Chapter 302 – Should Say Or Not

Those Heart Digging Murder Cases were all due to the Crown Prince allowing the Eagle Demon to commit them.

When Huan Bei Ming died, the Eagle Demon told him that Huan Bei Ming might really possess a Demon Spirit Pearl on him.

Thus, the matter of the corpse stealing incident happened; after that, the Greater Demon’s strength recovered too quickly, causing Bai Chen Yu to lose control over it. Thus, he ordered someone to destroy the Greater Demon to silence the matter.

It took great efforts before Bai Chen Yu managed to finish his story using his weak body.

And when everything was revealed, everyone was greatly shocked.

The information provided was too huge!

Huan Qing Yan finally understood the reason for all those weird cases that befell the Huan Family.

“Did you cause the death of my Papa?”

Bai Chen Yu shook his head with difficulty, “No, Huan Bei Ming died suddenly. Although I stole the ashes, I discovered nothing within it; there were no traces of a Demon Spirit Pearl at all. Maybe, the Demon Spirit Pearl had never existed, and I had been deceived by that Greater Demon all along!”

The emperor was currently furious, “Sinful one, how could you be so muddleheaded, to collude with a demon! Humans and demons have irreconcilable differences, yet you dare to collude with a Greater Demon; you do not deserve to be called a descendant of the Bai Family! From now on, your title of Crown Prince is stripped, quickly report this matter to the Holy Court and hand him over to them…”

Colluding with demons was an extremely great crime; as an emperor, with things reaching such a state, he dared not handle matters himself, it must be managed by the Holy Court instead.

Ji Mo Ya said, “The surviving members of the Su Family must be cleaned out as well.”

The emperor did not speak, Bai Chen Yu immediately kneeled in front of him, “Lord Father, this son deserves everything, but the Su Family is not involved. The Su Family had contributed greatly to the Handing Cloud Empire since its founding, so I hope Lord Father could be merciful. This matter has nothing to do with them.”

At that moment, the person who was quietly observing everything all this time, Bai Chen Feng, spoke, “Lord Father, this son has something that he did not know if he should say or not!”

The shadow casting over the emperor’s mind was huge beyond measurement.

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A member of a royal family had colluded with a demon, their reputation would likely be greatly affected from now; in addition, if the Holy Court were to revoke their title of Empire, turning them into an ordinary country, their losses would be astronomical.

“Speak!” The emperor waved his hand weakly, the matter could not get any worse anyway.

Bai Chen Feng said, “This son had some animosity between Lord Crown Prince in the past…”

Everyone learnt that the Crown Prince had sent the Greater Demon to kill Bai Chen Feng; now that he pointed out that they had hostility between each other, no one was surprised at his statement.

The emperor instantly felt himself ageing, wondering what sin did he commit to have brought up such sons.

Bai Chen Feng continued, “Therefore, this son had investigated the Crown Prince as well as the Su Family behind the Crown Prince. The Su Estate seemed to have a private dungeon which they used to imprison a few commoners. From what I gathered, the Su Family would use the bodies of these people to perform tests, injecting Demonic Poison within their bodies to find out who can live the longest. Those who were found to possess some resistance would be selected, and their bodies would be used to refine Blood Flesh Pills for the Crown Prince to extend his life…”

The emperor solemnly said, “Ninth, do you have any evidence?”

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Bai Chen Feng said without hesitation, “No, I only learnt about this through bribing some of the servants within the Su Family. However, this son is willing to lead an army to investigate the Su Family; this son is willing to use his head as guarantee, this matter is eighty or ninety percent true…”

When Bai Chen Yu heard him, he vomited a mouth of blood once again, but this time, he had thoroughly fainted, and the imperial doctors were flustered and quickly performed emergency measures.

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