Chapter 307 – What Do You Think?

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He did not belong to the Crown Prince Faction, so everything was just a show for him.

To have such a vicious clan like the Su Family to be uprooted and removed was a matter of great fortune and joy to the people.

When Huan Jiu Li was updated, he lowered his gaze dejectedly and stopped looking around.

The imperial guard added, “In a couple of day, no one would also be sent to guard you anymore, it is likely they would release you home. Although we had wanted to hear from you how that short-lived Eagle Demon possessed your body, it looks like it will not be possible too…”

Huan Jiu Li lowered his gaze; a fierce glint flashed through his eyes, but no one was there to check.


Ji Mo Ya only returned when night had fallen.

Huan Qing Yan had been waiting for him and nearly dozed off while doing so, the spirit dishes that she had prepared and placed on the table had also turned cold.

“Young Master Ya, what’s the situation like?”

The corners of Ji Mo Ya’s clothes was stained with some traces of blood, and his expression was also slightly tired, “The Su Family and its members are nearly completely exterminated, there’s no need to worry.”

“That’s good.” Huan Qing Yan relaxed.

She was afraid that the Huan Estate would be damaged by the remnants of the Crown Prince’s followers after it was rebuilt; if that happened, no matter how much money they would have, it would never be enough.

Knowing that Ji Mo Ya had always maintained a clean image and a graceful smile, his current image shows that he was less bothered about this.

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Rather, it gave him a sense of wildness and sexiness.

Both images were absolutely and extremely handsome!

Amitabha*, my lovestruck illness had resurfaced again.

(Cuppa: This is a Buddhist chant, HQY wants to calm herself down by chanting it)

“Young Master Ya, do you wish to take a bath first before dinner?”

Su Shi was a Mystic Spirit Master; although his cultivation degraded to a Late Stage True Spirit Master from breaking a blood oath, he was already prepared. It was not known what spirit dish he ate, but he got a huge boost to his powers for a short frame of time.

As Ji Mo Ya was worried that the civilians in the region would be affected, only after spending extra efforts did he manage to execute him.

The Su Clan was after all around for a thousand years and had deep foundations; the Feather Guards had also experienced multiple casualties as more than a dozen died while several tens were injured. Bai Chen Feng had even more casualties on his side…

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Despite that, there might still be some who might have managed to escape or hide themselves.

His body was currently very tired, so much that he did not even have the mood to cast a Cleansing Spell on himself.

“Let’s eat first.”

Huan Qing Yan quickly pulled the chair and invited him to sit; she also set up the utensils and served him the dishes diligently.

“Young Master Ya, is there really a private prison within the Su Estate? Did they really lock up commoners and use them to research Demonic Poison and use them to refine pills?” Huan Qing Yan curiously asked.

“Yes.” With her question, anger filled Ji Mo Ya’s eyes.

The Su Clan deserves to be executed; they have no sentiments for people of their own race, so what makes them any different from demons?

“It is unexpected that Bai Chen Feng had such connections, to be capable of discovering such a secret matter…”

When Huan Qing Yan spoke till that point, she suddenly remembered how Bai Chen Feng had a great change in temperament and how he showed no feelings towards Huan Meng Yue during the Spirit Chef Festival. This caused her to feel rather strange.

Ji Mo Ya continued to eat without speaking.

Without Bai Chen Feng’s report, it would have been hard to justify the execution of the entire Su Clan properly. This had helped him save a lot of problems.

However, Bai Chen Feng himself was no one good as well; if he had learnt about it long ago, why did he not report it earlier, why wait till today?

Huan Qing Yan asked the question that she was the most curious about, “Young Master Ya, do tell, how did Huan Meng Yue get poisoned by that strange poison that turned her crazy? I only returned the favor by using her own Nether Silkworm Poison on herself, so who was the person who used that poison that caused madness?”

Ji Mo Ya gracefully ate a spirit dumpling and said, “What do you think?”

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