Chapter 304 – Your Appetite Grew As You Grow Older

But Huan Meng Yue had already been dragged away by the guards, only the figure of her struggling could be seen…

Very quickly, everyone had dispersed; Huan Qing Yan wanted to ask someone if she could still obtain the prize, the Ocean Life Flower…

But a solemn atmosphere was emanating from everyone, and no one was paying attention to her at all.

Huan Qing Yan had no choice but to quickly return to the Aged Consulate.


The Su Estate.

Cries and commotion filled the air everywhere.

The soldiers had completely surrounded the Su Estate, every single entry gate and exit leading out of the place had been sealed…

“Everyone, listen up! Under the orders of his majesty the emperor, we are here to arrest everyone within the Su Estate, all who resist will be killed without question!”

Many of the younger members of the Su Estate were unhappy about it; using their status as disciples and cultivation as spirit masters of the Su Family, they attempted to escape, but they were all killed on the spot; blood covered everywhere…

Suddenly, a roar came from the deeper regions of the Su Estate.

“Our Su Family had been our country’s pillar, supporting it for countless of generations. Who dares to use violence on us?”

A shriveled looking elder with white hair appeared along with the descent of a boiling energy.

Most of the people present had been mysteriously frozen due to his roar. Ji Mo Ya flipped his wrist and the Cosmos Brush appeared; in an instant, he wrote a large word in the air –


The imposing energy of that elder immediately stopped, dispersing mid-air, allowing everyone to regain control over their bodies.

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes and said coldly, “The Su Family head had tried to resist the imperial decree, kill every member from now on!”

“Yes, Young Master!”


Within the courtyard.

Huan Qing Yan instructed all the servants to bring Little Xing Han out to play.

Only Madam Huan and her remained behind.

The mother and daughter were seating face to face. Madam Huan was beginning to feel flustered at Huan Qing Yan’s gaze, and a sense of helplessness also began to well up within her.

“Mama, I am really not the biological child of Papa?” Huan Qing Yan was very gloomy.

The reincarnated girl had really wasted her previous life; she did not even confirm such an important matter.

The reincarnated girl said in her mind, “I only thought that Papa was rather mysterious and secretive; despite asking him, he never told me anything. Later on, Xing Han was crippled and Mama passed away, so how can I find out the truth…”

Madam Huan sighed, “This matter was something that your Papa had repeatedly instructed me not to tell anyone about this matter, yet he told Huan Meng Yue that lass the truth? It is true, Little Yan, you were carried back from the battlefield by your father. Your father only said that your status is noble and extraordinary, other than that, he had not spoken anything else…”

“My status is noble? Extraordinary? Then how come an infant can appear on the battlefield?”

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When Huan Qing Yan finally confirmed that she was not the biological child of Huan Bei Ming, she was unable to explain the feeling she was currently having. It felt like a cross between sadness and an expected result.

Madam Huan had held this secret for many years, maybe she had felt hard for bearing this truth for so long, so her words flowed out unceasingly.

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“In the beginning, I had suspected that you are a product between your Papa and a mistress while he was out at war, but your Papa firmly said that you weren’t, and that I should trust his character. Except for telling me that you are of noble status, your Papa did not say anything else; he said that if I knew too much, it would harm me instead. As you know, Mama is born timid and shy, so I did not dig into it any further. In addition, despite being married to your Papa for so many years, we did not have any children, so I was also very happy to be able to have a child…”

“Your appetite grew as you grow older, that was when I noticed you were different from us as ordinary people could not possess an appetite like yours, having the ability to eat several meals a day. Your Papa also said that you will definitely awaken a spirit treasure, so eating so much was not an issue. Your Papa had treated you really well, loving you without holding anything back; even his own biological son did not receive such treatment.”

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