Chapter 305 – Lecherous Person

“Right before he passed away, he had reminded me not to reveal anything about your birth to you. He said that when you attained enough capability in the future, you would naturally discover yourself. If you did not have the capability, then it is also good enough to just continue your life as a daughter of the Huan Family.”


When Huan Qing Yan heard her, she was extremely touched.

Although Huan Bei Ming was not her biological father, the fatherly love he had shown her was nowhere lesser than how one would treat their own child.

“Did Papa mention anything regarding my identity?”

From the many small details, Huan Qing Yan could vaguely feel that even though she was of noble birth, her birth likely could not be exposed; there was likely a story behind it, else Huan Bei Ming would not have placed so much effort into hiding it.

“No more. Oh, that ancient bowl that your father handed down to you was actually rightfully yours, it is not the heirloom of the Huan Family. The original heirloom bowl had broken by accident ages ago.”

This was also something that Huan Bei Ming told Madam Huan on his deathbed.

Huan Bei Ming was worried that Madam Huan would ask the return of the ancient bowl by using the reason that the family heirloom had always been handed down to the male heirs and not females.

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Realization dawned upon Huan Qing Yan.

She had always wondered that how the ordinary and normal Huan Family had come into possession of an heirloom like the ancient bowl and why Huan Bei Ming insisted on passing this heirloom to her, a daughter, instead to his son.

Her Papa was truly a person of high moral conduct.

Madam Huan saw Huan Qing Yan pondering and not talking, she asked with slight worry, “Little Yan, would you no longer want to be with Mama and your brother from now on? Since you were young, Mama had not treated you badly and had been raising you like my own…”

Huan Qing Yan revealed a smile, “Why would I? Mama and Xing Han will always be the closest people of Qing Yan! Papa as well. As for the matter regarding my birth, I have decided to listen to Papa, to only find out about it after I have the capability, and as for now, I will not think about it. Even if my real parents come to look for me in the future, Mama will still be my Mama…”

Madam Huan finally relaxed, “I had known that Little Yan is a child of good conscience, unlike Meng Yue that girl, hai! How did that girl turn out to become like that, is she now really in prison?”

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Huan Qing Yan had informed Madam Huan about what had happened during the Spirit Chef Festival immediately upon return.

“Actually, Mama also did not really like Meng Yue that girl. Your Papa had never allowed any personal servants to serve beside him; after Xing Han was born, he had also rarely visited me. While Meng Yue that lass had often used all sorts of reasons and excuses to be near your father, such as sending soup late at night, or going over to his place to do cleaning…”

Madam Huan always had an amiable personality, yet her face revealed an expression of dislike and continued, “Your Papa had casually implied to me once that we should hire an etiquette tutor for her, but I felt that it was just a waste of money since she is only a studying companion, and there’s no need for such extravagance, thus I used a random excuse to overlook it. Now when I think back, Meng Yue might have tried to seduce your dad that time, truly shameless.”


Huan Qing Yan had once again saw Huan Meng Yue in a new low.

How old was she at that time to have already possessed such a scheming heart, even to the point of nearly becoming her stepmother?

Thank god Huan Bei Ming was not a lecherous person, if not… Huan Qing Yan felt a chill running down her spine when she thought further.

“This time, she will definitely be unable to escape the death penalty; she is already locked up in the cells meant for death row prisoners, and her execution should not be far. In addition, she no longer has anyone to protect her.”

After the mother and daughter continued a series of scathing comments at Huan Meng Yue, Madam Huan sighed with a sense of loss once again.

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