Chapter 310 – Award…

When Huan Qing Yan saw that, she asked, “Why? You do not like dishes that increase the stamina attribute? Then, what attributes would you like to increase?”

The leaf spirit treasure seemed to understand her and quickly flew randomly like a streak of lightning.

Causing Huan Qing Yan to see a blur.

“You like something that allows you to dance and jump like crazy?”

The leaf spirit treasure wilted immediately at her words.

“Ah no,” Huan Qing Yan corrected, “You like something that could boost the agility attribute?”

The leaf spirit treasure immediately displayed an energized look!

“Ok, I understand now, I will look for it when I have the chance.”

The leaf spirit treasure immediately circled around her happily.

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The pig spirit grunted and copied it as well; though generally weak, when spirit treasures were still in their illusion state, they possessed the ability to fly.

When one ranked up into a True Spirit Master, the spirit treasure developed a solid body, that was when those that could only move on the ground would move on the ground, those that could fly would continue flying, while those that can swim would do that as well but the owner would have to prepare a water tank for them in advance…

“Don’t you like stamina increasing food? What are you grunting for?” Huan Qing Yan felt that the ability to communicate with one’s spirit treasures required skill as well.

As they were currently only low rank spirit treasures, their mental powers weren’t strong enough to develop a communication link with her, so she could only communicate based on guessing.

But when they ranked up into True Spirit Treasures, their minds would be connected to her, allowing them to communicate… It was said that when the spirit treasures became King Spirits, they could even talk.

That level was still something far away for Huan Qing Yan.

Thus, she could only use her high IQ to make guesses.

The pig spirit treasure rarely portrayed such a shy expression, it grunted a couple of times before it suddenly opened its mouth and viciously chomped at the air a few times… the act startled Huan Qing Yan.

Soon after, it rolled on its back causing its four trotters to face the sky, before continuing to roll about on the ground.

Huan Qing Yan felt that her IQ was unable to interpret its actions.

“Viciously bite? Rolling about randomly? What does it mean? You want a set of strong teeth, do you lack calcium? Rolling on the ground randomly, you want to roll around to strengthen yourself?”

The pig spirit got frustrated as it grunted and repeated its actions another time.

Huan Qing Yan continued to show a confused expression, ‘Damn, even if I open up my brain, I would never be able to understand this pig’. After all, she did not possess a pig’s brain.

“Hmmm, no hurry, let me think about this again when my intelligence improves in the future, or perhaps we can talk about this again after you turn into a True Spirit. For now, you should just continue to eat stamina boosting dishes…”

The pig spirit treasure grunted a few times and rolled its eyes at Huan Qing Yan.

At the same time, the leaf spirit treasure was rolling about in midair, as though it was laughing at their exchange. This earned the ire of the pig spirit treasure; in addition, it was already frustrated after communicating with Huan Qing Yan. Therefore, it charged at the leaf spirit treasure in anger, and the two spirits got into another fight.

Huan Qing Yan was tired from a whole day full of activities; too many things happened today, and many shocking facts had been revealed. She decided to have a good soak at the hot spring before heading off for some good sleep.


The morning of the second day, Huan Qing Yan came out of the dimension.

An imperial decree reached the gates of the Aged Consulate, and the messenger eunuch politely requested for Huan Qing Yan to receive the decree.

So Huan Qing Yan went to the entrance of the consulate.

The messenger eunuch recited the imperial decree out loud, “By the orders of his imperial highness, the emperor. Huan Qing Yan of the Huan Clan has portrayed her outstanding talent as a Spirit Chef… and has become the Champion of the Spirit Chef Festival, receiving the special award…”

Huan Qing Yan was ecstatic; tens of thousands of spirit stones was a huge sum for a poor woman like her.

Most importantly, with the Ocean Life Flower, she could create a cure for her Brother Jiu Li’s muteness.

After the messenger eunuch had recited the imperial decree, he continued to say a few polite words; however, when he noticed that there was no reaction from Ji Mo Ya, he could only leave sulkily.

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