Chapter 306 – A Blessing In Disguise

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“The Su Family had destroyed our Huan Estate that day, I wonder how long it would take for everything to be rebuilt, and how much it would cost. We cannot stay within the Aged Consulate for the rest of our lives; when Young Master Ya leaves, the Aged Consulate would be returned to the royal family, us mother and children would have no place to stay when that happens.”

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The Huan Estate had been thoroughly destroyed and was currently being reconstructed.

Although the Huan Family was able to bear the cost of reconstruction, but time was still needed.

“No worries, we still have the buildings of the ancestral hall; though old, it was enough for the Old Ancestor to live there for a few decades, right?” Huan Qing Yan consoled.

“Oh right, what about Granny Gu, did mother find a place for her already?”

Granny Gu was the last person who defended the Huan Estate, but she had been turned into an idiot due to an evil man.

“I have found a place for her temporarily, so let’s bring her to the Aged Consulate as well. Ai, Granny Gu had accompanied me when I married over; being unmarried her whole life, she also had no descendants to take care of her, so our Huan Family would make sure to properly take care of her for the rest of her life… A pity that our thousand year old Aged Soup was also destroyed!”

Huan Qing Yan felt relieved when she heard the updates.

“Brother Jiu Li should have the recipe of our Huan Family Aged Soup, we can just make a new one in the future, Mama should not worry about it.”

In fact, the Huan Family Aged Soup was kept by Huan Qing Yan since a long time ago, so she could just take it out when the time came.

Madam Huan nodded, “Jiu Li is also a good child, but that Greater Demon had caused him so much harm.”

Madam Huan continued after a sigh, “Jiu Li had a blessing in disguise this time, turning from a Three Star spirit master into a Five Star spirit master; like yours, his future will also be bright from now on. A pity your younger brother is still an ordinary person, who knows if he would be able to awaken a spirit treasure and become a spirit master in this life. The legacy of your Huan Family Aged Soup might likely end in his generation.”

This, was something Huan Qing Yan was unable to comment about.

The previous life, Huan Xing Han did awaken his spirit treasure, just that it only occurred later.

Huan Qing Yan was wondering if there was any method that could allow him to awaken his spirit treasure earlier.

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She changed the topic, “Right. Mama, the Crown Prince had suspected that Papa had a treasure like the Demonic Spirit Pearl on him, have you seen it before?”

Madam Huan shook her head, “No, I have not, he had also never mentioned anything like that before.”

Huan Qing Yan had also searched the memories of the reincarnated girl, she also did not find any information regarding the Demonic Spirit Pearl; this caused her to feel puzzled, so she decided to stop thinking about this matter.

After a while, when the day was ending, the serving girls and Xing Han had also returned.

“The capital is expected to be chaotic this few days, if there is nothing important, it is better not to leave the Aged Consulate for the time being.”

Lou Qiao and group acknowledged her orders.

Little Xing Han obediently replied, “Yes Sis, Xing Han will stay at home everyday to learn reading and writing…”

Seeing how obedient he is, Huan Qing Yan silently made a decision to cook for him every day, feeding him with suitable spirit dishes and see if he would awaken his spirit treasure earlier.


Imperial Medical Building.

Huan Jiu Li’s mission every day was to drink one bowl of medicine after the other.

Those medicines were all specially brewed to cure his muteness.

But when the time for medicine arrived today, no imperial doctor came; this caused Huan Jiu Li to feel strange, so he went to look around.

The imperial guard who was guarding the entrance said, “Mute, stop looking around, from today onwards, no one will come to cure your muteness.”

Huan Jiu Li, Ah ah ah-ed, meaning to ask, ‘Why?’

The imperial guard grinned, “Because, there’s no need for you to tell us who is the mastermind any longer! The person has already been identified, it is the Crown Prince and the members of the Su Clan! Since the medicine you drank everyday wasn’t cheap and did not seem to be working, why would they want to continue wasting money on you?”

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