Chapter 308 – Set Off Immediately

“Is it Bai Chen Feng? Bai Chen Feng hates her, so he used this method to expose all her deeds, as well as reveal the schemes of the Crown Prince; a single move that yields multiple results!” Huan Qing Yan put on her thinking cap.

Ji Mo Ya calmly looked at her, “Do you think that Bai Chen Feng could get his hands on such a rare and unique poison like the Three-Day Drunk Devil?”


Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck as she looked at Ji Mo Ya, “Young Master Ya, it’s you?”

Ji Mo Ya did not confirm, nor did he deny it as he continued to eat his food, “What is your Spirit Chef rank now? The spirit energy and quality of the food has improved, you did good, keep it up!”

Pulled his sleeves, “Young Master Ya, how did you apply the poison? What poison is the Three-Day Drunk Devil?”

“It’s just a small trick. The Three-Day Drunk Devil would cause the person poisoned to be in a state of madness for three days; they would lose more than half of their ability to judge and would only use their instincts to speak and do things. Simply put, every action that she displayed is the most truthful projection of her inner self. Do you wish to experience it as well?”

“Ah? No thanks, I thank you for Young Master Ya’s introduction, I shall pass on experiencing it personally. But Young Master Ya, why did you use that poison on her? Is it to help Little Yan seek revenge? Little Yan is really touched…” Huan Qing Yan twisted her body here and there as she spoke.

Ji Mo Ya glance at her with a slant eye, this lass’s skin had gotten thicker than the city wall.

However, her words were not really wrong.

But there were naturally also other reasons as well.

Huan Meng Yue was someone he had wanted to punish since a long time ago; however, he held back as he needed to consider his status. If not, he would have exposed her immediately during that time when she claimed to be a God Chosen.

To remove the Su Clan, he required an opportunity, so he decided to create one through her.

While Huan Qing Yan was twisting and turning, she noticed that Ji Mo Ya had completely ignored her! He continued to gracefully enjoy his meal, so she could only scratch her nose and stop her actions.

Even if she twisted and turned, no one would watch it! Ah Pui!

At that instant, a spirit pulse appeared in front of Ji Mo Ya.

A spirit crane appeared in front of him.

Huan Qing Yan consciously retreated a few steps away; it was someone’s private message, so she should not peek.

Ji Mo Ya caught the spirit crane; the spirit crane instantly disappeared, transforming into a row of words that appeared on his palm.

After a short while, the words slowly disappeared. Ji Mo Ya’s smile was also slowly lost.

Huan Qing Yan did not plan to peek, but her curious nature got the better of her, so she took a quick peek.

She managed to see the words, Set off immediately…

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Ji Mo Ya is leaving?

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt her heart becoming flustered.

She had known that he would leave one day, but little did she expect that the day would come so quickly…

Ji Mo Ya stopped eating as he sat on his seat and went deep into his thoughts.

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“Young Master Ya?” Huan Qing Yan probed with an enquiry.

Ji Mo Ya sighed softly, “You should return to rest.”

With that order, Huan Qing Yan had no reason to stay any longer; with an acknowledgement, she returned to her accommodations. Along the way, her heart kept feeling an unknown sense of fluster.

When Huan Qing Yan left, Mo Si, Mo Wu, and Mo Liu all appeared orderly in front of Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya roughly summarized the news from the spirit crane.

The spirit crane wrote that through a secretive source, the Ji Mo Clan had discovered that a group of demons have secretly broken pass the Human Defense Line and have infiltrated into Human Territory. The direction they were heading seemed towards the Hanging Cloud Empire… For safety, Ji Mo Ya must set off immediately and leave the Hanging Cloud Empire.

“Young Master! You are an existence akin to the brightest star of your generation; the demons had also placed a heavy bounty on you, making you one of the top ten most wanted individuals. It is very likely that this group of demons are coming for you.”

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