Chapter 301 – The Cause And Effect

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“Young Master Ya is a man of his words, there is no reason for him to scare people for no reason. It looks a high-ranking spirit master of our Hanging Cloud Empire had colluded with a demon, so what can we do?”


This was also the emperor’s current concern, he quickly asked, “Young Master Ya, who is that person who had done such an act of sedition?”

At that time, an eerie laughter came, it was from Huan Meng Yue, “I know who it is! It is an old man with white hair! My spirit treasure can connect to spirit treasures; through the Crown Prince’s spirit treasure, I managed to find out that the old man and the Crown Prince often come in contact with each other. That old man is also a bad person; he is the one that had placed the curse on me, Hahaha… but I will not tell any of you…”


Bai Chen Yu vomited another mouth of blood; this time, the act was too intense, causing him to faint immediately.

However, some people would not be able to faint even if they wanted to, as they were saved and resuscitated by the experienced imperial doctors soon after.

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince’s mother was from the Su Family, right? What position does the Old Ancestor of the Su Family hold within the Hanging Cloud empire?” Ji Mo Ya calmly asked.

The emperor was not a fool, how could he not understand the meaning behind this sentence?

“That Greater Demon was brought in by the Old Ancestor of the Su Family? No… how can this be? The Su Family is the centerpiece of our empire…”

When Bei Chen Yu saw that everything was now brought to light, he weakly said, “Lord Father… it has nothing to do with the Su Family, it is all this son’s fault. During one of this son’s visit to the city, I fainted on the streets and encountered a serving girl who was out with a child to play. She saved this son out of coincidence and mentioned that their master’s body also had similar green markings and that these markings were actually signs of being affected by Demonic Poison. After that, I did an investigation and found out that the girl was the adopted daughter of the Huan Family, Huan Meng Yue, and the master she mentioned was Huan Bei Ming…”

Bai Chen Yu struggled with difficulty to finish his story.

Only now did Huan Qing Yan understand the cause and effect of everything that happened…

While accompanying Little Xing Han out on the streets, Huan Meng Yue encountered the unconscious Crown Prince; as Huan Meng Yue saved him, she unintentionally mentioned that Huan Bei Ming had similar symptoms as him. As for how Huan Meng Yue knew about Huan Bei Ming’s condition, Huan Qing Yan guessed that it was due to Huan Bei Ming’s habit of not using servants to serve him. For the sake of scoring points with Huan Bei Ming, she would often volunteer to take care of him, and she must have unexpectedly noticed his symptoms while doing so.

Therefore, Bai Chen Yu must have dug deeper and discovered that Huan Bei Ming had been in the frontlines of the Human Demon Battlefield.

Huan Bei Ming was a lowly soldier at that time and had encountered a Demon King; instead of dying and being torn to pieces, he had in turn survived the encounter…

Even returning to the capital alive. After over a decade, he was still alive and even managed to have a son.

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Bai Chen Yu thought that he must have something that could suppress the Demonic Poison within him, some unique treasure like a Demon Spirit Pearl or something.

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However, such a unique treasure was difficult for humans to identify. Only a demon could sense the location of such an item.

And by chance, an injured Greater Demon, the Eagle Demon King, happened to pass by the borders of the imperial capital and was caught by Bai Chen Yu.

Therefore, Bai Chen Yu entered into an agreement with it and also aided the Greater Demon in search of a suitable human body for it to possess, so that it could get close to Huan Bei Ming and determine whether there was a Demon Spirit Pearl or not…

Coincidentally, the mute Huan Jiu Li’s body was a very suitable candidate; in addition, he not only had a low cultivation, he also could not speak, and he was also very close to Huan Bei Ming.

However, the Eagle Demon was exceptionally cunning; after possessing, it said that its injuries were too heavy; in order to properly sense the Demon Spirit Pearl, he needed to restore his powers first.

And a method to restore his abilities was to devour insect, snake or rat-type spirit treasures.

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