act, that means that they have made thorough preparations and will bring powerful forces along. The Hanging Cloud Empire is too weak, it is not safe for you to stay here, so it is better if you quickly leave now…”

“Due to the raid against the Su Clan, we have also lost several Feather Guards; if we are to encounter demons, it would be hard to secure the safety of Young Master.”


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Mo Si, Mo Wu and Mo Liu each gave words of persuasion, all of them were worried that their Young Master do not wish to leave Hanging Cloud at the moment!

And as expected, Ji Mo Ya said, “After a few days then, after we have completely wiped out the remnants of the Su Clan.”

Mo Si and gang had wanted to speak more but when they saw their Young Master’s expression of not willing to speak any further, they all stopped their mouths.

They could only worry silently and use their individual networks to acquire more information.

Whenever the demons targeted their Young Master, it had always been after thorough planning and heavy investments. They could only hope that either their target wasn’t their Young Master this time or that the support from the Ji Mo clan were now on their way and would meetup with them in time.


Huan Qing Yan had made a few dozen spirit dishes within her dimension. She was now an Intermediate Spirit Chef and could create more than a hundred spirit dishes easily every day.

In addition, they all could increase the stamina attribute; she wanted to provide three days’ worth of dishes for Little Xing Han.

The items kept within the dimension would not spoil, even their temperature would not have much changes, making it very convenient.

Previously, as an apprentice and a Basic Spirit Chef, there was a limit to the number of dishes she could produce a day and the amount was not even enough to fill her stomach. Half of the remaining that she needed, she satiated using fruits. While the other half, she would fill it using buns. But everything was fine now!

She can finally fill her stomach without worries.

As she could create roughly a hundred spirit dishes daily, with each dish providing an average of a hundred spirit energy points, that meant that she could absorb about ten thousand spirit energy points every day.

Even Bai Chen Feng would not be able to enjoy so much spirit dishes in a day.

Firstly, it was because he was not as gluttonous as Huan Qing Yan. Secondly, it was because he did not have access to so many spirit ingredients for consumption as well.

If Huan Qing Yan were to tell anyone that she receives ten thousand spirit energy from eating spirit dishes every day, it was likely that they would jump in shock.

In addition, every hour outside was equal to a day within the dimension, that means that she could receive as much as twenty-four thousand spirit energy each day!

That would make people jump even higher if they knew.

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It was estimated that rich spirit masters could receive this amount of spirit energy over a span of one year, and these were ones with spirit treasures that were easier to rank up.

Unfortunately, her pig spirit treasure was a bottomless pit; though the leaf spirit treasure was easier to raise than it, its requirement was also higher than average spirit treasures.

It was hard to make these two satisfied; if not for the spirit ingredients that she planted within the ancient bowl dimension, it was likely that after ten years of effort, she would not be able to raise even one star…

When Huan Qing Yan finished cooking one hundred spirit dishes, her mental energy had also completely depleted, so she decided to stop and rest.

Once she stopped, her heart began to feel flustered.

Ji Mo Ya is leaving!

Her heart was feeling very unwilling…

Under the state of sadness, Huan Qing Yan took up a plate of Peanut Broad Beans and slowly put one bean after the other into her mouth. All the spirit dishes were boosted by the Huan Clan’s Aged Soup, allowing them to increase one’s stamina; although the amount was little, it could reach high levels through accumulation, enhancing the stamina of the spirit treasures bit by bit.

The pig spirit treasure was happily grunting as it flew out from the spirit imprint. It stood in front of the hundred dishes and sucked in their aroma happily; if it possessed a physical body, it would have likely started eating without hesitation.

The leaf spirit treasure also made the rare decision to stop harassing the pig spirit as it floated above the spirit dishes lazily, it looked as though it was ignoring the dishes without any interest; if it were to grow eyes and a face, it was likely that it would display an expression of hidden bitterness.

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