Chapter 303 – Illegitimate Child?

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Everyone was originally only feeling that it was unbelievable on hearing the news, maintaining a skeptical view on what they had heard, but when the Crown Prince vomited blood and fainted, they began to believe Bai Chen Feng’s words.

Everyone got absolutely horrified.

A commotion exploded, “Oh the heavens, to think that such cruel people exist in this world!”

“Their actions are even more vicious and cruel than demon men, to think that such lowlifes originated from our empire!”

“Their crimes are unpardonable! The whole clan must be executed…”


Ji Mo Ya gave Bai Chen Feng a surprised look. Bai Chen Feng felt his gaze and returned a devilish charming smile, and both suddenly had a moment of having a telepathic connection with each other.

Both understood each party’s intention; the Su Family must be wiped off from existence.

After both men exchanged their gazes, even more strangely, they turned to look at Huan Qing Yan at the same time…

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The pitiful Huan Qing Yan only had a dull expression in return to them.

Huan Qing Yan was currently conversing with the reincarnated girl.

“D*mn, that Crown Prince is not a human! So, he thinks his life is worth much more than others? To use such cruel methods to harm so many innocent people… How did the Crown Prince die in the past?”

The reincarnated girl sighed, “I think he died from illness; it was not widely publicized, and after that Bai Chen Feng became the crown prince.”

On the other side, the emperor had already issued an order to investigate and search the Crown Prince Estate.

At the same time, he sent Bai Chen Feng, a group of State Teachers, the Silver Mask Guards, and the imperial guards to the Su Estate to arrest them.

Ji Mo Ya also volunteered himself, bringing along a hundred Feather Guards to provide support.

He was worried that if he did not go, firstly, Su Shi might become a cornered beast and murder even more humans. Secondly, he was worried that some members of the clan would escape from the arrest.

The time to uproot the entire Su Family had arrived; if he did not act now, the chance to do so would be lost.

The Feather Guard’s instructions were to kill anyone who resisted without question…

A Spirit Chef Festival had, in the end, turned into an event of a clan being uprooted and wiped out.

The Huan Family was the target of being wiped out in the previous life, but this time, it had changed to the Su Family instead.

The later parts of the competition had also stopped as the emperor no longer had the mood to participate.

When he gazed at the departing Bai Chen Feng and Ji Mo Ya, the emperor looked as though he had lost his soul and sat on the ground; the concubines and women of the palace were shocked at the sight. They quickly surrounded him, trying to get closer to the emperor.

With the Crown Prince’s incident, the crazy Huan Meng Yue was forgotten instead.

Now that the dust had finally settled, the emperor, who looked as though he had aged a decade, no longer had the spirit to deal with her. He waved his hand to instruct the guards to bring her away.

Huan Meng Yue tried to resist, but the guards emotionlessly dragged her away as she clawed at the ground…

Creating a trail of bloodied tracks.

When she passed by Huan Qing Yan, she screamed, “Huan Qing Yan, you fake, you are not a member of the Huan Clan at all! You are just an illegitimate child that Huan Bei Ming carried back from the frontlines of the Human Demon Battlefield; you are not the Old Master’s real child! I am after all still a Huan Clan that is nine generations away from the main branch, and I also possess the blood of a Huan Member. But you are just a bastard, what right do you have for you to own all the wealth of the Huan Estate! The Huan Clan’s Aged Soup should belong to me, everything within the Huan Family should have all been mine…”

Most of the people present had already scattered with the situation getting chaotic. The nobles and guests were mostly departing, with such a huge incident happening, none of them wished to be the target of the emperor’s frustrations; while the spirit chefs were also starting to pack up, all sorts of noises permeate the air.

Since Huan Meng Yue’s words were only spoken when she passed by Huan Qing Yan, not many people seemed to have noticed the contents of what she had spoken.

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Although Huan Meng Yue had become a crazy b*tch, everything that she had spoken had been the truth, so Huan Qing Yan had wanted to ask her in detail.

She is not the flesh and blood of Huan Bei Ming?

She was a bastard that he carried back from the battlefield…?

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