Chapter 300 – Anger Filled Their Chests

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“Your majesty, we discovered these suspicious individuals at the city gates, they say that they have something related to the empire’s safety to report…”

The eyelids of the emperor, Bai Jing Hua, twitched; his instincts were telling him that something even worst would come up soon.

Yet it was a matter regarding the empire’s safety, so he could not refuse the report.

“Bring them up. Speak!”

This was the trio’s first time seeing so many officials and the emperor; their heart was shaking from fright as they said while stuttering, “Your majesty, us commoners are members of the Huan Clan. We were hired by Lord Crown Prince to assist him to search for something within the Huan Estate, something that he needs…”

“Us commoners also secretly stole the ashes of Huan Bei Ming under the orders of the Crown Prince and delivered it to him. This had caused us to feel unsettled all this time, but a death curse had been placed on us, so we dare not expose the Crown Prince’s schemes. Fortunately, we encountered Young Master Ji Mo’s men, they helped us break our curse, allowing us to unmask the schemes of the Crown Prince…”


The emperor was stunned, “Chen Yu, let me ask you, why did you target the Huan Family?”

Bai Chen Yu’s heart was extremely flustered and angry, yet his face was that of a sick person; he refused all the accusations, vomiting a mouth of blood before speaking, “Lord Father, these people are fabricating rumors and slandering me, this son…”

The sound of a graceful laugh was heard from the VIP area.

Ji Mo Ya’s captivating celestial figure caught everyone’s attention.

“With all the information at hand, this one would like to make a bold guess, the reason Lord Crown Prince had done so much should be related to your life, right? As everyone knows, some special demons have the ability to inflict demonic poison onto humans, and the demonic poison was something that was deemed to be incurable. Under a chanced occasion, you discovered that Huan Bei Ming managed to survive the effects of demonic poison for over a decade without dying, while the Crown Prince, yourself was inflicted with demonic poison as a fetus while your mother was pregnant with you. Due to the effects of the poison, you have been in pain from the moment you are born, and due to that reason, your life expectancy is also much shorter that ordinary people by a large margin as well. Therefore, you thought of an idea, something that could completely cure you of your ailment?”

Bai Chen Yu suddenly coughed again with great ferocity.

A sense of realization dawned upon everyone, even the emperor was the same as well.

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The emperor spoke with a pained heart, “Chen Yu, why are you so muddleheaded! You can just tell Lord Father about this, Lord Father would have discussed this matter with Bei Ming. We might have even obtained a result earlier, why use such terrible methods that could harm innocent people?”

Bai Chen Yu did not reply. It seemed like he had silently acknowledged everything.

For the sake of staying alive, carrying the sins of causing the deaths of a few people was something he found bearable…

As long as the Su Family’s part in everything was not discovered.

Yet, Ji Mo Ya struck again like a heavy hammer, “Crown Prince, as royalty, harming the citizens of your country was something this Young Master cannot control, and I would also not waste efforts on such efforts. However! If someone colluded with a Greater Demon for their personal gains, to form a contract with a Greater Demon to butcher spirit masters, thereby reducing the fighting potential of humanity, then only the punishment of death awaits them!”

With those words, everyone’s faces went pale!

They were just talking about the Crown Prince, so why bring in the matter about the Greater Demon?

These were two distinct concepts, one was enmity between people, while the other was justice for humanity, the severity of these two matters was very distinct.

The emperor was flabbergasted for a moment, “Young Master Ya, who are you referring to?”

“The Hanging Cloud Empire has a spell formation, it makes it impossible for a heavily injured Demon King to barge in! Unless it is someone who is very familiar with the formation and deliberately allowed the Demon King to enter!”

A commotion spread within everyone in an instant; anger filled their chests.

“Who is that person? Why did they do that?”

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“Totally insane and loss of reason! Today, one Greater Demon was led in, if another one is allowed in the future, what would happen to our lives?”

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